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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Massachusetts

Updated on June 18, 2012

1. Massachusetts has good and bad memories. One of the worst cases of paranoia occurred at Salam. The Salam witch trials were in 1692 and still over 1500 documents pertaining to those trials have been preserved in the Peabody Essex Museum

2. Boston Massachusetts built the first subway system in the US. It has hard bedrock underneath the city, which has allowed for the stable placement of subway tubes.

3. Benjamin Franklin was honored by many towns across the US for his achievements. However, the first town to rename itself Franklin was the town of Franklin Massachusetts in 1897

4. Norfolk County in Massachusetts has been the birthplace of many of the US national presidents John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and George Herbert Walker Bush.

5. An unusual sight as you drive down the road near Rockport there is a house made entirely of newspaper.

6. The Fig Newton cookie was created in Massachusetts in the town of Newton. If, you re not familiar with the fig Newton they can be found in most grocery stores today in the cookie isle

7. The basketball hall of fame is located in Springfield Massachusetts. It is dedicated to te site of the first ever basket ball game that was also played in Springfield.

8. Plymouth Rock is located in Massachusetts. It is still visible and has the date 1620 etched in it. It has been manhandled dragged through town during the revolutionary war and survived the onslaught of souvenir hunters.

9. The first person to have a registered plate in Boston was James Michael curly. He was Boston’s mayor. The plate number was 576the number of letters in his name. The Boston mayors car still has the same exact plate numbers.

10. Lowell was America’s first planned city. Boston was at the cutting edge of the industrial revolution when designing this city.

11. The first official public park that was created in America was the “Boston common”

12. The first ever basket ball game ever played was in the city o Springfield Massachusetts

13. Boston has a long history with the enjoyment of Polk music. In 1998, the first polka song was approved for the commonwealth.

14. Massachusetts has the two largest cities in New England Boston and Worchester

15. The first time the government purchased land to be used as a national park they purchased the Cape Cod National seashore.

16. The inventor of the first liquid fuel rocket was completed in Massachusetts. He lived in Worchester and launched the rocket from the town of Auburn which is a close neighbor.

17. Dunkin donuts Americas’ favorite donut store got its start on the streets of Hancock.

18. Massachusetts was the location of the first postal service with the zip code of 01001

19. Massachusetts brought birth control to the world with the University of Worchester.

20. The first railroad in Boston was completed in 1825 they finally started charging passenger fares in 1838 to help defray the cost of owning the rail road.


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