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Hotel Sunroute Higashi Shinjuku Review

Updated on July 14, 2011
Entrance to Hotel Sunroute
Entrance to Hotel Sunroute | Source

A quality hotel in Shinjuku Tokyo

Hotel Sunroute in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo is a very clean and modern hotel on the edge of Shinjuku's red light and shopping district. I came across this sparkling new looking hotel while taking a stroll near another hotel I was staying at and reviewed called Sunlite Hotel Shinjuku. Both hotels are not related but are excellent hotels to stay in Shinjuku depending on how you you want to spend.

Hotel Sunroute is newer so it's pricier. But that does not mean that you can't find discount rates for their rooms. I paid $115 total for one night in early March 2011 just before the quake hit. The hotel's website at the time was charging $150 total for that same night. I used an Internet discount hotel agency called and found cheaper rates for Hotel Sunroute.

The location of Hotel Sunroute is very good though the immediate vicinity of the hotel's location is quiet. However the major plus point is that the Higashishinjuku Metro subway station is directly beneath the hotel. So if you are planning to explore Tokyo by subway and want an affordable place to stay, Sunroute is a good option. There are also two JR stations near the hotel, the closest is Seibu Shinjuku station which is a 15 minute walk. The other is a 25 minutes walk called Shinjuku station, and has a line directly connected to Narita airport.

And just like Sunlite Shinjuku Hotel, this property is in easy walking distance to Kabuchiko red light district, Golden Gai for drinks and shopping at some of Tokyo's top department stores. Plus there are tons of places shops and restaurants to choose when you're hungry. Korea Town is not too far from Sunroute Hotel and you can enjoy authentic Korean barbecue and dishes without stepping foot in Seoul.

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Small room but modern and very cleanVery comfortable bed and pillowsNice modern bathroom tooVending machines serving hot food...Golden Gai AlleyPlenty of restaurants in Korea TownFugu poisonous blowfish restaurant in ShinjukuRates for a love motel in Kubichiko red light districtHostess bar in KubichikoThe entrance to Korea Town
Small room but modern and very clean
Small room but modern and very clean | Source
Very comfortable bed and pillows
Very comfortable bed and pillows | Source
Nice modern bathroom too
Nice modern bathroom too | Source
Vending machines serving hot food...
Vending machines serving hot food... | Source
Golden Gai Alley
Golden Gai Alley | Source
Plenty of restaurants in Korea Town
Plenty of restaurants in Korea Town | Source
Fugu poisonous blowfish restaurant in Shinjuku
Fugu poisonous blowfish restaurant in Shinjuku | Source
Rates for a love motel in Kubichiko red light district
Rates for a love motel in Kubichiko red light district | Source
Hostess bar in Kubichiko
Hostess bar in Kubichiko | Source
The entrance to Korea Town
The entrance to Korea Town | Source

My video review

Hotel Sunroute Higashi Shinjuku Review

Hotel Sunroute is a 3 stars business classed hotel. Most of the guests who do stay there are Japanese businessmen but there are plenty of tourists like me who really appreciated the hotels cleanliness, design and quality.

I only booked one night just to make this review and I have to say that staying at this hotel for one night is enough to leave a good impression to me. Another thing is I paid $115 USD for the night's stay in early March 2011 which normally isn't in my budget range but for others it's affordable. Good thing I booked through the discount hotel reservation service or else I would've paid much more.

It should be no surprise that the standard guests rooms are small because small hotel rooms are the norm throughout Japan. That is unless if you have a lot more money to pay for more space. As for me, a solo traveler, it fits my needs just fine. My room was around 15 square meters but very modern and clean with a nicely decked out bathroom with expensive shampoos and soap at guests disposal. The room's high quality feel really made the difference so the size of the room did not bother me at all.

There is LAN internet access and the cable is provided all for free. Though there are 4 computers in the lobby for guests to use as well. There is a mini fridge and hot water maker too with complimentary tea bags. I fell in love with their comfortable beds and pillows. The in room television had a few English news channels but for 1000 Yen you can purchase an all day movie pass with Hollywood's latest hits.

Places to See
Closest Train Stations
Takashima Times Square
Higashishinjuku Metro
Shinjuku Gyoen Park
Seibu Shinjuku JR Station
Bic or Yodobashi Camera
Japanese Sword Museum
Shinjuku JR Station
Korea Town
Kubichiko Red Light District
Keio Department Store
Tokyo Government Building
show route and directions
A markerHotel Sunroute Shinjuku -
Japan, Tokyo Shinjuku新宿7丁目27−9
get directions

It's a good location but you have to walk just a bit to get to points of interest.

B markerHigashishinjuku Metro Station, Japan -
Higashishinjuku Station, Japan
get directions

This subway station is directly beneath the hotel, can't get better than that.

C markerSeibu-Shinjuku JR Station -
Seibushinjuku Station, Japan
get directions

JR trains run above ground. This station connects to a bigger JR station called Shinjuku.

D markerShinjuku JR Station -
Shinjuku Station, Japan
get directions

This station can connect you to Narita airport either through local and slower trains to the much quicker Narita Express (NEX) trains.

E markerTokyo Government Building -
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bldg
get directions

You can take a ride up to the top of this skyscraper for a priceless view of the cityscape.


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