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Best Websites to Book Hotels in New York City

Updated on May 21, 2012

Find Deals and Discounts for NYC Hotels

Where to find and book discounted hotels in New York City is a question I am often asked as a travel consultant, followed by which online hotel agency is reliable. Internet hotel agencies are by far the best way to find discounted hotels in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or any other boroughs in the Big Apple. Most importantly these agencies can get you rates that are much better than reserving a hotel room directly with hotels in New York City.

Just like my other hotel travel related hubs I always recommend that travelers book hotel rooms from an agency with connections to local hotels. So in this instance you should book your hotel rooms in New York City from an agency with an office in the USA. These agencies are able to offer special promotions and especially last minute hotel room deals for 4 or 5 star hotels so you can live it up in style and use the cash saved towards shopping and dining in Times Square.

There are quite a few reliable agencies available today but here are a few I highly recommend.

Reliable Online Hotel Agencies For Booking Hotels in New York City


So what separates these 2 Internet travel agencies from the rest? First off CheapOstay and HotelsClub only provide hotel reservation services and that's all. Plus there are no booking fees or any other types of silly charges for using there services. Though CheapOstay does provide other travel related services on their website but that is because they are a part of a larger agency. However, my point is that the best deals are found on website that focus on the hotel industry and not from well known universal travel service providers like Priceline, Orbitz and Expedia. Review Review Review is a hotel agency I have done a lot of research on. My research has shown that that they do offer the lowest hotel rates throughout the USA but also around the world especially in Europe through partnerships.

But don't take my word for it. Travel and Leisure Magazine has come to the same conclusion too that they are a very good company to take a look at when you are searching for hotel discounts which is what you'll need for hotels in NYC.

CheapOstay is part of a larger conglomerate but their particular hotel department does top work for finding you the best hotel deals in the Big Apple. Website Website has an edge over their competitors. They are able to provide a selection of hotels where you pay at the hotel, instead of paying immediately. Though you will still need to provide your credit card information to secure your room reservation. Review

This is a website I've been using more often since I started visiting Europe more often now. And I've noticed has very good hotel discounts for accommodations in Europe and North America.

One of my good friends found 40% off for a hotel in New York City and we all know how expensive hotels are in the Big Apple.

But what I really like the most is that for certain hotels you have the option to pay at the hotel during check out. Usually, hotel reservation websites require immediate payment.

Though I do have to mention that you will get better discount if you pay immediately. I guess it's just a way to lock in the bigger savings. But I give a thumbs up just for offering the pay later option. Website Website Review is another popular US based hotel booking agency. Though they more well known for providing hotel discounts worldwide they can do the same for any hotel in the US.

They are able to provide really good rates for hotels almost everywhere since they are partnered with many very popular global hotel agencies and forming a solid hotel promotion network.

I also like the fact that you can join their rewards perks program for free where you can earn freebies. As a frequent traveler points can easily add up for some really good member benefits.

Don't Be Discouraged By Expensive Hotels In New York City

New York City is known to be one of the most expensive city in the United States to visit. However, you should not let that reputation discourage you from visiting. Hotels are a business and they do need to have a certain amount of rooms filled in order to cover operational costs and overheads. Their in house reservation systems will notify management whenever it sees that a certain quota is far from being reached. And that's bad business.

That's where hotel reservation agencies come in handy when ever you are searching for last minute hotels deals in NYC. Hotels will issue special deals and discounts to CheapOstay and HotelClub so that they can promote them instantly. With both hotel agencies having a huge presence on the Internet, hotels have a much greater chance of being found by more travelers planning on visiting the greatest city in the world.


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    • profile image

      go-sketch 5 years ago

      Good article, but yeah you can alwasy find some deals.

      I find this site to be very helpful, I used it last time I went, and it compares all the major sites at once so I didn't need to spend time shopping around, plus it gets you last minute deals, plus i got my flight tickets through them also.