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Popular Beaches in Sri Lanka

Updated on August 9, 2014

Beautiful beaches all around the country

Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian ocean so beautiful golden beaches are something we have aplenty. Sun bathing is one of the main reasons tourists visit Sri Lanka and with lovely beaches all around the country and sunshine all year long they hardly gets disappointed. Although there are beaches all around the country there are some places with that extra bit to make it much more interesting and of course those are the place that has hotels,restaurant and plenty of other activities that are targeted specifically toward tourists. Below are some of the more famous beach areas to be found in Sri Lanka , keep in mind though that most areas in the coastal line has hotels and lodging and you can easily visit any of those places for some fun in the beach.

Bentota,Beruwela beaches , convenient and luxurious
Bentota,Beruwela beaches , convenient and luxurious

Beruwela,Bentota,Hikkaduwa beach area

Although not the most beautiful of the beaches Beruwela,Bentota and Hikkaduwa areas are popular among tourists because of the convenient location. All are located about 1-2 hours drive from Colombo and are filled with high quality luxury hotels so if your planning to do your sun bathing in a luxurious way then this might be the beach for you. These beaches are also famous for grand beach parties and you can find a party on almost every weekend. Sea bathing and sun bathing is not the only activities available for you in these areas. You can go for whale and dolphin watching , visit the famous Hikkaduwa coral reefs , go on boat rides to nearby islands , visit the turtle hatching centers and a whole lot more. If you are looking for some beach action in a luxurious and convenient place then this is the place for you.

Negombo coast line is full of beautiful beaches
Negombo coast line is full of beautiful beaches

Negombo beach area

Another coastal line that is in an easy to access convenient location and also famous for beach parties that last till dawn. Negombo is also around 2 hours drive from Colombo and has luxury hotels that are especially targeted at tourists. There are small restaurant like hotels as well which are more targeted towards locals who are coming to spend a day in the beach. Negombo area is also famous for delicious sea food as well and because of the ease of access prawn and lobster dishes are cheap as well as delicious. There are also plenty of other activities if you are interested. Bit further up the beach you can find whale and dolphin watching boat rides and also you can take boat rides in the bay area.

Clear blue waters seeing from top of the hindu temple
Clear blue waters seeing from top of the hindu temple

Nilaveli Beach Area in Trincomalee

Definitely one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in Asia Nilaveli is famous for golden white beaches and clear blue waters. Because of the 30 year old civil war this area was off limits for tourists and many locals and with the end of the war it fast becoming a popular tourist destination. Not only the water is clear blue but it is relatively shallow as well compared to most areas making it and ideal sea bathing destination. Because of the war you want be able to find luxurious hotels in the area just yet but there are plenty of developments going on and Nilaveli beach hotel could be considered the most luxurious one around. As for other activities you can take a boat ride to the nearby pigeon island and do some snorkeling ,visit Fort Fedrick or visit the famous Hindu temple on top of a nearby rock. On top of the hindu temple you have an amazing view of one of the most clear blue waters you will ever see.

Arugam bay popular destination among surfers
Arugam bay popular destination among surfers

Arugam Bay beach area

Arugam bay is very popular among surfers and it is considered one of the top ten surfing spots around the world. This is another area that is seeing huge developments after the end of the long 30 year war and new hotels are coming up everywhere. This is also another relatively unspoiled beach because its a bit hard to get there. But with the development of the east new roads are build making the access that much more easier. A must visit beach if you are surfer. Also there are shops that sell the necessary gear required for surfing and if you haven't surfed before but want to try it out there are services that provided surfing lessons.

Some of the top beaches in Sri Lanka

show route and directions
A markerBentota, Beruwela, Hikkaduwa beach area -
Beruwala, Sri Lanka
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Great hotels, ideal for relaxing and also great for fun activities like beach parties

B markerNilaveli -
Nilaveli, Sri Lanka
get directions

One of the best white sand beaches in the world

C markerArugam bay -
Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka
get directions

Great for surfers, one of the top 10 surfing locations in the world

D markerNegombo -
Negombo, Sri Lanka
get directions

great hotel and entertainment for tourists

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Its an Island!

As I mentioned before Sri Lanka is a small island so you don't have to look hard to find a beach. Mentioned above are some of the most popular among tourists but if you are not looking to engage in any activity but to do some sun bathing and sea bathing then almost any beach in Sri Lanka have beach villas for rent and hotels to accommodate that. happy sea bathing !


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