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Pet Services: The Best Places To Get Dog Services In Bend And Central Oregon

Updated on February 3, 2011

Best Places to Get Pet Services in Central Oregon

Pet services come in many different varieties and encompass a wide range of things associated with pets. Pet services can be finding a groomer who knows what they're doing with your particular breed of dog, locating a pet food store that has reasonable prices for the kind of dog food your dog needs, pet sitting services, obedience training, or pet daycare.

Finding the best pet services in Central Oregon can sometimes lead you on a merry chase because the region is pretty spread out and oftentimes you might find one service in one part of Central Oregon and one in another.  Most of my favorite places to get pet services are in Bend and I live 45 minutes away - but it is worth it to me to get quality services.

Hopefully, my votes for best places to get pet services in Central Oregon will narrow it down a bit for you and help you find appropriate services with quality people who know what they are doing when it comes to your pet. But before we examine a few of these great pet services available in Central Oregon, let's make sure we understand a few of the basics involved on the owner's part in making sure pet service experiences are good ones!

Photo by Audrey Kirchner
Photo by Audrey Kirchner

Basic Etiquette for Pet Services

Even though my dogs are 'just dogs', I do expect them to have codes of behavior and along those lines, since I am the owner and alpha, I make sure that some simple rules are always in place when I take my dogs for any pet services or have folks pet sit for me. I deal with dogs, so most of my pet services recommendations have to do with dogs.

Basic pet etiquette for pet services:

  • Your pet should possess proper social skills - even puppies need to know that there are rules and 'no' should mean just that - 'no'
  • We should not expect people performing pet services to put up with bad behavior - it's uncalled for and should never be tolerated. If my dogs are not behaving, I would not expect someone to want to care for them or work on them!
  • Be honest if you leave your pet with someone - for instance in pet daycare. If you omit certain problems that you have with your dog or pet and leave them to their own defenses, the behavior will more than likely manifest itself within minutes and forewarned is always the best policy!
  • No one loves your pet more than you do and most people performing pet services do have a love of animals - but again, that does not preclude discipline or expecting that pet service providers should put up with obnoxious behavior.  They will not see how 'wonderfully cute' your dog is while it is misbehaving - that is not in their job description
  • Always potty your dog/pet before taking them to any pet services. Nerves can cause accidents and it is something that can be avoided by being courteous and taking time with your pet to make sure he or she has done their 'thing'
  • Dog poo is NOT natural fertilizer! It is a hazard for other animals, puppies especially and can cause diseases such as parvo. There is no excuse for not cleaning up after your pet because it is in fact your pet!
  • When taking a dog into a pet store be aware that smells are alive everywhere and the temptation will be great to do several things - stick a head in a treat bin and grab a few for free, chew on a bag of dog food, or worst of all, pee on a bag of food. Just like children in a store, supervision is our responsibility and we should make sure that our animals are good citizens in any establishment - most especially in a pet store
  • Your dog should be attended at all times unless you are relinquishing the pet to the care of a professional performing a service like grooming. Letting the dog or pet run about in someone's house or business is not appropriate
  • If your dog or pet displays any tendency to bite, snap or lunge in new situations, you should have a soft muzzle on or other method of people protection - or provide one to the pet services provider if you think it might be needed during grooming for instance
  • Never assume that all pets are friendly or that all people in a place such as a pet store want to admire your pet. Dogs that lunge at people and especially children are very frightening and if your dog or pet doesn't display good behavior in these situations, work with him or her until they 'get it' and then try it again. I always want my dogs to present themselves as friendly and accessible to people but never overbearing and predatory.  Lunging, jumping up, snapping at - even in 'play' is a bad habit to let animals get in and the best way to prevent it is to train them not to do it.  These behaviors often cause irrational fears in other peoples because they have been scared
  • Likewise howling and barking are not 'cute' when someone is trying to provide a service for your pet. If you know that your pet is prone to this kind of behavior especially under stress, work with a soft muzzle before subjecting other people to the behavior. If barking or howling, put the muzzle on after issuing a command 'quiet' or something you want to use that gets your point across. When the animal is quiet, remove the muzzle and reward him or her. Keep doing this until they get the idea - being quiet is better than the alternative.  If it is a problem and you know it is a problem, always provide your pet service provider with the muzzle and be honest about the fact that you are working on this behavior

Now that we've examined the owner and pet portion of pet services, let's have a look at some of the best places in Central Oregon to get pet services and what kinds are out there!

