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10 Spring or Summer Staycation Ideas

Updated on March 20, 2019
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Philosophical writer and YouTube creator covering the topics of simplicity, homemaking, and the romantic vintage lifestyle.

10 Staycation Ideas
10 Staycation Ideas | Source

Unplug, Relax, and Explore

The annual out of state road trip may be canceled this year, because of a tighter budget. Yet you may discover there are many hidden gems within your city. When you are a tourist in your own town you gain a greater sense of pride in your community. Or perhaps you'd like to relax at home, clearing your mind from the stresses of the world for a reset. Not only will you save money with a staycation, you'll preserve your energy as well. Come along for the ride with these frugal vacation ideas you can do from your own home!

Foster Park Bike Path, Fort Wayne, IN
Foster Park Bike Path, Fort Wayne, IN | Source

1# Bike to the Park for a Picnic

Of all the classic staycation activities, this would have to be my personal favorite. There is a sense of freedom and flying when biking through the town. My kids look forward to a picnic lunch after the bike-ride workout, next they explore the playground and make new friends. Look up your local parks and recreation website to see all your city has to offer. Pack a simple lunch, camera, notebook or sketchpad and head out the door for adventure and fitness.

#2 Local Museums

You may not feel compelled to visit your local museums as you may believe they will always be there. Put on your tourist hat to switch gears and see your city as a destination spot. Visiting your local museums will give you a greater sense of pride in your community. You may be surprised at the rich history you will discover.

Bed and Breakfast Staycation
Bed and Breakfast Staycation | Source

#3 Make Your Home Feel Like a Bed and Breakfast or Vacation Resort

I remember the first time I stayed in a Bed and Breakfast. It was while living in Montana surrounded by pastures, mountains and the great big sky. The feeling of relaxation, escape, beauty & simplicity were at the place we stayed. "Why can't we make our home feel like this", I thought? Later I researched those elements that are considered Bed and Breakfast essential amenities. I then realized it was primarily the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom which create this feel. From placing spa treatment bath items onto the bathroom counter to those special touches in the bedroom and pantry.

As with the tropical themed staycation (idea #6), you are imagining that you have left your home to stay at a Bed and Breakfast. When you visit a bed and breakfast for vacation, you usually abstain from work activities. Intentionally relaxing.

1) Declutter

You will want to get started with early prep work to create your Bed and Breakfast vacation (at home). Begin with a clean slate. Decluttering your home will open up space and give you a sense of calm to set the stage for your haven.

2) Create a welcoming entryway

Sweep the porch and place a wreath on the door. If you have room, set out a small outdoor table, with a couple of chairs and a pot of flowers.

3) Stock your pantry

Think of the classic Bed and Breakfast food staples and have them in your home.
Keep a variety of jams, bread, and bagels on hand. Bananas, apples, and oranges can be displayed in a bowl. Have gourmet coffee, tea and an assortment of cereals.

4) Set out spa amenities in your bathroom

Group bath gels, scented lotions, and essential oils in a basket for easy access.

5) Add comforting touches to the bedroom

Once you've fully decluttered the bedroom add a reading station, flowers or a silk tree.

Franke Park Fort Wayne, IN
Franke Park Fort Wayne, IN | Source

#4 Go On a Day Hike

A day hike is a great way to pack in adventure, fitness, and inspiration. You'll also be rebelling against the matrix as you break away from the internet, (turn off those smartphones). Do a Google search to find your local trails well before the trip. Pack a picnic lunch, a compass, tissue, water, and extra granola bars. For a romantic date that your husband will really enjoy, pack a picnic and have your kids stay with the neighbors or grandparents. For more tips on packing for a day hike read: Hiking 101: Packing a Day Pack

Backyard Camping

#5 Backyard Camping Staycation

You can gain some of the benefits that camping brings by simply setting up in your backyard. The opportunity to live a rustic, electronics free adventure will get you back in touch with nature in this information age.


  • Turn off automatic sprinklers.
  • Leave cell phones, laptops, and touch pads inside.
  • Bring a drawing pad or Moleskin journal to log the revelations of today's modern renaissance man or woman.

Make Your Home Feel Like a Tropical Retreat
Make Your Home Feel Like a Tropical Retreat | Source

#6 Make Your Home Into Tropical Retreat

When you make your home feel like a tropical retreat you are creating an island oasis haven. To create this experience you'll need to:

  • Stock your pantry with tropical foods including fish, shrimp, rice, mango's, papaya's, coconut, and a plentiful amount of banana's for making healthy and yummy smoothies.
  • Wear bright sarong wraps or a Hawaiian shirt, bold colored flower clips, and seashell necklaces. You can also wear all white for that sophisticated resort look.
  • Create a bathroom spa by setting out coconut lotion, sunrise-hued candles, and salt scrubs.
  • Style your backyard for beach fun with wooden chimes, a directional beach sign, and a thatched tiki umbrella
  • Play relaxing Caribbean music or natural ocean sounds to set the stage for your tropical escape.

The article 22 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Staycation Resort also suggests:

  • Hanging a hammock
  • Cooking outdoors

What is Your Favorite Activity to Do on a Staycation?

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#7 Backyard Water Park Oasis

For kids playing in the sprinkler offers endless old fashioned fun. I love the Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler. It's pretty to look at with pink flowers and green stems, blending in nicely with the lawn. Also, the soft rubbery texture makes it safe for babies and children to do cartwheels through the water. Add a tiny kiddie pool for splashing.

Have a variety of spray bottles on hand for innocent water gun play. Not only will these activities keep them cool over the summer, they will be dodging the ever-present screen time.

#8 Backyard Treasure Hunt

The site features many fun ideas, which encourage kids to put down their devices and explore the outdoors. The How to Create a Backyard Treasure Hunt Minecraft Style tutorial is a simple and fun.

#9 Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Because I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana I regularly read the Fort Wayne Insider blog. As a discipline, I scan the local Blogs to see what happenings are going on. This gives me a sense of community and satisfaction helping me to get the most cultural opportunities possible. As a tourist in your own town, you'll be on the lookout for festivals, local coffee shops, local outdoor concerts and of course museums. Many events are free or inexpensive. As a creative, this fills up the well of inspiration with many solo artist-date opportunities.

Take a silent retreat
Take a silent retreat | Source

Reduce Screen Time

#10 Zone Out For a Week With a Silent Retreat and Digital Sabbatical

Note: If you have children under the age of 10 you may need to delay this practice.

Take a week long vow of silence. You'll also want to unplug from the internet and other digital media to gain the most from this mental cleanse. If someone urgently needs your reply you can write a hand written message. During this week you can bike ride, walk through nature, journal, draw, write letters by hand, close your eyes and dream. Perform only the most vital house cleaning work to keep your environment peaceful during this time of rest. Replenish the well of wonder with the way of the monk. Embrace the art of doing nothing. When it is time to labor, work with all of your strength. When you break, truly rest.

"Be still, and know that I am God" (-Psalm 46:10)

© 2014 Rain San Martin


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