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Use Your Wii Remote as a Computer Remote

Updated on September 13, 2009

Control Your PC with Your Wii-Mote

There are tons of great Wii games; I myself have a Wii that I enjoy from time to time, but did you know that with proper software, you can control your computer with your Wii remote. It makes a great wireless pointer for your PC.

You'll want to first find a compatible Bluetooth receiver. Even if you still have your Wii sensor, it's just not going to be compatible with your computer. Most newer laptops will already be integrated with Bluetooth, but you can purchase a USB Bluetooth receiver for pretty cheap.

Once you have your Bluetooth device in place, you'll probably need to press the red sync button on the Wii Remote's battery compartment. Your computer or laptop should detect the remote as a Nintendo RVL-CNT-01. You shouldn't need to use a Bluetooth passkey.

Now, that the Wii remote is set up, you'll want to go to WiinRemote ( to download the latest versions of the program that will allow you to calibrate your Wii-mote and assign the button controls.

By default, the program will use the controller's gyroscope to control your mouse cursor.

You can use the Wii Nunchuk's analog stick to control your mouse, as well.

In order to get optimal and accurate control, you'll want to activate the IR sensor, but to do this you'll need to mount two infrared light sources above your monitor in order for this to work. The Wii's IR light bar is suitable to power it by splicing the primary plug into a USB cable.


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