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Argentina Cuisine, Authentic & Traditional Flavors of Food

Updated on September 27, 2011

Argentina food is very original to this region of South America. It has many different sent, flavors, and ways to satisfy your soul. To fin original recipes for authentic Argentina food is to find food that has a long sought history in this region of South America. The food was originally invented by the original in habitants of the country and through the years many people there today still prepare it they way there ancestors did thousands of years ago.

One of the main ingredients that have dominated a lot of the food preparation in the country is beef. holds thousand of different ways to prepare beef. Argentina consumes a larger than normal quantity of beef compared to other countries in the region due to the hundreds of acres of pristine grazing land suitable for cattle.

Argentina holds many ways to cook its beef the preferred method of grilling is by using it in a barbecue or ASADO as it is said in Spanish. Many restaurants provide this flavorful beef in the authentic style of their ancestors which include steaks, ribs, and beef tips. When the argentines use the cattle there is usually very little left they have found ways to make the most of each cattle that is brought in. Argentineans by creating beef jerky, or blending the meat with cheese or bread

Asado Cucina
Asado Cucina

The barbeque is not limited to meat alone however and may also feature other culinary delights which will appease those who do not have such carnivorous food tastes. For example, the types of food cooked may also include baked potatoes, white meat and salads.

Another famous type of food in Argentina is Parallada it is a mixture of different types of meats including chicken, ribs, and beef. In the original tradition of using the entire cattle you will find that it can also be mixed with intestines kidney and then you will have sweet bread for desert.

After a nice hardy meal you can wash it back with a very traditional drink caller MATE. The mate drink is often drank socially and used in celebrations or religious gatherings. It is a way for people to socialize easily while having it. It it made up by using dry tea leaves from a Paraguayan tea but you may find yourself in need of a ride while traveling using this drink is a way to make new friends since it is rarely drunk alone.

So when you’re in Argentina, please remember to go there with a carnivorous spirit and a merry hand and you might be surprised on what you may carry back with you.

If you would like to learn more about Argentina its customs, people, history and culture please visit my website at


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  • Tracy711 profile image


    9 years ago

    You did it again very nice hub. I like reading your work I learn alot about other cultures. I have never traveled much so this appeals to me. I love your recipes too.


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