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Best Website to Book Hotels In Japan

Updated on July 15, 2012

Finding the Best Hotel Rates in the Land of the Rising Sun

Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia to visit. It is also known as one of the most expensive countries for travelers too, especially when it comes to booking hotel rooms in Japan. But don't let the perceived high cost discourage you from visiting this culturally fascinating country.

Because there are ways to get the best discounted hotel rates for hotels in Japan. These days we usually head straight for the big 3 Internet travel agencies;, and Though all are fine outstanding internet travel agencies they are not the best providers for the best rates for hotels throughout Japan.

If you want to get the best unpublished discounted rates possible for accommodations in Japan you are going to have to think local and regional, such as the companies I recommend below.

As a travel consultant I always suggest travelers to use the services of local or regional hotel agencies where ever their travels may take them.

In this instance I recommend Rakuten Travel Inc., a popular Japanese hotel reservation agency that is no surprise headquartered in Tokyo with a branch office in Osaka.

Rakuten represents Ryokans (Japanese guesthouses) and hotels of all types from budget to luxury - a total of 27,000 accommodation options in Japan. Of all the online hotel booking agencies available online, I find that Rakuten provides the most accommodation choices by far. So you are bound to find a hotel just right for your pocket book. They are also well known for providing discounted rates for hotels in neighboring Asian countries too.

Rakuten offers a real easy way for traveler's to find where they want to stay


Another popular online booking agency for hotels in Japan

Another popular online hotel reservation agency is Agoda, which I use to check hotel rates in Japan too. They are a much larger agency headquartered in Singapore and Thailand.

Though they do not have an office in Japan, Agoda is one of the most well known hotel reservation agency in Asia. They are certainly worth checking and comparing rates with Rakuten. It only takes a short time to compare rates and worth the effort. If you take a look at you will see that they are able to provide discount hotel rates for hotels all over the world.

I used their services to book a few popular hotels I made video reviews and enjoyed staying at in the Tokyo's Shinjuku district called Sunlite Shinjuku Hotel and Hotel Sunroute Shinjuku.


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