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4 San Francisco Bars for Margarita Lovers

Updated on October 3, 2010

Everyone who drinks has a story about tequila. For some, Patron shots were the key to scoring that hot one night stand that is still worth talking about. For others, a night of margarita pitchers filled with cheap tequila is the night that their best friends know never to mention again. But whether the memories are good or bad, tequila is one of the drinks out there with stories to tell and margaritas are the most common way that tequila is consumed. Salt-rimmed or frozen, strong or smooth, margaritas turn up on drink menus all over San Francisco so that you’ll have stories to share night after night. Here are four of the bars where you’re likely to find people drinking them.

1. Impala,, 501 Broadway St. (@ Kearney St.), North Beach 415.982.5299

If you really want to get serious about your tequila drinking, you want to go to San Francisco’s tequila bar, Impala. Hardcore drinkers can do their fancy shots while the rest of the group plays it safer with the different margaritas that make the drink list. Cheap drinkers can take advantage of $2 Tuesdays which include margarita drink specials and inexpensive Mexican food. Just beware that the staff at Impala is reported to be super hot so if you’ve got too many margarita pitchers coming to your table, you might end up with one of those “I can’t believe I did that” stories that tequila drinks are known for.

2. The Lexington Club,, 3464 19th St. (@ Valencia), The Mission 415.863.2052

If you want to actively try your hand at creating one of those stories for yourself and you’re a woman living in or around San Francisco, you want to check out the Good Girl, Bad Girl Cocktail Hour at The Lexington Club. It happens every Friday night from 9 – 10; good girls order margaritas, bad girls order tequila shots and both kinds of girls only have to pay $1 per drink during that hour. Of course, if you’re trying to get your money’s worth, chances are you’re either going to be a bad girl or a sick girl before the end of the night, but if you think you can hold your own with your margaritas, this is the place to show it off!

3. Club Rouge,, 1500 Broadway St. (@ Polk St.), Polk Gulch 415.346.7683

Harry Denton is known throughout San Francisco for his Starlight Room which is frequented by tourists from around the globe. But locals know that the Denton place to go is the much newer spot, Club Rouge. And in-the-know locals know that the margaritas at this trendy hot spot are only $2 if you make it there for happy hour (5 pm – 9 pm on Thursdays and Fridays and 5 pm – 8 pm on Saturdays). They’re strong enough to be more than worth their low cost but not so strong that you’ll be ready to go home before the real party begins there late at night.

4. Maya,, 303 2nd St. (@ Folsom St.), SoMa 415.543.2928

Happy Hour margaritas may be a good idea on the weekends but are they really smart during the week? Over at Maya, they are. The margaritas here are more of a leisurely afternoon kind of beverage, filled with fruit and made to give you just a buzz without packing a punch. They cost $5 from 5 pm – 7 pm every weekday and come served with complimentary appetizers so you can get your snack on while doing your post-work wind-down.


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    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    I think I have to get there. Sounds invoiting.