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Argentinan Culture, Values and People

Updated on October 28, 2011

There are many ways to enjoy and immerse yourself in this wonderfully diverse country in South America. There are many ways to enjoy this beautiful country in South America. Argentina is the second largest country in South America and is bordered by Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile, with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and south. There are many places a visitor can explore in this country, immersing themselves in its culture with its pre-Columbian with the caves such as Cueva del Milodon in Patagonia as well as other sites around the country. You can enjoy the adventure of learning about the country and to help with this there are some steps to help in your tour of Argentina.

1. To really immerse yourself in the Argentine culture you need to experience a little of its past. The best way to do this is to visit the historical locations around the country, of which there are many. To begin you should visit Los Quilmes, the most important archaeological site of the pre-Columbian culture in Argentina. This place is a good starting point for your immersion into Argentinean culture.

2. The second way to continue your Argentine cultural immersion is to look for the natural preserves to be found around this country. Argentina has some of the world's tallest mountains, with expansive deserts and impressive waterfalls. The diversity of the land ranges from the wild, remote areas in southern Patagonia to the bustling metropolis of Buenos Aires in the north, making Argentina rich in regards to ecology. You can appreciate and get to know the environment better, finding out how the people interact with different parts of their environment.

3. To continue your immersion into the culture of Argentina you must remember history and nature are but the start of your tour. Hungry by now the next stop on your agenda is food; look out for some traditional food. The best place to start is with some empanadas, a common dish served at parties. With your food you could try a cup of the traditional tea called mate. This is an excellent way to start tasting the cuisine and Drink in Argentina.

4. If you plan your trip to Argentina it might be an idea to plan it to include one or more of the festivals that occur during the year, such as Fiesta de las Murgas in Buenos Aires which is celebrated every weekend of February. There you can find costumed street band competitions with loud music and dancing. You could visit when the temperatures are milder, in the fall or spring. This country has so much to offer all year round, just plan accordingly and which will immerse you further into their Argentinean culture.

Center Market
Center Market
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina

5. In modern Argentina when the communities gather together as they used to in the past it is now as a mixture of old and new together, and the town squares will be teeming. Buenos Aires is packed with lively cafes and palm-filled plazas, a great place to visit and wander about. Alongside the trendy cosmopolitan set and their cocktails you will see the nostalgic old timers with their radios. You can enjoy the diverse mixture of cultures, the noise and bustle of life, with the old and new. With everything you see and touch, taste or smell, you will find yourself wanting more.

6. The next step in your immersion is to meet people and chat with them about their lives. The markets and plazas are great places to start in your quest to meet new people and asking them what they do. You can meet people in the restaurants and cafes around the towns. Meeting local artisans in their shops or on the streets you can learn about their family’s roots, learn of their traditions first hand. This is a excellent way to relax and unwind while mingling in a unstressed atmosphere.

7. A final way to immerse yourself in the culture in a way most tourists never see is to volunteer in one of the programs from around the world involved in rural regeneration such as Responde, and in education such as ORT which serves the Jewish community in Argentina. As a volunteer you would be based in a village to help build it up, to stop its decay. This is a great opportunity for you to experience Argentina in its raw basis.

These steps are all perfect for immersing yourself into the culture of Argentina. You will see the world here through the eyes of those that live there day to day, and no doubt have your eyes opened, learning from what you see. You will get a fantastic opportunity to experience the country from an inside perspective. When visiting plan your itinerary and make the most of your time there by following the above guidelines to make your trip unforgettable.

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  • arthriticknee profile image

    arthriticknee 8 years ago

    One of the best countries on earth. A huge variety of landscapes and such friendly, dignified people. I went in 2003 to climb Aconcagua (see )and fell in love with Mendoza. I will be going back for sure.

    Great hub.Makes me miss the place.