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A Guide to the Leeds City Centre, Leeds, England

Updated on July 23, 2010
Leeds City Centre, West Yorkshire
Leeds City Centre, West Yorkshire

To the north of London in West Yorkshire is the bustling central business district popularly known as the Leeds City Center. This large area is actually composed of several quarters or smaller districts, each contributing to the progress of the city. Any visit to the UK will not be complete without a tour of this English destination.

The Civic Quarter, where the historic Leeds Town Hall is located, is the seat for the Leeds Magistrates as well as the Crown Courts. Most of the buildings in this location have been around since the late 1800’s, adding much to the century-old charm and picturesque views of the area.

Weapons displayed at the Royal Armouries Museum
Weapons displayed at the Royal Armouries Museum

The architecture of most structures in the Civic Quarter are Victorian, and this area is very close to educational institutions such as the University of Leeds, the Leeds Metropolitan University, and the Leeds College of Art.

The Cultural Quarter to the east of the Leeds City Center is home to the Royal Armouries Museum, known for its breathtaking designs. Theater lovers can also come see the latest shows at West Yorkshire Playhouse, as well as listen to melodic performances from students of the Leeds College of Music.

Shops along Victoria Quarter
Shops along Victoria Quarter
Glass ceilings at the County Arcade, Victoria Quarter
Glass ceilings at the County Arcade, Victoria Quarter

Among the most crowded areas in the City Center is the Shopping Quarter, where both local and internationally recognized shops are found. The Victoria Quarter is an excellent place to stroll and window shop, as its glass ceilings and arches make for great souvenir photos. Food lovers also unite in this quarter, as dozens of restaurants and cafes specializing in all types of cuisines can be found as well.

The City Center of Leeds also serves as portal for major transport systems networking the country. Outside of the capital of London, the 2nd busiest train station is actually located here. The city is also serviced by the FreeCityBus line, which travels in and around the City Center, shuttling passengers to schools, universities, shopping districts, as well as business establishments.

The major airport located near the City Center is the Leeds Bradford International Airport, known as the 17th busiest airport in the UK. Some of the airlines that come to the airport include KLM and Jet2. Most major cities in Europe are connected via this airport.

Truly, the Leeds City Center is a hub not only for business, transport, and economy, but it is a melting pot where tourists come to shop and take in the sights as well. Coming to the UK, one should not miss dropping by this historic venue, as there are sure to be a million things to do and enjoy.


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    • brettb profile image

      brettb 7 years ago from London

      I live in the UK but for some reason I've never been to Leeds.