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How to Save a Document as a XPS on Windows 2007 without Using Print Command

Updated on March 30, 2014

Introduction to Converting Document to XPS

I've also done a similar article on saving docs as a PDF. Using very similar guidelines, this article will focus on how to save a document as a XPS on Windows 2007. This might not be for everyone. It depends how you are set up. If you have the Microsoft .Net framework or you are able to log in to your computer as an administrator to install WinFX runtime components, this article is for you.

This will work on Windows 2007 operating system for Excel, Word or Powerpoint.

Step 1

Open any document. The document could be an Excel spreadsheet, a Microsoft Word document or a Powerpoint presentation document.

Step 2

Go to the top of your computer screen and click File which on Windows 2007 is actually that round, logo in the upper left corner of the screen.( I actually did on article on finding the File button on WIndows 2007 not real user-friendly for a newbie :-)

Step 3

Then position your cursor over Save As in the drop down box that appears on the computer screen. Don't click on it though, just hold the cursor over it so that you see a box of options appear on the side.

Step 4

Then  click the "PDF or XPF" option

Step 5

In the Save As Type box (beneath the File Name box) be sure that is reads XPS.  I believe that PDF is the typical default that shows in this box. Simply click on the drop down arrow and select XPS.

Step 6

Name your file in the file box and the click the Publish Button in the lower right.


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