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Updated on February 16, 2011

This international communications company is based in Canada and provides many different internet, webmail, voice and data products. The current Telus was founded in 1999 through a merger. Their corporate headquarters is located in Burnaby, British Columbia. Finding the right website to access your webmail account does not have to be confusing. Start at their official website and select your region. 

The Telus network is state of the art in telecommunications technology. One of their objectives is to stay on the leading edge of communications technologies and deliver high quality products and services to their clients and customers around the world. Some of their key strategic initiatives for future customer growth includes broadband access, optical networking, IP everywhere and network modernization. They are also focused on new market and technology growth opportunities such as Telus intelligent data centers, high speed wireless data network, TV and video services network and integrated service solutions that combine data, voice and wireless capabilities.

Telus Webmail Information

The company's webmail service allows their customers to access and manage their communications such as email messages and contacts, whenever the customer wants to access their account. With the client's my account, they can enter and access their email messages from their mobile phone too. With these services customers can play MPs that you receive without having to download and import to a music player. You can also view photos fast, create personal email folders and move your email into folders and organize your communications. These accounts have advanced spam control and virus protection.

These two urls will help you to logon and sign in to your webmail account.

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