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Waterproof iPad Cases and Covers

Updated on August 29, 2013

Have you ever had the urge to use your iPad in the bathtub or lounging beside the pool? Want to use it at the beach but are afraid of splashes and sand entering the ports? How about using it for work out in the field when you can't be sure it'll be safe from sudden rain showers or in the kitchen where splashes, spills and water based accidents are just waiting to happen? Despite the many things which the iPad 3 can lay claim to, water resistance isn't one of them. All tablets are particularly vulnerable to moisture damage which serves to limit some of the places many of their owners would want to use them.Thankfully, that's where waterproof iPad cases come in handy!

There are really two types of this kind of case to choose between : those which are fully waterproof and submersible which typically resemble a more robust style of ziploc bag and those which are mainly designed to protect against sand, dust or water penetration by securely covering up the ports but which will offer little protection against being full submersion from being, for example, dropped in the bathtub. Both have their practical applications and their limitations and which you choose will depend upon your requirements.

Editor's Pick of the Best Waterproof iPad Cover

Aquapac Waterproof Case For Ipad
Aquapac Waterproof Case For Ipad

There are a fair number of different types of protective cases and covers for the Apple iPad 2 and newest generation iPad 3 but for sheer quality and class, it is hard to beat those offered by Aquapac. They make waterproof cases and sleeves for a variety of different devices and gadgets including Kindle eReaders, digital cameras, iPhone 4 and android phones amongst others and of course, they make an excellent waterproof case for the Apple iPad as well.

There is a lot to like about this waterproof iPad cover which sets it above the others in this field. Aquapac has produced a well made, fully submersible water resistant case which is strong, rugged and doesn't inhibit your enjoyment of the tablet. Often, more poorly designed cases can stand in the way of some of the iPad's functionality by blocking the camera, reducing the sensitivity of the touchscreen or reducing the clarity of the screen image. Not so with the Aqaupac waterproof iPad cover. With this cover both front and back cameras are left clear and the touch screen works flawlessly though the special TPU material. Better still, this is one of the few airtight sleeves which still allow you access to the headphone jack without compromising on waterproofing.

The most important thing with any of these cases is how well they seal up and keep the water out. In the case of the AquPac, ther sleeve seals very securely using three patented snaps on the top of the sleeve. You turn the three levers and presto, it's water sealed. There's no messing around with ziplock style zippers or rolling and folding, just three easy twists of the levers and it's sealed tight. Whereas many if this sleeve and cases are more splash proof than actually fully water resistant, this offering from aquapac has been independently tested to be fully submersible to a depth of 15 ft for at least 30 minutes. Should you happen to drop it in the pool or over the side of your boat then these float too.

In more humid climates these water sealed iPad bags can fog up so you will need a way of preventing this. The Aquapac comes with dessicant packets to solve this problem and more are available to buy for a couple of bucks should you need them.

The final icing on the cake is the shoulder strap which makes transporting your tablet around with this case even more convenient. Overall, this is an excellent, well designed water proof case for iPad 1, 2 or newest model iPad which is suitable for a wide range of uses. The air tight seal will also keep out dust, sand, metal filings, flour from baking etc. too.


See The Aquapac Waterproof Case For iPad In Action

iPad Waterproof Cases Protect Against Immersion In Water

A water resistant iPad sleeve is designed to protect your tablet and allow you to use it in situations where it would otherwise be at risk of water damage. This makes them a great accessory for those who work around water or do a lot of work outdoors where rain or general conditions could make using the iPad impractical or at least, open it up to unnecessary risk of coming to harm.

There are many practical applications where water can indeed be a hazard and having a rainproof iPad case is almost essential for anyone who uses theirs for work purposes outside of the office to prevent inclement weather from impacting productivity.

For many of us, work is the last reason we bought an iPad and there are many leisure activities which would be barred from us without a watertight iPad case. It's a fact that for many tablet users, their device becomes their new favorite bathroom companion with, according to one study, at least 35% of tablet owners admitting they use theirs in the bathroom and I'm willing to believe that number is actually much higher. Whilst you are probably mostly safe sitting on the toilet with your iPad the same can not be said to be true should you decide you want to stream a movie in the bathtub, or read an ebook whilst chilling with a glass of wine. Protection against steam and accidentally dropping into the water is a must in this case and whilst a few members of various forums have suggested they use a Ziploc, something a little more robust is a better idea considering the cost of this item.

Boat owners find multiple uses for tablet computers and will appreciate the need for a non water permeable iPad cover for their on board activities. Some companies offer waterproof floating iPad sleeves which not only keep water out but will also float which will be a godsend should be clumsy enough to drop it overboard.

As the case completely seals the iPad off from external conditions it also makes this type of waterproof ipad sleeve ideal for situations other than just making it water or rainproof. An impermeable iPad cover is ideal for protecting against such things as metal filings in a workshop or wood shavings and sawdust in a sawmill. Protect against flour from baking and general dust and small particles and keep them from clogging up speakers and ports which can easily become blocked in such environments.

iOttie Waterproof Skin Case Cover Pouch for The New iPad, iPad 2 Multi Purpose Protective Skin for Underwater Activity, Fishing, Ski, Snowboarding, Sand-Proof, Dustproof, Bath Tub
iOttie Waterproof Skin Case Cover Pouch for The New iPad, iPad 2 Multi Purpose Protective Skin for Underwater Activity, Fishing, Ski, Snowboarding, Sand-Proof, Dustproof, Bath Tub

One of the main things people complain most about with waterproof iPad covers is that the vast majority of those on the market today resemble somewhat ugly Ziploc bags which kind of works against the cool factor of owning an iPad in the first place. If that sounds like something which is going to bother you then the iOttie water resistant iPad sleeve might be the solution you are looking for.

