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Brisbane: An Endless Adventure from Down Under

Updated on February 6, 2014

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Tourism is one of the important parts of a country’s industry and Brisbane has always been a large contributor on Queensland. The city accommodates millions of domestic and foreign visitors each year. This brings enough amounts of earnings for the local government. This third most known Australian vacation destination (Sydney and Melbourne) is seen by many as a sleepy country town that hides within a bustling city façade. However, it was in the recent years that the city has successfully awakened from the slumber and transformed into a cosmopolitan city with outstanding art galleries, historical heritage, rich culture and lively music. It became one of the most ideal places to live in across the Oceania.

Brisbane locals lead a simple lifestyle and vacationers often wonder why they seem relaxed even though there are many foreigners that visit their lovely city. The city uniquely maintains its easy and carefree attitude, typical of any small remote community. Without a doubt, Brisbane’s lazy and subtropical climate helps make up its overall appeal to holiday makers. It offers and facilitates more than enough unique activities that would surely keep vacationers’ interest.

Brisbane is proud of their city landmarks that never cease to amaze tourists particularly photographers from around the globe to have a take on the majestic scenery laid in the3 lands of the city. Some of these must-see places are the Fortitude Valley, Treasury Casino, Brisbane City Hall, Kangaroo Point, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Chinatown. Cultural attractions like Museum of Brisbane, Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Museum, and Queensland Performing Arts Centre are also breathtaking.

Recreation and daytime outdoor adventure plans are available at Southbank Parklands, where man-made lagoons and beaches with different activities are enjoyed by both local and foreign visitors, markets with extensive selections of local and exotic products, and museums with displays that will capture your interest. Roma Street Parkland is the world’s biggest subtropical garden within a city. They have various themed gardens and recreational centers where family and friend can hold events. Playing outdoor games and eating packed lunches with your loved ones are activities that you will always remember and treasure in your hearts at Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, while Brisbane Forest Park showcase a vast Australian wildlife that will thrill you. These places can really satisfy your hunger for adventure and lead you to exciting trips.

No kid can ignore theme parks that cater to children in the city. Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo would certainly be enjoyed by children who love wildlife creatures. Wet n’ Wild water park is extremely populated during summer with kids of all ages and adults who just want to have fun. SeaWorld would truly be amazement for kids of all ages where dolphins and polar bears are some of their attractions along with thrill rides and water park amenities. Dream World have extraordinary rides like Wipeout and Giant Drop that gives exciting experience you will never regret having. Travellers can also have day trips to Moreton Bay which is the world-famous Hinterland and Gold Coast, Kondalilla Falls National Park, and Rainbow Beach.

Brisbane is also an ideal shopping destination. Fortitude Valley, Queen Street mall, and the Portside Wharf are where most of the busy shopping stores and boutiques are. These places also hosts the most lively nightlife and bands that will truly be an enjoyable experience for people who craves night parties that goes full up till the sun comes. Or you can take a panoramic and romantic view of the city under the stars in Story Bridge where you can dance the night away.

After tiring yet memorable activities, you can rest in any of the accommodations that are offered within the city with various choices like resorts and hotels. These are very accessible and convenient.

Brisbane CBD: The City’s Heart

Brisbane central business district is at the city’s heart, along the curve of Brisbane River. This urban city amazes it visitors with its heritage buildings that could be dated as far back to 1820s. Central streets are named after members of the British royal family that signifies the times when it became a British colony. Adelaide, Ann, Alice, Charlotte, Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth and Queen Street (honoring Queen Victoria) are some of the female royalties while Albert George and Edward are the male royalties.

Population in the city is dense in comparison to other cities within Australia. Density is at 379.4 people per square kilometer (there are 2.2 square kilometers covering the entire CBD). The population density indicates that most of the city’s housing stock is comprised of detached homes. If you stroll along the residence area, you would find that apartment blocks and other multi residence accommodations could still be considered new to Brisbane CBD which were constructed in the 1960’s have a distinct Queenslander architectural style featuring round timber construction, high ceilings, and large verandas.

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