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Average Monthly Expenses in Singapore

Updated on September 8, 2010

 Singapore is a spectacular island nation, situated at the southern part of the Malay peninsula. Here is a list of average monthly expenses in Singapore including accommodation, food, healthcare, education, and transportation.

Cost of living in Singapore:

Singapore HDB flats
Singapore HDB flats

 1. Accommodation: The cost of housing in Singapore depends on various factors such as proximity to the city and age of the property. A 3 bedroom condo with the size of 1200 square feet in the city fetches an average monthly rent of S$ 2500 to S$4000 per month. You can get a 2 bedroom government housing flat or HDB flat costs from S$800 to S$1200 per month. The HDB flat comes with the basic household appliances such as bed, tv, oven, fridge, washing machine and sofa. If you are a bachelor, you can probably think of sharing it, or go as a paying guest. It costs from S$250 to 500 per month.

2. Healthcare: The annual cost of healthcare ranges from S$2000 to S$3000. The doctor's consultation fee is S$10 to S$20 depends on your treatment. The average monthly healthcare costs from S$40 to S$50.

3. Public Transportation : Public transportation is very cheap in Singapore. You can buy a easylink card, which will work on both MRT (Mass rapid transport) and buses. Just show the card at entry and exit points in buses and the fare will be deducted automatically. The average cost will be around S$100 to S$150 per month. Your bus fare would cost from S$0.70 to S$1.80 per trip and the train tickets cost from S$1 to S$1.79.

Foods in Singapore
Foods in Singapore

 4. Food: Singapore is a food lover's paradise which offers Indian, Chinese, Thai and European dishes. Many food chains in Singapore, such as burger king, subway, Indochinese and haagen dazs are located in holland village. If you eat at the food court or hawker center, the meal costs from S$4 to S$7. The average cost of food will be around S$200 to S$300 per month.

5. Education: Local schools in singapore will cost around S$50 and interntional schools will cost around S$1000 to S$1500 per month.

6. Other expenses: Monthly gas, water and electricity will cost around S$200 and broadband internet connection will cost around S$50 to S$70 depends on your package.

Residential phone lines will cost around S$30 and cell phone lines will cost around S$100 per month. Phone card are available to call overseas.


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    • profile image

      Arunkumar 2 years ago

      It's too expensive...

    • profile image

      Raphael 5 years ago

      Good information

    • LeilaExcite profile image

      LeilaExcite 7 years ago

      Singapore has the infrastructure and the opportunities for living comfortably and the standard of living is much higher than most countries in Asia.

    • Cool Baby Clothes profile image

      Cool Baby Clothes 7 years ago from Ohio

      Very interesting hub. Are the prices in U.S. Dollars? I would assume that they aren't. Do you know the conversion rate if it isn't? Prices are very similar to the general prices here in the U.S.