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Best Lakes for Bass Fishing in Texas

Updated on December 7, 2012
A nice Texas bass
A nice Texas bass | Source

Catch a Trophy Bass in Texas

If you are looking for the best bass fishing lakes in Texas to go trophy fishing at then make sure these destinations are on your list. Large mouth bass thrive in the warm waters of Texas and almost every body of water has a healthy population of fish. The fisheries for giant bass tend to be larger bodies of water with a diverse environment. The best lakes generally have a diversity in not only food supply, but also a wide variety of habitat changes available for the fish to exploit at different times of year.

Places to Fish in Texas

  1. Lake Amistad
  2. Lake Fork
  3. Falcon Lake
  4. Ray Roberts Lake
  5. Lake Sam Rayburn
  6. Lake Conroe
  7. Choke Canyon Reservoir
  8. Lake Kemp
  9. Lake Pinkston
  10. Mills Creek lake

There is a huge number of bodies of water in the great state of Texas that are amazing fisheries, but these are ones that have earned a special status due to their ability to consistently kick out large numbers of big fish. The state hosts thousands of bass fishing tournaments from small club level events all the way up to major Bassmaster Elite series and FLW Tour events. Bass fishing is a fun and exciting sport and Texas has a lot of great opportunities to enjoy it.

Best Trophy Fishing Lakes

show route and directions
A markerLake Amistad -
Amistad Reservoir
get directions

B markerLake Fork -
Lake Fork, Texas, USA
get directions

C markerLake Falcon, Texas -
Falcon Reservoir
get directions

D markerRay Roberts Lake -
Farm to Market Road 1192, Pilot Point, TX 76258, USA
get directions

E markerLake Sam Rayburn -
7696 Hwy 255, Jasper, TX 75951, USA
get directions

F markerLake Conroe -
17038-17174 Farm to Market Road 1097, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
get directions

G markerChoke Canyon Reservoir -
County Road 302, Calliham, TX 78007, USA
get directions

H markerLake Kemp -
Coffee Point Rd, Seymour, TX 76380, USA
get directions

Guides in Texas

Hire a professional fishing guide in Texas to learn these bodies of water quickly. If you are planning on spending a week or two fishing these lakes for the first time, going on a guide trip can help speed up the process of understanding the water. Learn the fishing techniques and tactics that attract the big Texas large mouth bass into biting. Bass behave slightly different depending on the local environment which includes water quality, habitat, forage species, time of year, boat traffic, and weather. A pro will help make sure that you are on the right track and can help set up a great week of fishing.

Best Guides for Lake Fork

Lance Vick
Dennis States
John Tanner
Lake Fork Professional Guides

Bass Fishing Lake Facts

Trophy Record
Lake Size
Lake Amistad
15.68 lbs.
64,900 Acres
Falcon Lake
15.63 lbs.
83,654 Acres
Lake Fork
18.18 lbs.
27,690 Acres
Lake Conroe
15.93 lbs.
21,000 Acres
Choke Canyon
15.45 lbs.
25,660 Acres
Lake Kemp
8.63 lbs.
15,590 Acres
Ray Roberts Lake
14.58 Ibs.
25,600 Acres
Lake Sam Rayburn
16.80 lbs.
114,500 Acres
Basic stats on some of the best bass fishing lakes in the state

Favorite Body of Water in Texas

Where do you want to go on your next fishing vacation?

See results

Biggest Fish in Texas

Every bass fisherman wants to catch a giant bass and there really is only one destination in this state that should be on your list if you want that to happen and that is Lake Fork. 12 of top 15 biggest large mouth bass caught in the state have come out of this one pond. The other lakes that have a presence on the top 25 trophy fish include: Pinkston, Sam Rayburn, Mill Creek Lake, Caddo Lake, Gibbons Creek Reservoir, O.H. Ivie, Austin Lake, and Possum Kingdom.

The state is well known for its excellent fisheries management program that works with local anglers to breed the biggest fish in its fish hatcheries. The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center has the Share a Lunker program which encourages anglers to keep alive in a live well giant trophy sized fish and donate them to a local hatchery. These fish are breed and released back into the waterway where they came from and their offspring are deposited across the state encouraging a strong gene pool of really big fish. This program is prime example of why the state of Texas is home to so many excellent fisheries with amazing fish catching potential.

What Makes a Great Bass Fishery

There are several components that create amazing bass fisheries. Texas happens to naturally have several of the key elements for producing sizable populations of large mouth bass in the waterways sprinkled across the state.

Characteristics of the Best Bass Lakes in the Country

  • Warm climate for an extended growing season
  • Consistent water sources for replenishing man made reservoirs
  • Diverse forage ecosystem for fish to prey on throughout their growth cycles
  • Complex structural lake bottom
  • Variety of lake vegetation & underwater trees and rockpiles
  • Commitment from local government to preserve the fishery through proper management
  • Vast bodies of water to support large biomass
  • Easy access for fisherman


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    • profile image

      Casimiro 4 years ago

      Terrific overview of bass fishing in Texas! Sure wish I could partake. Maybe you could do a follow-up hub on how to catch the big ones. Voted up.