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5 Top Tourist Attractions in Newquay

Updated on October 6, 2016

5 Top Visitor Attractions in Newquay

5 top visitor attractions in Newquay is a hard choice as there are so many.  Visitors to Newquay range from families on a bucket and spade holiday, through teenagers on their first holiday, couples wanting an action week and the grey market arriving on coach tours.

To pick 5 top visitor attractions in Newquay I've looked at the families market mostly.  Those on their first holiday will be wanting Nightlife in Newquay, the grey market on coaches will have their itinerary set.  So it's the rest of you that need some help!

Below are what are considered to be among the 5 top visitor attractions in Newquay, so it's a good place to start!

I hope you find this Guide helpful in planning your visit to Newquay.

African Lion.     Photo by: Daran Kandasamy
African Lion. Photo by: Daran Kandasamy

Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo is always in a list of the top 5 visitor attractions in Newquay because it appeals to almost everybody.

Newquay Zoo is heavily involved in conservation around the world and helping rare and endangered species to breed in captivity.

They have over 130 species of animal at the zoo, as well as a snack bar, a cafe and ice cream kiosks.

Parking isn't a problem at all as Newquay Zoo is sited alongside the swimming pool and tennis courts, where there is plenty of pay and display car parking. Or, you can take the small Fun Train, which goes in a circuit around town that includes a stop at the Zoo site.

Be A Zoo Keeper For A Day

If you're looking for something a little different - and you're over 15 - you can become a Zoo Keeper for a Day.  You spend all day with the zoo keepers, feeding the lions, feeding the penguins, feeding other animals.  The price includes lunch, a T shirt, a certificate and a zoo keeper badge.  Certainly something a little bit different to think about! 

Image by: Dairyland Farmworld
Image by: Dairyland Farmworld

Dairyland Farmworld

Just a couple of miles outside of Newquay you'll find Dairyland Farmworld.  Dairyland Farmworld has been operating as a farm for hundreds of years - and as a top tourist attraction for decades. 

There's lots to see and do down at the farm, with the usual petting zoo and watching the cows being milked, but there's also a nature trail and exciting rides for the kids in the Bull Park.

As it's a working farm, activities like milking the cows have to be at set times, so make sure you know what you're interested in seeing and doing before you set out, so you don't miss it.  Tickets can be bought for the day, or there's a weekly pass you can get so you can go back as many times as you want.

Dairyland Farmworld is an indoor and outdoor attraction, so if the weather's not that great there's plenty to do indoors.

The fabulous farmshop stocks a lot of locally-grown and locally-produced Cornish goods for you to enjoy straight away, to take away with you - or perhaps to purchase as a gift for somebody who you're thinking of..

Newquay Beaches - Whipsiderry.    Photo by:
Newquay Beaches - Whipsiderry. Photo by:

Newquay Beaches

Newquay's beaches are some of the finest in the world - and so it's no surprised that these are in the top 5 visitor attractions.

Golden stretches of sandy beach, as well as a selection of tiny Cornish coves. There's more than one beach per day of your visit. To choose the right beach for you, you need to think about how you'll enjoy the beach. Maybe you want a level access, or maybe you want easy access to organic food. Perhaps you're into your water sports and want to surf with the best surfers in town. Or maybe you want somewhere a little quieter than usual, a private beach. There's a beach for everybody's needs.

Find the best beach for your needs: Newquay Beaches

Pony.      Photo by: diskychick
Pony. Photo by: diskychick

Horseriding and a Horse Trek Across a Beach

If you're a keen horse-rider, or a novice, then the idea of riding a horse across a beach is great - and you can ride a horse down the Gannel Estuary and to Crantock Beach.

Newquay Riding Stables is a top visitor attraction in Newquay, ideally placed at the start of the Gannel Estuary. Horse treks go over the road and down onto the Estuary.

One Hour Beach Trek

Ride with experienced riders, across the sandy Gannel Estuary, leading to Crantock Beach. Your guides will understand the local conditions and the tides, so there's no danger of you getting cut off, or getting into difficulties.

Horseriding is a great way to have a different view of the area - and you get to ride a horse on a beach! Just fab.

You'll find Newquay Riding School down at Newquay Boating Lake.

Image by: Lappa Valley
Image by: Lappa Valley

Lappa Valley Steam Railway

With over 3 miles of rail track, the Lappa Valley Steam Railway, just outside of Newquay, is a popular tourist attraction for the whole family.

The main steam trains will take you down to the Wheal Rose Mine Engine House, where you can explore and discovere Cornish mining history, including watching a dramatisation film about the Great Flood and Disaster of 1846.

Once you're at the Engine House, there are two more trains, taking different routes around the location - these are on circular routes.

Kids can enjoy a variety of play areas - and there are some great areas for picnics.

The boating lake is also heaps of fun.

The entry price includes nearly everything at the site, the only exception being the coin-operated cars for those over 5 - and if you wanted to play golf at the adjacent St Newlyn East Golf Club, which has 9 holes or 18 holes.

A full day out for all the family - or, enjoy a late afternoon discount, by arriving for the 2.40pm train there's discounted admission.

Directions and Map

show route and directions
A markerNewquay Zoo -
Newquay, Cornwall TR7 2LZ, UK
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B markerTrenance Riding Stables -
Behind the Boating Lake, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 2HU, UK
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C markerDairyland Farmworld -
St Newlyn East, Newquay, Cornwall TR8 5AA, UK
get directions

D markerLappa Valley Steam Railway -
St Newlyn East, Newquay, Cornwall TR8 5JD, UK
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Photography by: : Whipsiderry Beach
Daran Kandasamy: African Lion
Dairyland Farmworld
Lappa Valley
Diskychick: Pony


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    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 7 years ago from San Francisco

      Great overview! And it's lovely how this ties into your other local hubs- you've created so many wonderful guides, it's nice to have a neat overview that allows readers and future Newquay visitors to get a better look at them :)