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Italy Vacations

Updated on August 28, 2011



Vacationing In Italy

If I had the money I would be on the next plane to Italy. I have been several times of perhaps it is someone else's turn. In this article I will try to map out how airline routes, tours and accommodations in Italy for your travel needs. This article will focus on Rome. I would recommend you stay at least three weeks. Rome is huge and can't be taken in a week or two visit. You must stay a month or so just to see the sights and get use to the language and the culture. Oddly enough, everyone now speaks English in Rome. This was not true in the 1980(s) were I still wrestled with simple things like reading menus. Now most restaurants print menus in English for tourists.


Depending on where you live is how long your flight is. I live in Florida so I usually take Iberian into Madrid and then fly directly into Rome. I have also taken another carrier out of JFK directly into Rome as well and then I have taken British airways into Heathrow and then a direct flight into Rome. Whatever your route, you can find really good fares if you are willing to fly into Eastern Europe and back into Rome.


Unless you have driven in Italy before, I don't recommend you rent a car. When you arrive in Italy and experience Italian traffic you will understand why I will not make this recommendation.

There are buses readily available to take your from the airport to Rome and then you can either take another bus to your hotel, the metro or a cab. It is the same as New York. No difference expect the language.

Review of Accommodations

I have to be forth right and clear that I have not stayed in any of these hotels. I have only stayed in one hotel when I was young in Rome and I can't remember the name. When I travel to Rome now I always stay with family and friends. Perhaps in the future one of you could post your favorite Hotel in Rome.

Guided Tours

For me guided tours are good for some but not for me. I like to get the tour book and the map and make my way through the city and see the sights myself. But I can certainly understand a middle aged person wishing to have a guide. It really isn't important how you see Italy but that you see it. And all the rest works itself out.


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    • profile image

      Jt Walters 6 years ago

      Thank you Ancillotti,

      I try to serve but if you my dear friend decide to go to Italy let me know directly because I can be very specific about holidaying in Rome as I lived there for a bit.

      Thank you and big hug and cheers!!


    • Ancillotti profile image

      Ancillotti 6 years ago from Brasil, Vitoria - ES

      JT, if there is one place I really want to know is Italy. Surely some day end up going there and I read on your Hub will help me. Hub helpful my friend, thanks for sharing your experiences. Cheers!