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8 Types of Special Events You Can Attend in Manila

Updated on April 23, 2017

In Asia, the Philippines is one of the premier destinations for hosting special events. There are a handful of convention centers in Manila alone that can accommodate various event types, not just the typical MICE or meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions.

On the one hand, there are government-owned and operated convention halls. On the contrary, some infrastructures are specifically designed for event-related purposes. The best thing about the latter is they have an efficient reservation system, so you won’t have to worry about being bumped off by other event organizers.

Whichever you choose, you may hold or celebrate any of these events.

Business expo

Entrepreneurial in nature, this exposition aims to present ground-breaking, top-performing or innovatively disruptive businesses and economies. Various companies are invited to showcase their best product lines. On the spot product demos are mostly part of the expo. However, potential customers are not the only target market of business expos, but also investors who can help in the organization’s sustainability.

A nautical lifestyle expo held in the Philippines
A nautical lifestyle expo held in the Philippines | Source

Political summit

A gathering of international delegations such as consuls and embassy heads as well as high-ranking officials, political summits such as the ASEAN Summit mainly centers on the countries’ current political and economic status. Issues about peace and order are also tackled during this event. Considering the status of the participants, this event tends to be one of the massively secured and guarded events.

World bazaar

A bazaar refers to a marketplace. Hence when we say world bazaar, it means a unified marketplace with goods and items that are hailed from different parts of the world. Products from spices to trinkets to pashminas are available at the best rates. Bazaars are often open to the public and last for weeks. In some instances, product demos and new product launches are welcome.

Major product launches

Speaking of new launches, some well-established companies chose to hold an event of their own. Tech giants like Apple and Samsung do this all the time. More often than not, the event starts with a registration and followed by the actual demonstration. It almost always culminates with a raffle of a few items related to or the actual product. Invites are disseminated to the chosen few, after which invitees are given the privilege to purchase the product before it hits the market.

A star-studded product launch
A star-studded product launch | Source

Toys and collectibles fair

A niche dedicated to collectors and hobbyists, the main crowd drawer is the lineup of merchandise that may be for display purposes only. Some collectibles are up for grabs, but given the nature of the products, the price can go as high as imaginable. Other than the upfront sales and live auctions, there are toy donation drive, cosplay parade and contest and stage games.

Eucharistic congress

International religious celebrations are also held in convention centers, the biggest of which is the International Eucharistic Congress (IEC). It was being held in the Philippines where 80% of the population is Catholic/Roman Catholic. The IEC, in brief, is a gathering of clergies and laities.

An example of bridal fair inside a hotel
An example of bridal fair inside a hotel | Source

Wedding ceremonies

Modern couples also choose to celebrate the occasion on spacious areas like multipurpose halls and arenas. This holds true for high-profile weddings like that of political clans and celebrities. This allows the couple to hold programs and presentations without compromising the people’s mobility. Some luxury hotels offer the venue as well as wedding packages that include food and setup. Other than wedding ceremonies, there are also bridal and debut fair that to-be-wed couples can attend.

Finding a convenient area for your event regardless of the type of event is a must. Get the specifics of your activity for the duration of your event and reserve the most suitable spot. Reserve as early as you can, if you must and have that one important item on your list crossed out. With that, have a successful event!


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