Photo by Audrey Kirchner
Photo by Audrey Kirchner

Pet Express in Bend - A Pet Store for All Your Pet Needs

Pet Express is one of those places that if you are a dog or cat owner, you will love to go to. The store has 2 locations to serve you - one on Century Drive and one on Highway 20 on the east side of Bend.

If there is a premium dog food out there, Pet Express has it - and they deliver locally in Bend and SunRiver. You can find just about any kind of food for your pet and most are wheat, corn and soy free. Many of the diets fall into the 'holistic' spectrum and feature foods without hormones, antibiotic-free protein sources and whole grain - though most are grain free.

If you're looking for new toys for your pet, check it out at Pet Express because they have more toys than you can imagine.

They also stock unique items such as spill-proof dog bowls and many training tools. They also special order if you want something they don't happen to carry or have in the day you visit.

My dog Griffin was very impressed with their treat aisle and as I mentioned above, etiquette is one of those things that is an ongoing process. Unfortunately while my husband was looking at a clever little bowl that Griff could not knock over, Griffin decided he wanted to sample a couple of doggie treats - totally our fault.

Pet Express also offers vaccination clinics, microchip clinics and scads of information on-line about where to get advice on training, behavior problems, health and more.

They also sponsor many adoption clinics such as Greyhound adoptions.

Check them out on-line - they also have a great variety of pet carriers, crates and fences in the store.

Pet Express has been doing business since 1993 and if you want to see one of the best pet stores around, stop in.

Both locations are open 7 days a week 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Phone for Pet Express West: 541.389.4620

Phone for Pet Express East: 541.385.5298

Email them as well at

Photo by Audrey Kirchner
Photo by Audrey Kirchner

Wet Pet Express - Grooming and Self-Service Dog Wash

Having malamutes, I have been humbled by how much effort it can sometimes take to keep my dogs looking good. Especially having a woolly malamute, it is probably twice as hard. Griffin requires almost every day brushing to keep him looking as he should and even though we have all kinds of grooming tools, including a blower, let's face it - every once in a while, it's just necessary to have a 'professional' do the job.

However, that said, we have found that while some groomers are excellent with small dogs, it is rare that you can find someone who can handle a malamute - or that even know how they need to be groomed appropriately. After trying a couple, I was about to give up on the whole matter and just keep struggling along as we do. Basically once or twice a year though, it is really, really important to have their undercoat blown out and finally when he didn't look as I wanted him to look, knowing that I was missing something, I took him in to Wet Pet Express.

I have never been more pleased with groomers! These gals were so professional and so wonderful with both our dogs - but especially with Griffin. He is still young at 15 months and is learning what all these 'things' are that he has to do. I brought a soft muzzle with me and told the gals that one of his favorite things to do is to howl when he gets around the blower or he likes to try and play grab the brush or tool.

They were so good with him that they had his behaviors snapped in a few minutes. When he howled, the muzzle went on until he was quiet - it came off when he was and so forth. He quickly learned that these folks were on to his games and would be just as consistent as we are at home.

However, I cannot say enough about the cleanliness of Wet Pet Express. Wet Pet Express is a separately owned entity and business located in the rear of the East Pet Express store. I brought my own omega 3 shampoos for our dogs but I did not even need to do that. They had a vast array of healthy shampoos for the dogs including oatmeal shampoos.

