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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Ecuador

Updated on May 28, 2012

1. Ecuador holds more species of animals and plants than anywhere else in South America. This is due to the tropical climate and the countries isolation from Andes Mountains

2. Ecuador may be small. However, the population is one of the highest in Central America. The population of Ecuador is over 12 million

3. Spanish is the official language but many Incan ancestor still speak the original Inca language of Quichua

4. During many had times of civil war the currency of Ecuador became unstable. After, establishing a working government and to help with expenses the government of Ecuador decided to institute the America dollar as the official currency.

5. The religion of Ecuador is Roman Catholic, but, the government allows the practice of religious freedom so you can find a wide variety of religions in the country freely practicing.

6. Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro conquered the land in 1500s in search of golden cities

7. The Government of Ecuador is a constitutional republic

8. Ecuador’s Primary source of exports is its vast oil reserves

9. In the year 2000 Ecuador experienced a coup to relieve the then current president not in power due to bad fiscal policies

10. Capital of Ecuador is Quito. This is one of the most historical capitols in all of Central America. It has many of the original Spanish colonial influence mixed with Incan Indian architecture.

11. Ecuador has over 6000 butterfly species among many other very diverse group of plants and animals. These wide selections of butterflies migrate, to the tropics of Ecuador from all over North America.

12. Galapagos Islands are part of Ecuador and protected islands for nature preserve

13. The Panama hat was actually invented in Ecuador. It became popular with many of the actors from Indiana Jones, 3 musketeers, and other movies

14. A lot of American expats are relocating to Ecuador due to its low cost of living. This also has an advantage for those who are in retirement because the US dollar will go much further on the Social Security they receive

15. Cotapaxi Volcano located in Ecuador is the highest active volcano in the world

16. There are currently no self-service laundry mats in Ecuador all are run by local families that do the laundry for you

17. Colonial City is almost 8500 feet above sea level making it one of the world’s highest cities. This also makes it harder for those not use to thin air to stay for an extended period of time. However, your body will become adjusted to it.

18. There are over 24000 species of plants in Ecuador and very popular locations for discovering new cures for diseases

19. Over 40 indigenous nations occupy and work together in Ecuador. These nations have made Ecuador a unique place of tradition, history and culture.

20. Has one of the lowest poverty rates in all of South America Because of the advancements made by the Ecuadorian government with poverty they have significantly reduced it. There are policies in place to provide jobs and assistance to its citizens when they need it.


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