Unlike the waterproof iPad bags out there, this is an impermeable membrane which pulls on and seals shut to completely enclose the device in a transparent watertight skin. Once installed your iPad will look just as attractive and functional as without the skin which is a huge aesthetic improvement on the other products out there. The iOttie offers virtually no bulk and you lose no touch screen functionality either. The skin is 98% transparent so the iPad camera is fully functional too.

The only real problem with the iOttie waterproof sleeve for iPad tablets it that it is not meant to be a permanent or reusable solution. If you are looking for something which can be used over and over again, then you are better off looking at something like the products offered by Aquapac which are more like see through waterproof iPad bags but which can be used over and over. The manufacturer says for maximum safety their product should only be used a maximum of twice per skin and there's two skins in this package.

With a rating of IPX8 this skin enables the device to be completely immersed in water with no leaks when the skin is applied correctly and does so whilst adding virtually no extra weight or bulk to the tablet. This makes it the ideal companion for any water sports, or activities like hiking, backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, or other outdoor activities where water exposure or sudden rain showers can catch you unawares.


iOttie Waterproof Skin For iPad 2 - See The iPad Submerged In Water

Overboard Waterproof Case for iPad, iPad2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HP Slate
Overboard Waterproof Case for iPad, iPad2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HP Slate

This waterproof iPad pouch is another great choice for securing your tablet against water damage and protecting it from sand, dust etc. whilst you are out and about. Feel like checking in on your emails which chilling at the pool bar? The Overboard waterproof iPad bag has you covered. It comes with a convenient shoulder strap to make your device extra portable and a padded back for a little extra protection against knocks and bumps.

The see through clear front window allows for unobstructed viewing of the iPad and doesn't reduce the sensitivity of the touch screen. The rear camera is also exposed so that's not blocked either. A nice touch with this case is the rear strap handle which makes it much more comfortable to hold one handed and leaves you less likely to drop it although if you do, no problem there either because this case is designed to float in water which is a far better alternative than dredging the lake on your fishing trip or having to dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve it after an accident.

Should you decide you really want to use this case under water, then it is designed to be fully waterproof to a depth or around 6 meters. This is another really nice choice for all kinds of water-based activities. Take it on your next fishing trip without worrying about it falling overboard, or read your iPad on the beach without worrying about sand or salty seawater damaging your device.

This case is a perfect fit for the Apple iPad but will also work great with eReaders like the Amazon Kindle, or Kindle Fire and for other similar tablets like the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab and more.


Waterproof iPad Portfolio Case

iHip Discovery Waterproof Underwater Case for the iPad - DIS-DRIPADP
iHip Discovery Waterproof Underwater Case for the iPad - DIS-DRIPADP

Portfolio style iPad cases are a popular choice amongst tablet owners but there are very few which are resistant to liquid spillage. In fact, the iHip Discover underwater waterproof iPad folio case is the only one I've seen personally which makes it something of a novelty but one which also boasts some impressive specs as well.

This case claims to be leak resistant to a depth of around 10 meters whilst also protecting against sand and dust infiltration. The front cover offers another layer of protection against knocks and bumps and because this is a portfolio case it doubles as a stand as well offering two hands free viewing positions which is something most other leak proof covers do not offer.

It is ideal for the swimming pool or the bathtub and will also protect against snow and rain for outdoor work or play time.


Choosing The Right Water Resistant iPad Cover

Not all water proof iPad covers look and behave the same and neither are they designed for the same purpose.

There are those which are aimed mainly at being splash resistant, which are idea for protecting against things like the occasional liquid splatter or splash whilst cooking in the kitchen. Or there are waterproof iPad cases designed for using an iPad in the bathtub and the accidental shallow immersion that can result in. Finally, if you use yours on a boat or relaxing by the pool, there are those designed to offer protection against full immersion down several meters deep.

Additionally, whilst many of these are effectively see-through waterproof bags for iPads there are those like the iOttie which provide a fully watertight protective sleeve without adding bulk or ruining the aesthetic style of your tablet.

Which you choose is going to be a matter of how you intend to use it. I tend to err on the side of picking the one which is going to offer me the most variety of uses rather than having to buy several different cases. Then, if I want to use my iPad in the bath or in the hot tub, or for following a recipe in the kitchen or relaxing at the beach or beside the pool, then I know the one case is going to fit every occasion. That's why I personally chose the Aquapac waterproof case for iPad because it fits just about every occasion and reusable time and again.

If you'd rather own something which waterproofs an iPad without the extra bulk which goes along with these types of water tight sleeves bags then the iOttie is a good alternative but it can only be reused a few times before it needs to be replaced which is great for taking on holiday but for regular use is going to work out expensive.

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    6 years ago

    Nice idea

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    6 years ago

    Very informative lens and good reviews.. I liked the Portfolio Case the best as you can stand it up.. The treadmill mounts and holder for reading in bed would be great to have too.

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    6 years ago


    I think I need to get one of these :)

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    6 years ago

    How cool is this gadget? Nice Lens!

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    6 years ago

    Very useful product and great reviews!


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