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Best Tourist Resorts in Singapore

Updated on March 13, 2013

Traveling to Singapore?

In Singapore, where it is known for its hustle and bustle of the city and its hectic pace lifestyle, it is quite difficult to find a place where one can enjoy the sun, the sand and the beach all in one place. It is also quite a challenge to find a place where one can kick back and tan along a white sandy beach, enjoying the tranquil and being pampered by cocktail drinks served by the friendliest crew in Singapore. However, these places do exist and they are indeed a must-place to go for travelers and tourists in Singapore.

Known for its tropical climate, there are indeed no seasons in Singapore. Though there are monsoon seasons at the start and at the end of the year, Singapore’s beaches can be generally enjoyed throughout the year and what better way to enjoy the beaches than through the resorts that are located by these beaches?

Singapore Resorts

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Sentosa EntranceRasa Sentosa ResortSpa BotanicaCapella SingaporeAmara Sanctuary Resort
Sentosa Entrance
Sentosa Entrance
Rasa Sentosa Resort
Rasa Sentosa Resort
Spa Botanica
Spa Botanica
Capella Singapore
Capella Singapore
Amara Sanctuary Resort
Amara Sanctuary Resort

Best Tourist Resorts in Singapore

Singapore’s resorts are mostly located on the island of Sentosa, an island located near the southern tip of Singapore. The island can be accessed by a shuttle service that goes along a bridge connecting Singapore to Sentosa, or by one’s own vehicle. Sentosa can also be accessed by a cable car service or a monorail at generally affordable prices. Sentosa is known to be an entertainment island renowned for its tranquility and peacefulness (Sentosa means tranquil in Malay), since it is located away from the heart of the city.

Once in Sentosa, one can pick amongst the seven available resorts on the island. The Rasa Sentosa Resort is run by the world-renowned Shangri-La. Located on Siloso Beach; The Rasa Sentosa is offers the famous Shangri-La experience in a beach resort setting. With over 400 luxury rooms for guests, The Rasa Sentosa offers a complete spa experience for the whole family or a holidaying couple. The Rasa Sentosa also offers its guests sea sports activities such as kayaking and paddle boats for those with a knack for adventure and exploration.

The baby of the resorts in Singapore, having opened in March 2009, the Capella Singapore puts up a fierce competition to other already established resorts on Sentosa Island. Capella offers its guests the Auriga spa, the best spa experience one can have. Besides its spa, Capella also offers over 100 guestrooms. Though it lacks the number of guestrooms, it makes up for its size. Capella’s rooms are more spacious than its rivals and it boasts several suites that will make your experience completely unique and one-of-its-kind. Travelers who have been to several resorts in Sentosa might want to try out Capella for the new experience.

The Upcoming Integrated Resort

The Sentosa Resort by the Beaufort hotel chain promises and offers fine dining and a nature-themed experience alongside its luxury rooms. The five-star resort frequently gets Michelin star chefs to guest cook at its restaurants for a gastronomic delight while you enjoy the tranquility of its resort. The Sentosa is also well-known for its award winning Spa Botanica, Singapore’s very first garden destination spa. This allows its guests to relax within its lush greenery and relax completely in the sights and sounds of a garden-themed experience while enjoy the spectacular view of the South China Sea overlooking its spa.

Last but definitely not least, on the list of the best resorts in Singapore is the Amara Sanctuary Resort in Sentosa. It promises to be a sanctuary for its guests and with its secluded location off Palawan Beach on a hillside, it delivers with a punch. Guests will marvel at its tranquil, blending colonial architectures with a contemporary touch set on a lush green landscape. It is definitely the resort to be in Singapore if what you require is a complete setting away from the city.

For travelers, tourists and locals in Singapore, despite the hectic lifestyle and the noisy bustling in the city, it is quite unbelievable yet heartwarming to note that there are still places to go to get away from it all and just enjoy nature at its very best, at any one of Singapore’s best resorts.


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    • Tealparadise profile image

      Tealparadise 5 years ago

      Ahhh! I am trying to decide between Thailand and Singapore for my next vacation, but every article I read just makes the decision harder. Maybe I will have to do both... Great hub!

    • cristina327 profile image

      Maria Cristina Aquino Santander 8 years ago from Manila

      Great hub, great information. I have not known before that Singapore has beach resorts. Thank you for sharing this information about Singapore. Best regards.