They also have every tool known to man for grooming along with a wonderful lift that they can put the dog on and get them into the tub. The whole operation is absolutely topnotch professional from the moment you walk through the half door with your pet to the moment you leave with a beautifully groomed, fluffy, handsome couple of dogs! I felt like they needed to go prance around town they were so gorgeous.

Fees are based on the amount of work needing to be done - if you take your dog in regularly, this actually does eliminate the need for extensive grooming and can in fact save you money over time. In our case, brushing and grooming them ourselves is just something that is a must and they were not in bad shape at all but needed that final professional boost and the bath to end the summer so their fur will begin to come in as it should for winter.

Their tubs are all stainless steel and as you can see from the picture, the grooming space is absolutely immaculate.

Even more enticing, if you are of the mind that you would like to bathe your pet yourself and just hate the mess of it all or the fact that you have to do it outside with cold water - then the drying, the blowing, the combing - they have the perfect solution for you! The U-Wash - you can use their facilities and they even clean up for you when you're done! That may be an option down the road for me as well though I truly do like having them do it once or twice per year just to get my dogs to square one with their coats.



Basic Wash: $15 for the first dog, $12 for any additional dogs - includes choice of aloe shampoo and conditioner, rubber sponge, forced air dryer, combs & brushes, nail trimmer, towels, apron, and plenty of warm water. Additional fee for use of professional forced air dryers ($3).

Extra Services:  They offer a few services that you may find difficult to perform yourselves or you do not have the equipment for at home.

Nail Trimming - $10.00 with basic wash, $15.00 without wash. If you feel uncomfortable with trimming your dogs nails, they will do it for you but show you how to do it so you can do it yourself next time.


Full Service Bath and Grooming - Minimum $30.00 - final price depends on size, coat, behavior and length of grooming time. If you cannot wash your dog yourself, they will do it for you while you wait.

Grooming includes brush-out, nail trim, wash & dry. Full service grooming also includes cutting your dog's hair - in our case a trim of certain areas.  This service is by appointment.

They also have a couple of Buying Programs - inquire for more details

Pay for 12, get 1 free (basic wash baths)

Frequent Bather Package - for folks who wash their dogs once per month - individual quotes depending on size of dog, frequency, etc.


If you're looking for a great place to have your dog groomed or to do it yourself, Wet Pet Express is the place to get this pet service done and done right.

Phone: 541.306.8791.

Call for hours and appointment times - they also will give you a visual estimate if you ask them to when you drop by the store.  That's what we did and I was impressed with their knowledge of malamutes and their coats.  After they took a look at them, we made the appointments on the spot.

As Inez says, a cruisin' dog is a happy dog! These are mine cruisin' (urban mushing training)
As Inez says, a cruisin' dog is a happy dog! These are mine cruisin' (urban mushing training)

Strutt Your Mutt - Professional Dog Exercising

Now for the pet owner who really cares and sometimes gets bogged down in his or her own life and doesn't have time to exercise their dog like they should - here's your answer! Strutt Your Mutt - Professional Dog Exercising.

Strutt Your Mutt is a wonderful pet service that any dog young or old can enjoy - and a happy dog makes for a happy dog owner. At Strutt Your Mutt, Inez (your professional pet exerciser and owner) will tailor a program just for you and your pet that will leave your dog feeling content and wonderfully relaxed and fulfilled as a dog should feel.

Inez has been offering this dedicated services to dogs in Central Oregon for over 6 years and if you go to her website, you can read the many glowing testimonials from folks who have had their pets partake of her wonderful services.

I actually found Inez by doing a search for pet services because I was trying to find a suitable doggie daycare for my 2 malamutes. As I have said many times, malamutes are unique individuals and more in some ways than the average dog.  You have to have an understanding of their behaviors and there are certain things you need to be aware of - more so than with other breeds.  What I really love about Inez is that she just so happens to have a young malamute herself named Wasabi - so I feel that we understood each other from the beginning.

