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Kindle Fire HD top free films

Updated on February 7, 2016

Free content for the Kindle Fire

I got my Kindle Fire HD last Christmas and believe that it is the best device out there for web browsing, watching TV and movies and reading books. A great deal of my time has been spent trying to get more out of my 7 inch tablet without having to pay extra! On this page I will show you the specific UK sites that provide free TV shows and movies. These are available on any computer or Internet enabled gadget but you will need the Flash Player download in order to view these on the KFHD. I have put the Flash download file in, this works with Dolphin browser, not the silk browser.

With thousands of free films, programmes and footage to view there is no need to pay for content. Tesco Clubcard, Blinkbox and Crackle are just a few of the better known pages. Tesco purchases can also be added to your Blinkbox account so they are free to view on your device. These offer free and low cost films streamed direct to your device. I also like to download movies to my tablet especially if I am going on holiday. With the YouTube downloader, available in the Amazon Store, i can put any YouTube movie onto my Kindle and watch it later. With unlimited content available, this is a must have App for me. Flixster also allows movies to be downloaded to view when not connected to WIFI if you have a digital code from the original DVD purchase.

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Please note, Blinkbox has pulled its free movie offering as it has now teamed up with Tesco Clubcard to offer free films and TV series to Clubcard members. Buy a movie at Tesco, and own it free on Blinkbox. There are still some great movies to be had for as little as .99p.

The reason this is such a great site is it's ease of use. You do not have to register or sign up, this is a 100% legitimate site. As well as hundreds of cheap films that can be watched online, Blinkbox has thousands of movies that can be downloaded, with prices starting from less than £1.00. TV series such as Downton Abbey and Red Dwarf can also be watched on Blinkbox with the option of buying the full series box set or individual episodes.



Sign up with Flixster and you can download or stream your movie collection to any of your devices. Movies can be downloaded to the iPad, iPod, Kindle Fire and more. To do this you need to purchase a DVD or Blu-ray pack that has an ULTRAVIOLET or Digital Copy redemption code. These are usually on a separate sheet of paper inside the DVD box.

To stream the movie on your device you need to download the Flixster App from the relevant App Store. At the moment you can also get a free extra movie added to your collection by adding ten films to your want to see list.

Movie Links

These are all of the current, legitimate sites with free content either for download or streaming. All of them have been tested for compatibility with the device.

All for free

Install Flash and the 1mobile App and have thousands of hours of new TV shows and classic movies. Catch up services on BBC, ITV, channel 4 and many other terrestrial and satellite stations allow you to watch recently aired shows and movies via their websites. TV catch up works perfectly on my device giving me access to all the free to air channels that I can't even get via Freeview on my TV set.

Love movies

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    • craiger-m profile image

      Craig 3 years ago from Great Britain

      Still going strong with free content. YouTube downloader is free in the Amazon Store and allows you to download any video to your android device. Inbetweeners, Benidorm etc all on my device and Samsung mobile for free holiday viewing.