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Best Beaches in Goa

Updated on January 24, 2012

Goa beaches

Millions of visitors flock to Goa, the coastal city in India, to relax on the city's beautiful beaches. Around two dozen stretches of soft white sandy beaches in Goa range from spectacular fun filled beaches to secluded relaxing uncrowded secret beaches. The beaches and the associated villages and resorts have evolved over the years still maintaining their different character. Some of the best beaches in Goa include Palolem, Anjuna, Arambol that you should visit to enjoy the beauty and visuals of sunset.

1. Palolem beach, Goa

Palolem beach
Palolem beach

 One of the best beaches in Goa is the Palolem beach that is Goa's "Paradise lost" as it is getting busier and more crowded with each season. Palolem is still the most idyllic beach in the state of Goa and it is filling up with travelers and there are so many businesses adding up to service the tourists. It is very picturesque with shady palm trees and soft white sand. Accommodation is on the simple coco huts and village homes. However, it is easy to find high comfortable hotels and resorts just a short distance from the beach. Palolem is one of the most beautiful beach in all of Goa as it is surrounded by hills on both sides, resulting in a calm, idyllic sea that is perfect for a relaxed stroll enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. Palolem is quite small, so easy to explore on foot. Mopeds and bicycles are available for hire on the main street. You can take a boat ride in the river joining the sea on northern side of the Palolem beach.


2. Anjuna beach, Goa

Anjuna beach is a good stretch of beach very close to the flea market. Anjuna is not a great place anymore like it used to be, but it is still very popular with the party crowd. Anjuna is home to the flea market that happens once a week which was first started off with a few hippies selling their home made chillums many decades ago. One of the best beaches in Goa, Anjuna beach, was a famous destination for hippies during the sixties and seventies. It currently faces the problems like garbage disposal, unauthorized land conversion, etc.

Anjuna beach in Goa
Anjuna beach in Goa

3. Arambol beach

 One of the most beautiful beaches of Goa, Arambol Beach is Goa's northernmost beach hang-out and is located about 50 km north of Panaji. Situated in the quiet and friendly Arambol village, Arambol beach is a nature lover's dream destination with expansive coastal stretch and an unspoilt feel to it making many travelers stay here for long term in months. There are two beaches in Arambol, the main and more popular Harmal beach and the second beach is picturesque and surrounded by steep cliffs.

Arambol beach
Arambol beach

4. Benaulim & Colva

 These beaches in Goa has real village feel to it and is popular with long term travellers. Benaulim beach starts where Colva ends. It is a very quiet and virgin beach still undiscovered by the tourists. Benaulim beach gets fairly crowded in the evenings and on weekends. Benaulim beach is situated in south Goa on the shores of the Arabian Sea. There are frequent buses from Colva, which is 2km from Benaulim beach, running to and from Margao.

benaulim beach
benaulim beach

5. Candolim beach

 There are some lovely places to dine out in Candolim beach in Goa. Food can be bought in any price range depending on your wallet size. There are a plenty of great restaurants with a lot activities to entertain. There are magic shows, live music and karaoke to entertain the guests. A nice spicy North Indian fare, a taste of sumptuous Goan cuisine, or western style dinner you can find it all here making it one of the best beaches in Goa. It is the perfect place for those who have come on a vacation to forget the tensions of their daily life and intend to spend their time relaxing and rejuvenating. Though it doesn't boast of too many facilities, the beach can surely be your answer to the serene surroundings that you are looking for. The lip-smacking cuisine available at the food stalls lining the Candolim Beach of Goa will only serve to complete the delightful experience.

Candolim beach Goa
Candolim beach Goa

Best beaches in Goa

What is your favorite beach in Goa?

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    • profile image

      Cheapflightstrip 4 years ago from Gurgaon

      Goa is the best destination in India for the honeymoon. I love Beaches in Goa.

    • travelholidays profile image

      travelholidays 4 years ago from India

      Goa is one the best tourist place, famous for its beaches.. thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      narayan 5 years ago

      Bağa beach iş really nice in goa

    • profile image

      Ravikanth 5 years ago

      Arambol's the best

    • profile image

      Hiren borah 5 years ago

      I lov goa & wnt 2 go nxt fav beach is palolem.palolem beach is realy very nyc plce as cmpre 2 al beaches in goa.

    • profile image

      zeeshan... 6 years ago

      goa is a best..

    • profile image

      laxman 6 years ago

      i love goa i miss u so much.

    • profile image

      Shiva maski raichur 6 years ago

      Wandr ful beachs in goa so swet place

    • profile image

      Anshul Kr. Agarwal 6 years ago

      I love goa & want to go there everytime...

    • profile image

      Arambol Beach 6 years ago

      Arambol Beach is really very nice place as compare to all beaches in Goa. Beaches are the real beauty of Goa.

    • profile image

      vishnukumar7 7 years ago

      My favorite is arambol

    • profile image

      sumer singh gehlot 7 years ago

      my favorite beach is alomnol

    • shareitt profile image

      shareitt 8 years ago

      Beautiful, wish I was there. Thanks for sharing :)

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 8 years ago from Guwahati, India

      The beach Candolin shown through You –Tube is interesting and enjoyable. It looks lively. Thank you for sharing and making me a friend of you if you desire so.

    • profile image

      bala11bala 8 years ago

      There are also so many beaches in Goa. Only best ones displayed