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Best Advice for Organising Your Family Adventure Holidays

Updated on July 29, 2014

7 Tips For Organising Family Adventure Holidays

Holidays are meant to draw a family closer together. The first thing you need to get consensus about when organising your family holiday is agreement on a few key points. You could make up a list of answers to the following three ideas to help you decide on your ultimate holiday choice.

  1. You can only take the family on a holiday you can afford. Is it worth going into debt to “keep up” with the “Jones’s”?
  2. You may think a few days break is enough, but most people know that 7 – 14 days ensure everyone relaxes and bonds together.
  3. Will you choose an action packed experience - more commonly known as family adventure holidays?
  4. It may come to a choice between sunshine or city breaks. Some family holidays abroad combine the two. However is this what everyone wants? If you value reading to your children, lazy days by the ocean suit best. If it is education you seek, a well thought out itinerary where you show them a city place will inspire them.
  5. What time of year are you planning to go and what is the type of climate you are seeking? It is all very well planning a trip to the rainforest but it won’t be very pleasant if you go in monsoon seasons.
  6. Check the options you have in mind are on offer for the time you want to go. If you are restricted to school holidays check out deals that offer family adventure holidays abroad. Could you holiday with a second family group somewhere and have a bigger party for a change?
  7. What is your nearest airport? You can often save yourselves lots of research time by checking what flies in and out of the airport before widening your options. If you have never organised a holiday through a travel agent, it might be wise to try that option if you are catering for people who have lots of different needs and requirements. Searching online can be frustrating.

Adventures Bring Everyone Together

Family white water rafting is great fun.
Family white water rafting is great fun. | Source

Get Organised for High Energy Thrills

These three key questions are essential for the holiday planner in the family to consider. Planning your family adventure holidays requires some leg work, and the more thrills, spills and experiences you all want to have, the more work involved.

There is nothing worse than overhearing a child ask their parents something about an attraction only to be told – “I don’t know.” Or, “Where’s lunch?” You may be the type to stick a pin in a map and take your family holiday abroad wherever the pin lands. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as:

  • Health is taken care of – do you or your family need any immunisations, special medicine while away or have any travel risks?
  • Sun exposure is considered – what factor is needed? Children need higher exposure numbers and might need other things for the beach side holiday like inflatable toys.
  • Clothing – are you trekking down the Amazon? Mountain biking the Senegal? Relaxing on a beach in Jamaica? Will you need day or night clothing and if so what kind?
  • Research is done before you go – what is the weather like in your chosen destination? What are the key local attractions. You would not want to miss something really important on the World Heritage listing purely because you all decided on a beach holiday nearby surely?

Everyone enjoys exploring. For a fantastic family holiday abroad, think about new ways to organise the holiday. Try different approaches to it.

If you really wish to make a difference to your children and family members, there is nothing like regular family holidays abroad to broaden horizons and relationships.

© 2014 Lisa McKnight


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