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Best Pools in Las Vegas

Updated on May 27, 2012

Pools in Vegas

 It is important to book your stay at a hotel with a  great pool if you want to do swimming and sunning. To use the pool at a Las Vegas Hotel, you got to be a guest of the Las Vegas hotel. Las Vegas has some of the greatest swimming pools which are over the top with lush landscaping, with wave machines, swim up bars, ultraquiet mist machines and the wild water slides. There are also best swimming pools in Las Vegas with private cabanas with satellite TV, WiFi, private misting machines like the Las Vegas topless swimming pools in Moorea Beach club.

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Pool

Mandalay Bay pool
Mandalay Bay pool

 The best pool in Las Vegas award goes to Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Pool as it boasts 1,700 tons of sand imported from California and Lush foliage enveloping four pools, including the Euro-bathing Moorea Beach Club. Located on 11 acres, Mandalay Bay Beach provides the ultimate in aquatic relaxation. This world-famous playground offers a wave pool, lazy river, three swimming pools, jogging track and 2,700 tons of real sand. Mandalay Beach and Moorea offer 100 rentable cabanas, day beds, bungalows and villas that include personalized service and tube rentals.

Set amidst Mandalay Beach is Moorea Beach Club, an upscale, European-style pool experience (read topless) with a South Beach vibe catering to guests 21 years of age and older, this exclusive outdoor environment features dipping pools, cushioned chaise lounges, comfortable daybeds and a private pavilion.

Wynn Las Vegas Pool

Wynn pool
Wynn pool

 Wynn's large main pool is dumbbell shaped with a very long narrow passage between the two large oval pools. The narrow passage serves as an excellent lap pool for those looking for a little exercise. For the VIP Tower Suite guests, they have access to two private pools located near the Tower Suite Lobby. VIP Tower Suite guests also have access to separate private Cabanas. A live DJ can be found spinning hip-hop, 80's and dance music at one of private pools. A few blackjack tables can be found poolside, weather permitting. Boasting beautifully designed pools surrounded by manicured gardens, the secluded pool area at Wynn Las Vegas offers its visitors a taste of paradise making it one of the Best Pools in Las Vegas.

Flamingo Las Vegas Pool

 Surrounded by beautiful 15 acre tropical retreat, the stunning pools at The Flamingo interconnect through the lagoons and around a magnificent cascading waterfall and seasonal waterslide. Enjoy sunbathing or a leisurely swim in crystal clear waters. Lifeguards are on duty each day, and a complete staff of pool attendants is available to provide complimentary towels and lounge chairs based on a first come first serve basis.

If a more intimate environment suits you, reserve one of the private cabanas complete with a LCD TV, mini fridge, and a personal host to attend to your every wish. Surrounding the pool in this tropical garden are The Beach Club Cafe and Poolside BBQ, where you can enjoy lunch or sip a cool drink at one of our 3 tropical bars.

Flamingo Las Vegas pool
Flamingo Las Vegas pool

Venetian Las Vegas Pool

Walking into the Venetian's main pool area is like entering a maze - the path zigs and zags through neatly trimmed bushes and other foliage before hitting its vibrant center. The contemporary design scheme makes it a favorite spot for special events and the Venetian's pool area may be the most recognized in Vegas - it's often used to film commercials. It's also a great spot for creature comforts - the cabanas feature TVs and telephones and a there's a restaurant run by Postrio.

Fifteen cabanas are available for rental Prices are $265/day on Monday-Thursday, $370/day on Friday-Sunday and $420/day on holidays and holiday weekends. Cabanas can accommodate up to six people and include a cordless house phone, 27-inch flat panel LCD TV, safe, two padded chaise lounges, couch, upright chair, newspaper, fruit tray, air conditioning, cabana host and refrigerator stocked with soda, juice and water.

Mirage Las Vegas Pool

 Surrounded by beautiful tropical landscaping, the stunning pools at The Mirage interconnect through the lagoons and around a magnificent cascading waterfall. Enjoy sunbathing or a leisurely swim in crystal clear waters.Lifeguards are on duty each day, and friendly pool attendants are available to provide complimentary towels and lounge chairs. Pool rafts are available for rent, and complimentary life jackets are available for children.Surrounding the pool in this tropical garden are The Paradise Café and The Dolphin Bar, where you can enjoy lunch or sip a cool drink under colorful umbrellas. Beverage service is also offered throughout the pool area.

The pool at the Mirage
The pool at the Mirage

Las Vegas Pools fun

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    • profile image

      WorldTravel 7 years ago

      Thought this would be big news.

      Moorea IS NOT TOPLESS!!!!

      still a nice pool but no longer Euro.

    • pinkhawk profile image

      pinkhawk 7 years ago from Pearl of the Orient

      ...pools are very inviting, how great to take a plunge with these cozy pools! :) Now I have a new idea about what Las Vegas has to offer..(i thought it's more on gaming/gambling for rich people)..thank you!

    • profile image

      Intex Pool 7 years ago

      This pool look awesome and beautiful i want to go and relax there.

    • profile image

      Casey Ollson 7 years ago

      The pool at the Wynn looks about my speed. I'm more of a kick back and relax kind of person, so a low key atmosphere is my kind of place.

    • profile image

      Kenny 7 years ago

      There is nothing like the Mandalay pool... it is a beach experience in the middle of the desert. Sitting on an inner tube while letting the waves push you around can be quite enjoyable, as well as sunbathing in the sand.

    • Double Down profile image

      Double Down 8 years ago

      Off-strip I really like the pool's at the Red Rock Resort and South Point.

    • sharriratcliff profile image

      sharriratcliff 8 years ago from Melbourne, Florida

      I know which hotel pool I will be at this Sept 3, 2009 and thank you!

    • Helen Cater profile image

      Helen Cater 8 years ago from UK

      I agree with this I have created some fab tips on vegas and this is a great topic too.I love Mandalay it feels like you are somewhere else.

    • hd1912 profile image

      hd1912 8 years ago from Madeira Beach , Fl

      i agree that mandalay has the best pool. They also have some of the nicest cabanas.