Of all the pet services offered out there, I feel that someone who actually knows my dog's breed and has a familiarity with their quirks and strengths can provide my dogs with a safe and healthy environment for exercise - and just for general well being and love. Those things are extremely important to me as a dog owner and I imagine all of us would like to know that someone who loves dogs and understands them is taking care of our precious friends.

Strutt Your Mutt Programs:

  • 1-2 hour back country hikes - these are free form as in running and cavorting with other dogs. However, this is a monitored outing and they are not just left to run in the woods. It is also a great opportunity for socialization as usually 4-8 dogs are along for the 'ride'/run.
  • 30-minute neighborhood walks - these are leash-controlled outings at least 2-3 times per week and is a great alternative for a dog who does not get along well with other dogs for whatever reason. They can also be used of course for socialites who do know how to get along with other dogs - such as my one malamute who has a propensity for prison breaks. She has never fully mastered the recall every time so consequently we almost 100% of the time keep her on lead.
  • Dog's Day - these are Inez' all-day events for young pups or the overly active, not stimulated enough dog. There are runs in the woods and naps and also on-leash walks. No kennels are used and Inez incorporates the dog into her home atmosphere. (This service has limited space so reserve early)
  • Sleepovers - the alternative to kenneling your dog. I know from experience that a stressed dog can lead to tragedy at a kennel. My 14-year-old lab developed bloat when she was kenneled the last time and I always worry that it was because she was at the kennel. She hated being kenneled and would have much preferred a service such as Strutt Your Mutt where she would have felt safe, loved and cared about. Sleepovers are just that - you bring your dog's favorite toys or bed and they get to bunk down with Inez - free to roam the house and yard and be one of the family. (This service also has limited space so reserve early)

Inez advises to schedule a consultation to meet with you and figure out what needs your dog has and what situations would be best for your dog. At this consult, you will then discuss the personality of your dog and establish rates and times of availability.

If you're looking for a great alternative to doggie daycare - or dog parks where in all honesty, anything can go wrong sometimes - check out Strutt Your Mutt.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised and your dog will probably love you and thank you with many wet kisses as your reward!

Dogs need companionship and attention most of all to be healthy and happy. I believe that dogs only 'act up' out of boredom and loneliness. This is a great alternative and I'm just tickled there is a place such as Strutt Your Mutt where you can give your dog an alternative which is really geared to their needs instead of ours.

By the way, Strutt Your Mutt is licensed, she's bonded and insured. She also carries an animal first aid kit at all times! Doesn't get any better than that!

Check out the neat video on the website as well as the one below!

Phone: 541.480.1124

Public domain photo
Public domain photo

Desert Sage Agility in Bend

If you have a high energy dog or a dog that you know needs 'more' to do with their life - here is a great option for you. Check out this unique pet service in Central Oregon - Desert Sage Agility.

This is something I considered for our malamute, Griffin as I attended several puppy classes with one of the teachers at Desert Sage Agility. The classes were awesome and I should point out right off the bat that the philosophy is what made it worthwhile - for both Griffin and his owners.

The philosophy with these folks is that you should reward good behavior rather than bad. You can definitely learn a lot about canine behavior and how to get the best performance on a daily basis out of your dog - how to have realistic expectations and then see them not only be achieved but continue to expand.

Agility training can be a great outlet for high energy, exceedingly smart dogs and it gives them what they need - a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Dogs really are no different than people. They need things in their lives that make them feel successful and that also burn off energy, keep them satisfied - a purpose. I believe truly that most dogs are working dogs - they were bred for something further back when and when you remove that 'thing' that they were supposed to do, I think you need to replace it with something else.

In the case of my malamutes, they pull - so they are involved most of the year in scootering and sledding - urban mushing. However, if we did not do that with them, I would definitely have gone into agility with Griffin - even though he is not the lightest dog on his feet! Truly it is about learning commands though and being able to execute them - and being successful!

