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Beach Cottage Rentals

Updated on June 7, 2014
Hawaii , Land Of the Pipeline North Shore
Hawaii , Land Of the Pipeline North Shore | Source

Some Cottages North Shore Hawaii

Nice Cottage In Hawaii To Stay At

Cottage or Hotel Where to Stay

I have been a little anxious lately and that means it's time for travel, I ran across some cottages for rent in the UK and did't quite understand what one was ,so I started my search on the Internet freeway and by definition a ,"cottage" to stay at is a "simple, humble abode", a simple humble abode, is that what I want, I am not to sure, sounds too quite and small to me, yet I may discover there are Mansions that have cottages to rent, than staying at a Resort Hotel. I am single and don't travel as much lately because of my work load, so I need a little bit of excitement to pump my blood, if I stay in a cottage to rent , am I going to get the same type of service as a resort, I don't know so I went on my search in London. It's getting to be about Easter and I feel a holiday about to commence in my life, that is why I love doing what I do , I can take off for a while , yet still write wherever I am , just a change of pace, I do miss the Ocean , though so I am changing my mind I will check out Hawaii, It's not as far a flight and the deals may be better.

A simple humble abode, is a cottage rental, so let's see in Hawaii, it must be by the Ocean of course so I can photograph the waves, as I get some awesome photos of the Surf. I need and Internet connection also, so my humble abode will have to cater to me a shower and my own bathroom also, and I want to be at the North Shore where the Waves are really big, now to find which Island the North Shore I want this time, last time I was told in Kona Hawaii, Yes the north shore is three miles down the road , but why do you want to go there, to see the Monster waves and watch the surfing I said, I was laughed at there are many North Shores in Hawaii, as I should have known and I was on the wrong Island.

Kauai Vacation Rentals has a few cottage rentals, and they are actually shown as Bed and Breakfast type establishments, which is a simple humble abode , or cottage rental, is there a difference, yes there is , as I have discovered Backpackers Vacation Inn/ Plantation Village in Haleiwa, HI , North Shore (Oahu) tricky one almost had me, wrong North Shore wait right one, i get confused.Yet lets say I want to stay at this simple humble place , its 300.00USD a night , and this is an "inexpensive way to travel", as per the ad,"Dorm Beds,Private Rooms,Oceanfront Suites and Private cottages"Rates from 25.00 to 300.00 , I didn't see the fine print, well that's a good deal, but wrong cottage rental place.Let's try this again , now where the hell is the North Shore I want to be centrally located at , I guess I will have to get a map, because in Hawaii, they will tell you what you want to hear, I remember this all to well.

I head on over to and take a look at the video of their web cam from the North Shore and of course its down,Well Oahu is the place to stay confusing names in Hawaii, that is where Pipeline , the extreme waves come in , I have never seen these but on video, and I must get into one of these monsters and photograph the beauty of the break. I suppose Waimea Bay is where this is ,the Pipeline is what I seek, so checking there for a cottage, and I found several cottages to rent in Waimea, One that I like is called Plantation Cottages, and in the Palm trees hidden are several small buildings , a humble abode , and they are nice, very Elegant,and away from the hustle and bustle of a city , next to the North Shore, set in a peaceful Coconut Grove, each Cottage has its own private front porch and overlooks a grassy lawn it says ,and each cottage has a decor of it's own, sounds nice, Spa treatments available , now were talking and you can stroll on the black sands beach. I am booking my flight sometime soon I can tell, Well my quest to find a cottage has ended and there are quite a few in Hawaii and the price is unknown at this place, yet I am sure it's higher than the backpacker Inn from the above paragraph, so once I arrive I will write about the humble abode of the cottage rental in Hawaii, and let you know what is like, to get away and watch mother nature at it's best

Christopher Hyer2.23.2011.


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