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Atlanta airport parking options

Updated on January 20, 2012
Atlanta airport parking
Atlanta airport parking

ATL Parking Coupons

Atlanta airport offers plenty of cheap and convenient parking options including onsite parking lots to cheaper off site parking such as park 'N Fly, fast track, etc. Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson International airport is located 11 miles north of downtown Atlanta. Atlanta airport offers both on-site and off-site parking options. There are several on-site parking options such as hourly parking, daily parking, economy parking and park ride. On-site parking has 11 parking lots, ranging from long term discounted park ride options to hourly parking. Also there are several off-site airport parking options such as fast track, parking spot 1, parking spot 2, park 'N fly and wally park that provide many Atlanta airport discount parking coupons. 

On-site Atlanta airport parking options

1. Hourly parking: Hourly parking is located in front of each terminal. It is $1 for 2 hour and $28 per day. You can go to your terminals by walk. Hourly parking is usually for pick up and drop off. There usually are no Atlanta airport discount parking coupons for these lots.

2.Daily parking: Daily parking is located in parking garages, opposite each terminal. Garages have 4 levels and the top level have covered parking. Daily parking lots is adjacent to hourly parking lots and also you can walk from the parking area to the terminals. It is $14 per day and $2 per hour. It is used for pick up and drop off if the hourly parking lots are full.

3. Economy parking: Economy parking is close to the main parking garages near each terminal. Economy parking is a great option for long term parking. It is $10 per day and $2 per hour. Economy parking has four parking areas all of them is within walking distance to the terminals.

Atlanta Airport Parking Coupons

Atlanta airport parking coupons
Atlanta airport parking coupons
Atlanta park ride parking
Atlanta park ride parking

4. Park ride lot: Park ride lot is located in the south terminal economy lot. Park ride lots have uncovered parking. It is $9 per day. A free shuttle service is available. You can pick up the shuttle at the ground transportation area for the park ride lot.

Atlanta travel guide:

Off-site Atlanta Airport Parking options and discounts:

1. Fast track: Fast track is located on 3802 Washington road, Atlanta. It is 3.4 miles from the airport. Daily rates is $7.49 for outdoor self park and $11 for outdoor valet. It is open 24 hours and 7 days a week. Free shuttle service every 5 to 7 minutes and luggage assistance is available.

2. The parking spot 2: Parking spot 2 is located on 3600 N. desert drive, East point. It offers covered and open air parking. Free shuttle service is available. It is just 4 miles from the airport and open 24 hours daily. Daily parking rates are $8.95 for outdoor self park and $12.50 for covered self park. Go to their official website for money saving Atlanta airport parking coupons and discounts.

3. Parking spot 1: Parking spot 1 offers covered and open air parking. Free shuttle service to airport. It is located on 2741 camp creek parkway, Atlanta.

All three of the above Atlanta airport parking options have upto 25% off coupon discounts at their websites.

4. Park 'N fly: It is located on 3950 conley street, college park GA. Monday to friday $12 per day and saturday and sunday $10 per day. AAA members may get upto 15% discount. Free shuttle service is available. It is open 24 hours daily.

ATL wally park parking coupon
ATL wally park parking coupon

5. Wally park: Wally park is located on 3889 Herschel road - college park. Wally park in Atlanta offers covered and open air parking. Free 24 hour shuttle service is available. It is $9 for outdoor self park, $11 for covered self park and
$13 for covered valet. Just 2.6 miles from the airport.

6. PreFlight Parking: Try parking at the Atlanta location for the low rate of only $9.50 per day. Covered parking available for only $13.50 per day.

  • Get 20%-35% off these rates with the web coupon or prepaid reservation.
  • Join their Frequent Flyer Program to earn Air Miles and free parking and have a guaranteed space everyday.


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