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The Palms Hotel in Beruwela Sri Lanka

Updated on February 1, 2011

A Beautiful Hotel in Beruwela

The Palms beach hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels situated in the Beruwela area and there are plenty of hotels around Bentota-Beruwela area so it is a great distinction. One great thing about the hotel is that it has managed to get a tropical looking environment despite the fact that it is very close to the beach. It is very popular among tourists because of the lovely beach and the plenty of activities available to its residence.I have visited many hotels in Sri Lanka and in terms of beauty this is one of the best. It sure could use some improvement in some other areas so as a whole I wouldn't categorize it as a great hotel , but it is worth visiting.

Spend a relaxing day near the beach
Spend a relaxing day near the beach

Below are some of the facilities available to guests

  • All rooms are fully air conditioned and most of them have a balcony overlooking the sea.
  • All rooms have cable TV , Mini bar , coffee/tea maker and a safe deposit box
  • There is a large pool with a deep end and also there is a baby pool nearby.
  • There is a bar and lounge area near the pool where you can enjoy a drink in the sea breeze
  • There is another bar very close to the beach which is ideal to have relaxing drink at night
  • A restaurant that has international dishes as well as local cuisine
  • A pool table , table tennis and a gymnasium is available for guests.

A large pool area enough for some fun activities
A large pool area enough for some fun activities

Activities and attraction near The Palms

  • Sea bathing and sun bathing - One of the most popular thing among tourists and there is a large stretch of sea for you to enjoy. The beach is kept clean most of the time and sea is not that rough either
  • Visit the batik factory and the batik shops - There is a batik factory and the batik shop nearby so you can visit to see how batik is made and also you can buy batik dresses for a very cheap prize.Batik is very popular among tourists as summer wear and you are sure to find some nice bargains in the nearby shops.
  • Visit the meditation center in the island nearby - In a walking distance there is a boat service which will take you to the nearby island. One part of the island you will find the famous club Bentota hotel and in the other part you will find a meditation center. You can visit the meditation center and have look around and the island have a golden beach which is kept very clean making it an ideal bathing place as well.

Golden Beaches that stretch for miles
Golden Beaches that stretch for miles

Food and the service

Although its beautiful and has lots of activities one area it lacked is the quality of food and the quality of the service provided by the staff.

When it comes to food all I can say is it was eatable. There was no spicy taste which we I'm accustomed to although one reason for this is that they are targeting tourists who doesn't prefer spicy food that much. The choice of dishes available was great so I suppose you can try out many stuff sometimes number alone doesn't count for much.

One aspect that was really lacking in the hotel was the service of the staff. It's not a case of them not responding or treating rudely but more a case of no proper training. The staff at the bar had no idea how to serve drinks and to mix it just right and in the end we resorted to doing it ourself. Arranging an area for some small gathering was a tedious task because the staff were not responsive enough. I felt the hotel was understaffed which could be one reason for the delay of service.

Taking a boat ride to the nearby island
Taking a boat ride to the nearby island


The Palms Hotel is a good hotel in Beruwela area but they could do with some improvement in there food and staff service. With lots of space and a beautiful beach nearby it has the potential to be great hotel considering the tourist boom that is happening in Sri Lanka. With a bit more flexibility and some staff training it could turn out to be a great hotel to visit but at the moment is just about alright to visit.

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