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Afraid to Fly? How to get over your fear

Updated on June 27, 2014
Afraid to fly?
Afraid to fly?

Too Afraid to Get onto a Plane?

There are millions of people all over the world that are afraid to fly. You are not the only one and there is good news..... you can get over that fear! The bad news is that it will take a little time but you will be able to visit foreign destinations and distant relatives once you get over your fear.

The thought of getting onto a plane takes your breath away and leaves your stomach in knots, with a dry mouth and hyperventilating too! You could scream and cry just at the mention of the word "fly."

Airports are a place you dare not to go to and you would rather travel to a tropical island, in front of your computer, rather than get on an actual airplane.

Well.... do not fear because your cure is near! There are a few ways to get over your fear of flying so that you can go out into the big world and take a look around.

Identify What Makes You Afraid to Fly

If you can identify what your anxiety is about flying, then you are able to take the first step into overcoming that fear. Many people are afraid to fly because they are not in control of the plane, they are afraid of small spaces and obviously afraid that the plane will fall out of the sky.

You need to figure out why it is that you are afraid to fly and from there you are able to narrow down your fears and work through them one by one.

For many it is not the actual plane that is frightening but the phobias that go along with it. Turbulence can effect people who are sensitive to bodily feelings and this could also make them afraid of landing and take off procedures.

It is common for people to be afraid to fly and in most cases it is usually after an event such as death, divorce, marriage or a life changing event.

You need to face your fears and find out what it is that triggers your anxiety in order to get over it and enjoy a flight.

Get to know how the plane works  Source: Natasha
Get to know how the plane works Source: Natasha
Flight Simulators will help you find out why you are afraid to fly
Flight Simulators will help you find out why you are afraid to fly

Face Your Fear of Flying

Phobias and fears are kept alive if you avoid them and it is important to expose the fears that trigger your anxiety.

For many people it helps to get into a flight simulator, it feels as though you are in a plane and that will help narrow down what it is that makes you afraid to fly.

Therapy for fears of flying can range from learning how to breathe and forget about what it is that makes you afraid and there are also groups that you can go to in order to overcome your fears.

The best way to deal with your fear is to focus on what it is that makes you afraid and face that fear head on, you will realise that it is not that bad after all.

Medical treatments do not help with the fear of flying as with all phobias it is something that you need to face in order to correct it.

Pilots are trained for every possible situation Source: Natasha
Pilots are trained for every possible situation Source: Natasha
Cabin crew check that everything is secure
Cabin crew check that everything is secure
Pilot, co - pilot and relief pilot
Pilot, co - pilot and relief pilot

Cure Your Fear of Flying

This sounds very strange but in order to cure your fear of flying you need to learn about the airplanes, crashes, flight emergencies and what the airline crew do to insure your safety.

The more you learn about planes and flying, the less fear you will have.

You also get to know about emergency procedures, where all the exits are, what the oxygen masks are for and when they are used. The mechanics of a plane is also interesting to learn about when you are afraid to fly as you will get to know just how complicated and intricate the workmanship is, that is is almost impossible for the plane to have problems.

Airline crew make many simple mistakes on a daily basis, which means that they do not have to perform perfectly in order to get you to your destination safely. There is room for error and they have planned for all of these things and there are plans for the plans that don't work.

This means that if an airline staff member makes a mistake, their is a plan of action for their mistakes and there is always a contingency plan in the case of a mistake happening.

All the attendants on board a plane are cross checked by other staff on the plane. Therefore if a flight attendant has been told to close the door, there is someone else to check that it has been done, someone else to ensure that they other attendant has checked on the checking and there are about six checks before everyone can concur that the door is closed.

This means that there are about six chances for someone to spot a mistake. And this is just for the flight attendants, imagine the inspection for the engine and the remainder of the plane.

Pilots spend a lot of time learning to fly and it is not just because they need to learn about the mechanics of the plane it is because they learn how to go through any circumstances and emergencies on possible things that could go wrong. They even learn about things that could never happen but they are drilled and drilled until they are absolutely, 100% able to manage any situation when flying the plane.

The pilots and crew are prepared for any situation, any emergency and they have been through it over and over again. There are so many people checking the engines and double checking the checking of the engines, there is a pilot and a co - pilot and they are not alone in the cockpit.

The air traffic controllers who are not on the plane can see exactly where the pilot is going and they communicate with the pilot all the time. Air traffic controllers are only allowed to work for a limited amount of time in order to keep their eyes fresh and their concentration levels at a maximum.

There is no button on the plane that the pilot, flight attendants or passengers can push to suddenly make the plane fall out of the sky.

The aeroplanes are checked accurately before they are allpwed to take off. Source: Natasha
The aeroplanes are checked accurately before they are allpwed to take off. Source: Natasha

Train Your Brain to Get Rid of your Fear

Fears are often caused by an incident or event that happened as a one time thing a while ago. Some people have phobias about spiders and you will find that when they were little, there was an incident with a spider, which causes a life long fear.

The fact that we have a response or reaction to something means that we can learn rapidly. Fear is communication from our subconscious mind telling us that danger is present.

Somehow your brain told you that flying is dangerous and it could have been from a past experience or you could have watched a terrible movie or seen something on the news.

Your brain has been trained to fear flying and you need to reprogramme it so that when you think of flying, you are calm and have different thoughts in your mind.

Does this sound complicated to you? Well there is a man that was afraid to fly and then found a cure! It is called,"Gogetter, Jetsetter," which will help you disassociate yourself from the fear of flying.

I stumbled upon his website and it makes a lot of sense. There have been many people that have learnt the technique which cuts the old neural pathway.

It is worth taking a look at it because you have nothing to be afraid of!

Have You Had a Bad Airplane Experience?

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Fly without fear


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    • Tashaonthetown profile imageAUTHOR

      Natasha Pelati 

      5 years ago from South Africa


    • Greensleeves Hubs profile image

      Greensleeves Hubs 

      5 years ago from Essex, UK

      A nice hub Natasha, which I'm sure will be useful for some who fear flying. I suspect myself the main problem is often the first one you identify - the fact that you are not in control. And of course if the plane were to come down, there may be nothing the passenger can do about it, or do to save themselves.

      But my advice would be to go to a major airport and just look at the flight information boards. At any busy airport at any given time there will be dozens of arrivals or departures listed. All those planes taking off and landing every minute of every day of every week of the year. And at hundreds or even thousands of other similar airports across the world too. If any one of them crashes it will be headline news, and yet how rarely do we hear of such a crash? Very rarely. For me, this graphic illustration of just how many planes are taking off/ landing safely worldwide even as I write this, is the most comforting evidence of how safe air travel is.

      Voted up. Alun.


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