Your instructors are Stephanie Morris, Michelle Kaptur and Jane Devlin - Jane taught all our puppy classes and we learned so much!

Classes offered at Desert Sage Agility:

Obedience for Agility - starting out class to get them ready for agility training focusing on paying attention as your commands have to be law. Dogs 4 months and above.

Agility 101 - beginning obstacle introduction at low heights and simple tasks

Agility 102 - full height obstacles and non-complex obstacles - most off-leash work with dogs

Novice Level - introduction to course analysis - preparing dog and handler for competition

Foundation for Competition - extensive impulse control work - geared at competition

Open/Intermediate Competition - class for folks competing in the open level of agility

Masters/Excellent Competition - encourages handler and dog to challenge themselves and requires long distance handling skills

STAR Puppy - socialization, training, activity, responsible dog ownership - for up to 1 year of age pups - for a malamute, Griff did okay!

Canine Good Citizen Workshop and Testing - making sure your dog has basic manners and skills - if you pass, you will get a certificate and it is accepted at many hotels as a sign that your dog is well mannered and acceptable!

Rally-O - obedience class geared towards the Outdoor Adventure class

Outdoor Adventure - practicing attention and behavior skills in the real world - in the park and on the trail

Off Leash Play 'n Train - teaching you to know how to let your dogs play safely and when to know it's time to recall your dog in situations such as dog parks

Dog Scootering Workshop - teach your dog how to run in front of you and pull with urban mushing commands. Training for skijoring, hiking, scootering and sledding

These gals are fantastic at what they do and they understand dogs and dog behavior - that is the best part. Check out their website and call Desert Sage Agility for more information.

They also do private lessons and problem dog counseling/work sessions. They also do focus groups and seminars. You can't go wrong with this pet service for training on any level.

Jane Devlin especially has an extensive background with northern breeds and is a great teacher with training these dogs.

Phone: 541.633.6774

Public domain photo
Public domain photo

Central Oregon Pet Care Pros of Bend

We've covered a lot of services where you go to the place of business for the pet service - however, here is a great resource if you need someone to come to YOU.

Pet Care Pros does pet sitting at your home or ranch - for the usual pets such as dogs and cats but also livestock. This is a great situation if you need someone at your home or ranch taking care of things while you're gone and watching out for your animals.

They also do home security checks.

There are many different service plans that Pet Care Pros offer - the first step is to have a consultation and Heather from Pet Care Pros will determine what level of care you are in need of and go from there.

Make sure you outline exactly what your needs are so that you get the most customized plan available for your animals.

Services Pet Care Pros offers:

  • Daytime visits
  • Overnight stays
  • Exercising and playing with pets
  • Checking on water and feeding
  • Pet cleanup
  • Medication and supplement administration
  • Diabetic shots or fluid administration if necessary
  • Basic cleanliness care if needed

Fees for Services:

  • Initial meet and greet visit - free
  • 1 visit per day - $20
  • 2 visits per day - $40
  • 3 visits per day - $60
  • Daily dog walks - $20
  • Overnight stays - $70
  • Pet Taxi - $20

There are also some charges that apply such as mileage if over 14 miles, extra time required, after hours, before 7:00 a.m. visits, and holiday visits. They are all neatly enumerated on the website so check the website for more information.

This is a wonderful service and a definitely positive alternative to kenneling your dog or cat when you are away on vacation.

Should you pick an overnight option, you also have the added benefit of having someone stay in your home.

There is nothing better than a professional pet sitter and if you are in the market for one, give a call and arrange for a consult.

