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Blackwater River State Forest Near Crestview Florida Properties

Updated on September 5, 2012

The Blackwater River State Forest, located in Florida, is a 200,000 acre Forest located deep in the Florida panhandle. It is one of the largest state forests in the state, and is named after the Blackwater River. The Blackwater River begins in Alabama, and travels approximately 30 miles through the state forest. The Blackwater River is one of a few shifting sand bottom streams in the world, and is particularly special because the natural state of this river hasn't changed much in the last 400 years its entire length. With the size of the park, as well as its adjoining Eglin Air Force Base and Conecuh National Forest, the entire area is recognized as one of the largest contiguous ecological community's in the entire world. Once originally a are of 60 million acres, it is now less than 3 million. The area is inhabited by longleaf pines, and the animal life, many classified as endangered, threatened, or species of special concern, its obvious to see why this area needs to be protected.


The topography of the park has it mainly flat, with gentle rolling hills. Erosion has shaped much of the landscape, as it has been unchanged by human hands for nearly 400 years, with the last people living in this area being Native Americans. Elevation throughout the area range from 10 feet above sea level to about 300 feet above. Due to this, and changes in soil composition have made this area a prime sport for about 5 different plant communities, including longleaf pines, slash pines, swamp hardwoods, and cedars. Having the Blackwater State Forest in our backyards makes Destin homes for rent just that much more special.

Blackwater River

One of the main features about Blackwater River State Forest is the river itself, as it is one of a few sand bottom rivers in the world, and is considered by most, to be one of the best in the world. Canoeing on the rivers, and the small tributary's the main rivers feeds is extremely popular, as is swimming and fishing.

Wildlife and Ecosystem

Pitcher plant bogs, or large populations of plants that lure, trap, and eat insects, are popular, and something to behold. Other forms of carnivorous plants can be found here, including butterworts, bladderworts, and 4 species of pitcher plants. Pitcher plants "eat" bugs by trapping them inside there erect trumpet shaped leaves, which have downward facing hairs that trap the bug inside, till they they fall to their death in a rainwater/enzyme concoction at the bottom.

Conservation Practices

With the use of sound multiple-use projects by the Florida Department of Forestry, proper balance has been maintained between resource usage and protection. The use of natural fires, and those controlled man made burns are used to help promote growth of new plants, and is used to remove the underbrush and dead debris from our forests. Other forms of maintenance are in place to help keep the forest vibrant and growing for many more generations to come. In addition to control burns, timber control is also used, using the latest in conservation practices.


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