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Tips When Packing for Vacation

Updated on March 31, 2012

There are some things that you need to do when packing for vacation. It can be the most stressful part other than planning it, so it has to be done right. You do not want to bring to many warm clothes because it might not be cold and vice versa. So, how to you decision what to pack a still prepare for all eventualities. Here, are 8 packing tips that might just help you with that question.

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1. When packing clothes try to choose your best clothes that do not wrinkle. This way when you are on the move you can save some considerable time and money from ironing or using room service.

2. If, you’re a woman you know that the perfect outfit you can carry with you is that little black dress. Not only do the guys go nuts when they see you in it can be pretty much worn for any occasion out.

3. Always when traveling if you are unsure what to wear because of plans or weather, blue jeans are a must. You can where a primary tee shirt in the morning when you are out, and you can then wear something agreeable with them at night.

4. To accommodate a collection you don’t need many clothes, but one that is a must is a button down front shirt. You can use a scarf,or if you want to look more appropriate for a night out there are numerous options.

5. Woman love their hand bags, but taking one for every possible situation is difficult in two suitcases so take just one that is a neutral color like tan, white or black. So, that all your handbags will suit all your outfits.

6. Woman can handle all types of statement making accessories that don’t take up much room like ear rings or that necklace you got for Christmas. They will compliment any attire, and reduce additional, unnecessary outfits in your bags.

7. Don’t try to bring the entire bathroom with you when packing. Shampoos, moisturizers and other things can be bought in smaller sizes. Take them and fill some smaller containers with the things you will need.

8. Woman can now purchase things for makeup that are in all in one packages. For instance, lip liner can be used as eye shadow or lipstick be creative so that half of one bag is not just makeup. Your husband with thank you too

Carrying so many bags through an airport now a days is getting to be more and more of an intense headache. Keeping your bags to a minimum is best. One bag should suffice with a carryon. Try to stay in the one underneath and one bag carry on the rule and you should have minimal issues with trying to do everything.


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    Kadmiels 6 years ago from Florida

    your welcome :)

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    Andria 8 years ago

    Nice one kadmiels - thanks for answering my question/request :) And great hub and top tips too!

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