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A trip to New York City – 4 Brits abroad

Updated on July 25, 2012

Our family

4 Brits abroad - that's us on Ellis Island
4 Brits abroad - that's us on Ellis Island

A trip to New York City – 4 Brits abroad

As a family, we’ve taken a week-long visit to New York City - staying in the “Hell’s Kitchen” area of Manhattan. I plan to write about some of the things we did, and places we saw. When describing what we did, I’ll say “our family”; but who are our family?

Our family

We are four Brits – that’s mum, dad and 2 children. The picture above shows dad (me) the left, then you’ve got Jessica (8), mum, and William (12). New York City isn’t known as a family holiday destination – but we thought it’d be a good experience for us and the kids. At the very least it’d give us some stories to tell when we got home!

Getting to New York City

The first page on Hubpages was penned on the flight out to New York City. We’ve also mentioned the ESTA needed to gain entry to the USA.

Top of The Rock

One of the Skyscrapers we visited during our New York City experience was the “Top of The Rock”. This large building is just south of Central Park and provides great views of the surrounding city. You can follow the link to the Top of The Rock for more information about how we got on.

Getting around on the New York Subway

A must for anybody who needs to get around New York City is the Subway. After a couple of faltering attempts we managed to figure out how this Subway worked – it’s quite simple after all! You can read about our tips for the New York Subway. Don’t be afraid – it’s easy when you know how.

That's us - more New York City experiences and attraction coming soon...

Anyway, that’s us, four Brits in the Big Apple! As we write about more attractions and experiences we had in New York City, we’ll put the links on this page. This can be our central page for out New York experience.

PS. A great line from a fella on the Hudson water taxi “The only thing that’s free in New York City is the air, and you pay for that later…”. So true.


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