Email them with any questions regarding their unique pet sitting service at

Phone: 541.480.3596

Bend Pet Express - West :
133 SW Century Dr, Bend, OR 97702, USA

get directions

Your one-stop pet store stop for premium dog food, toys, equipment and more

Wet Pet Express:
420 NE Windy Knolls Dr, Bend, OR 97701, USA

get directions

Topnotch grooming available for all breeds or use the self-service dog wash

Strutt Your Mutt:
Bend, OR, USA

get directions

Pet happiness assured with quality pet sitting offered with a large dose of exercise

Bend Pet Express - East:
420 NE Windy Knolls Dr, Bend, OR 97701, USA

get directions

Pet store that specializes in premium pet food - delivery available in Bend and SunRiver

Desert Sage Agility:
24035 Dodds Rd, Bend, OR 97701, USA

get directions

Learn urban mushing, basic agility training, or go on to a competitive level in agility with your dog

Central Oregon Pet Care Pros:
Bend, OR, USA

get directions

Great alternative to kenneling your pet - they even pet sit for livestock

Best Places to Get Pet Services in Central Oregon

As you can see, there are quite a few great places in Central Oregon to get pet services - from a great pet store to buy nutritious food and supplies for your dog to a great place to get him or her groomed (or do it yourself) - to a great place to kennel your dog or sign him or her up for doggie daycare - to a great place to learn the basics of obedience training or learn some other great canine sharing skills such as scootering or agility training.

There are many other fine pet services throughout Central Oregon - these just happen to be some of my personal favorites for the reasons listed above.  The pet services of Central Oregon that I have targeted all have the basic same philosophy as my own - there are no bad dogs just bad dog owners and I think that says it all. 

With proper discipline and lots of attention and love for our dogs, I believe they can only succeed and make us proud of them but more than that, we can also give them back some of what they give us so willingly - unconditional love. 

Wishing you success with these fine folks in Central Oregon!

Strutt Your Mutt

Pet Express

Desert Sage Agility


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    • akirchner profile imageAUTHOR

      Audrey Kirchner 

      11 years ago from Washington

      Thanks, GH for commenting - OMG - I LOVE people! I just have a real soft spot for animals and abused ones most specifically - and abused people to be honest!

    • Granny's House profile image

      Granny's House 

      11 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

      Great tips and ideas. Anyone that loves dogs like you do, have to be a great person.

      My daughter has a rescue dog and also trains service dogs. Dogs are great friends!

      Do you like people too?? LOL

    • akirchner profile imageAUTHOR

      Audrey Kirchner 

      11 years ago from Washington

      Thanks as always, Simone for the wonderful comments - I do tend to run on at the mouth I guess! I do have a real thing about pets being polite though - most probably because I have 2 malamutes who if allowed to be rude could be VERY rude - so I guess I figure if we can train ours to be so sociable and polite (most of the time), then others should try and do the same thing. We often run into other people's dogs being the mischief makers and we have to make ours behave. Good training though always!

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 

      11 years ago from San Francisco

      Wow, before reading this hub, I didn't even know that professional pet exercising programs existed! This is a great overview (well, hardly an overview- you could practically publish a book containing all this info!) and I love that you've included tips on etiquette- it's important for people to consider such manners when leaving their pets with other people for grooming, training, and the like.

    • akirchner profile imageAUTHOR

      Audrey Kirchner 

      11 years ago from Washington

      Thanks, Nell for the read - it is said that our area is 'dog crazy' too and I read blogs all the time about folks who think people should leave their 'blasted pets' at home. Too funny - and here we are strutting around with our malamutes and sitting outside to dine! Oh well - it beats them eating through the fence and taking off for parts unknown when I'm gone so that's why I do it.

      Some of these services are for folks who work outside the home too and don't spend much time with their pet leaving them frustrated and edgy - such as Strutt Your Mutt - or folks who don't take their pups with them and need pet sitters. Fortunately, we have ours with us pretty much and perform most of their care by ourselves but occasionally it doesn't hurt to have back-up!

