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Best Blogs About Life in San Francisco

Updated on October 30, 2012

Blogs are one of the best ways to find out about almost anything these days, and that's particularly true when you're trying to get information about a city. Sure, there are travel guides all over the place, including online, but blogs give you inside information about an area that you just simply can't get elsewhere. But, of course, since there are a plethora of blogs out there today, there are also a plethora not worth reading. Luckily, since San Francisco is a city that offers a lifestyle conducive to a creative life, many of the people who are putting out blogs here in the city are unique, original, witty writers that are able to provide you quality information in a manner worth reading.

That said, here are some of the best blogs about San Francisco that I know of, starting with a little bit of self-promotion but continuing on with what, I, as a San Francisco local, read regularly to stay updated about the news and interesting stuff happening in my city.

My blogs and the blogs I've worked for in the past

Okay, okay, so it's self-promotion. But I honestly do believe that I use my blogs to provide information about the city that you wouldn't get elsewhere. And some of the blogs that I have worked for in the past are places I chose to write for - even for free sometimes - because I felt that they were worthy places to showcase my writing. Those blogs include:

  • Metroblogging SF - I've worked for this site in the past, and although I discontinued my work for them, I continue to read this blog regularly. That's because the several people who contribute to this blog present a variety of different perspectives on the city, providing local news, event info and random thoughts that give you a glimpse into SF that's worth reading. Plus, it's updated several times per day so it makes for great take-a-break-from-work reading.
  • San Fran Voice - This blog is my regular blog about San Francisco which has been up since January 2007 as part of the Home Turf Network of city blogs. Every day features fun stuff like a YouTube video that relates to San Francisco in some way and a quote about the city. But the main reason that I count this as one of San Francisco's best blogs is that my main goal here is to showcase the work of local artists and musicians, work that you may not see as easily aggregated elsewhere. There are regular interviews with local bands and creative folks, reviews of music and shows, and information on local venues. I always make sure to ask everyone interviewed about their favorite neighborhoods, hangouts and attractions, so even travelers to the area can get inside info on where is actually worth spending time.
  • SF Travel - This is one-stop shopping for the tourist who wants to know what's really worth seeing as well as the SF local who wants to know which tourist attractions can actually be bothered with.
  • The Shecky's blogs - Only some of the blogs on this site are ones that I can take credit for, but all of them are worth reading if you have any interest at all in San Francisco nightlife, fashion and beauty stuff. There's event info, hot shopping finds and general gossip that makes reading about San Francisco edgy and fun.

Blogs that have nothing to do with me but are still worth promoting

Because I do so very much writing about San Francisco all of the time, I also do a lot of reading about the city. It's how I stay on top of the news when I don't have time to go out and engage the world and it's how I get fresh ideas about what to go do and see when I do have the time. Plus, it's just a great way to pass the time. The following are the best blogs about San Francisco that I read on a regular basis:

  • Castro Shopper - Anyone with an interest in Castro goings-on and gossip should subscribe to learn about which stores are opening, which are closing and where to get the best deals on those fah-bulous items that you probably can't afford otherwise.
  • Cuteness Burger - Okay, so this one isn't about San Francisco per se, but it's about fashion and is written by a duo, one from NY and one from here in SF. It's girly, it's giddy and it's good for you.
  • Design Nurd - The blog from one of my favorite local artists. Basically, if you need a blog that's got pictures that are eye-catching and creativity that's original, this is it in San Francisco.
  • Don't Ask Questions - Really, if you're going to make a list about the best blogs in San Francisco, it's got to include random love advice and life musings from one of the city's hottest gay men, right? Oh, and he's not just hot, he's witty, too.
  • Outside.In - This site aggregates stories from various different blogs about San Francisco, so sometimes the information isn't something that interests you as a reader, but there's always fresh new content to keep an eye on.
  • SFist - It's got sarcasm, it's got alternative event updates, it's got regular content. Basically, if you're the average SF-er, you already know about this one.
  • SFLuxe - For the kids who want to know what it's like to live the rich lifestyle in San Francisco, this is your blog. Think fashionista.
  • Tablehopper - If you have any interest at all in dining news in San Francisco, this is your best blog for it. Updated weekly, this has got everything from food reviews to news about restaurants opening and closing to gossip about the famous people gracing our San Francisco dining spots today.
  • The 7x7 blogs - If you aren't familiar with it, 7x7 is the San Francisco magazine for those people who like to know about local hot life. They've got several regular blogs featured on their site and they aggregate the newest entries from all of them so that you don't miss anything.

So, that's it, the SF blogs that I read on a regular basis, including my own. I also regularly check in with the San Francisco related chats on Yelp, the updated info from SF CitySearch and the events listed at SF Station. But that can be saved for another day, you've got San Francisco blog reading to do!


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    10 years ago

    I am forever confused. It gets a little better each time I read hubs about it. I need a lot more confidence before I start blogging. I am now working on bringing that confidence level up.


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