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Affordable New York Vacations

Updated on October 7, 2015

New York City


Affordable New York Holidays

Historically, New York held the executive Mansion and has many historical and cultural attractions. It is the Mecca of arts and politics of the USA. And right now it is relatively affordable. From the Tourist attractions like the Emprie State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Statute of Liberty, to the exceptional entertainment of Broadway and the extraordinary cuisine to their world class hospitality industry one can understand why New York is the tourist destination of the world.

With the lowered airfares, lowered hotel rates and even low cost of tourist attraction, New York makes the ideal City for your Vacation.

This Hub is specifically written for the purposes of assisting you logistically plan your New York Vacation.

So take a trip to the Big Apple and have a Bite!!

Travel to New York

While you can get to New York by Bus or Train, I suggest fly in. Travel to New York is very affordable and, although I have not traveled on JetBlue, I am told it is quite comfortable and luxurious. But I have also provided another link so you might find the best fare from your local airport.

New York Hospitality

New York is world calss and famous for its hospitality. There are a variety of hotels that can meet all of your needs. But I have recommend so high end hotels that in of themselves are historical landmarks in New York.

Tourist Attractions

From the Statute of Liberty to the Empire State Building to the New York Metropolitan Museum New has it all. You can buy a guide book, a map and take to the street to track down your favorite attraction or you can hire a guide. It is not how you see New York but the fact you have seen it.

New York Cuisine

New York is filled with world class restaurants throughout the city. Quite literally you could eat out every night of our vacation and just touch the surface of New York fine dinning. Upon arriving I suggest you ask the concierge desk for a list of exceptional restaurants in the City of New York. I am a fan of Peter Ludger's Steak House but I will provide a restaurant guide for you to make your own selections.

To Complete your New York Trip

A Trip to New York is not complete without taking in a Broadway Show. Sometimes Concerige's will be able to obtain tickets if requested but I suggest you buy in advance to make certain you get to see the show you want.


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