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      11 years ago from England

      Hi, this was a great big doggy love hub! ha ha good work, wow, it's a wonder they don't have one in my town, virtually everybody I know has a dog, and on a weekend I spend most of my time tripping over the little ones down the high street! if I got pampered like this I would be happy, great ideas, rated up, cheers nell

    • akirchner profile imageAUTHOR

      Audrey Kirchner 

      11 years ago from Washington

      BJ - is there any other way to laugh really but uncontrollably? Thanks for the giggles today!

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 

      11 years ago from south Florida

      ak - the name, SHIT, is perfect - I could not think of any more appropriate nomenclature for our new venture.

      Thank you for making me laugh, too. Uncontrollably, I might add.

    • akirchner profile imageAUTHOR

      Audrey Kirchner 

      11 years ago from Washington

      Oh my GAAAUD! You make me laugh - why didn't I think of that here in Central Oregon? I guess there's always the opportunity for a branch office, eh? Except we'd have to incorporate tractors, combines, horses, and 4-wheelers into our classes here I'm afraid - especially it is not cool to drive on the sidewalks!

      I love your new biz - sign me up for that branch office ASAP. Here we are Crook County (Crooked to those of us who live here) husband wants to work for CRAP (Crooked River Animal Patrol) so let's come up with a great name so I can work for SHIT (Self-Help Inspirational Training). I'm sure you can come up with a better name for my company!

      Thanks as always for the laugh until I cry kinda comment!

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 

      11 years ago from south Florida

      Your excellent, extensive, extraordinary hub concerning Bend pet services, particularly your description of Desert Sage Agility, has provided me with the inspiration for creating a new business niche here in south Florida.

      It will be a service for mature citizens, senior on the outside but junior on the inside, and will offer the following curriculum:

      Obedience for Agility - beginners' class to prepare folks who drive on how to pay attention to red lights, stop signs and other drivers. Basic requirement: driver must possess ability to peer over top of steering wheel when seated in vehicle.

      Agility 101 - beginning obstacle introduction (low heights) on avoidance of collisions with bicycles, motorcycles and sedans.

      Agility 102 - intermediate course (higher heights) for avoidance of accidents with trash haulers and truck-size recreational vehicles.

      Agility 103 - advanced course for recognizing and avoiding gasoline trucks and auto transport trailers.

      Impulse Control 101 - that hot fudge ice cream sundae is good for you but waive the whipped cream.

      Intermediate Competition - classes for folks competing in shuffleboard, checkers, gin rummy and ping pong.

      Advanced Competition - classes in chess, bocci, bridge and badminton.

      Masters Competition - classes in heel and toe walking.

      STAR classes - in Socialization, Training, Activity and Repartee.

      Good Citizen Workshop - giving the finger to fellow drivers is a no-no. Other basic manners and skills included.

      Scootering Workshop - teaches the rules of the road when utilizing your motor scooter.

      Upon graduation, a certificate will be awarded indicating you are well mannered and acceptable at most hotels.

      Private lessons, counseling and seminars will also be available.

      Thinking of calling this new service Agility Services for Seniors (A.S.S.). Whatcha think?

    • akirchner profile imageAUTHOR

      Audrey Kirchner 

      11 years ago from Washington

      Thanks so much, Pam for the read and the compliment!

      Dim - but of course.....Here at the Kirchner B&B, we also accept dogs of all breeds because Griffin needs the company! He is becoming too sedate and I have to shoo him outside on a regular basis because I find him reading, playing video games or watching TV if I leave him to his own send Salvadore the St. Bernard over!

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 

      11 years ago from UK

      Now that I know where to go, I shall put my St Bernard on the next plane and bring him over for a check up :-)))

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      11 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I am impressed with this hub as it is extremely thorough and well done.

    • akirchner profile imageAUTHOR

      Audrey Kirchner 

      11 years ago from Washington

      HH - If you mean my babies, I try and make sure they are well taken care of - what else would I be doing, eh? - and thanks for the read!

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      11 years ago from London, UK

      Wow, they are looked after well. A very comprehensive hub.


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