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Caravans- Buying A Caravan- Ask These Questions

Updated on October 11, 2014

Choosing a caravan to suit you

You have decided that you would like to own a caravan for either holidays , long term living and are now ready to start looking are to buy a caravan so like all serious buyers you decide to spend a day at the caravan & camping show to see whats on the market and what great discounts are on offer there & see what is available before you go ahead & buy one & making sure you choose one that is right for you initially is vital,

There are hundreds to look at and you will find some brands the caravans are very similar

Australia has a large variety of choice such as JaycoWindsor , Corimal, Roadstar & Crusader caravans, Paramount & Eagle caravans,Outlander caravans and many more to choose from so it can very get confusing and you want to make the right choice for yourself.

If in NSW you would head down to Rosehill Racecourse for the big Sydney caravan & camping show nice & early ready for a big day out. So much to .see and do !

The train stops there however if you are like me & pick up a load of brochure's of great holiday destinations & need to buy a few things it is easier in the car.

After getting your map & card to get stamped at various sites so you can go into a draw for a major prize you head inside to fill out all the competition forms at the holiday/tourism stands to see if you can win a holiday, have a look around at the many caravan accessories for sale .

There is plenty of things to see and do as you wander around the range of camping gear , tents, cooking accessories , everything you could possibly need for cooking inside or out , towing mirrors etc.

Then its Time for a coffee to revive yourself ready for the fun of looking at the large range of caravans caravans!

Enjoy Rino & Jade singing while there ! Maybe even request a favourite song, buy a CD to enjoy at home.

They were at Batemans Bay caravan show as well much to our surprise !

Where do you start as there are so many to choose from , the different brands, sizes , pop top off road , single beds , double , with /without shower toilet, door at front/rear and so on!

Ideally you will have spent time discussing your requirements together first so as to save a lot of time & hassle at the show as some brands are all very similar !

We wanted a second hand caravan with a double bed, a shower & toilet at the back , door near the front & were fortunate enough to find one in NSW at a good price.

We recently spent a day at the Perth caravan & camping show as we would like to update our van & after looking at hundred s we have chosen our favorite brand of caravan that has the requirements that suits our needs and what we both like in a caravan.

Have a look out for caravan accessories as well .

.Equipping your van and towing vehicle properly is just as important as choosing a caravan. This will take time, research and legwork as there is a lot needed. However, by getting things right initially is the best guarantee for a stress-free holiday.

Caravan living can be a bit squashed at times but also a romantic way to spend a weekend !

We are enjoying living in ours and doing most of our cooking outside either on the BBQ or open fire which I love!

What caravan to buy?

What style of caravan

Do you like a front or back door ?
Do you like a front or back door ?

Need a spare room ? Try a caravan !

A caravan makes a great spare room either for a teenager to have their own space or for visitors.

I loved having a caravan for a bedroom when I was still at home !

Caravan single beds how do you make love ?

As people are asking this question I thought I would comment on the subject !

I personally would only buy a caravan with a double bed as it makes sense if you want an active love life while traveling or at least the closeness of your partner at night if for some reason you cannot make love .

I assume that caravans with single beds are for 2 people traveling that are just friends or relatives as I would want single beds if I was traveling with my mum or daughter !

I have seen couples looking at caravans with single beds & they say it is because of the heat and would rather not be sticky or fight over the sheets .

I guess they either don't make love much, squash into one bed or take a blanket outside !

We just move apart a bit so we are not to sticky & hold hands with the fan on .

everyone has diferent tastes!

Things to consider

Things to consider.

Places to look or advertise for one are the trading post,, local paper , sites online ,ad boards.

Some of the caravan yards have 2ND hand caravans at reasonable prices.

Years ago we travelled around Wales & England with 2 children , We even spent winter in London while it was snowing ! we needed 3 layers of clothing to go out to the bathroom .

It was a fantastic experience , fortunately we were able to cope in a small confined space which you might find difficult.

I have had a caravan for a bedroom as well when younger.!

Personally as I enjoy the outdoors I love the caravan life as we spend so much time in the annex for our meals, relaxing , enjoying the fresh air, the view out .

Essential items for long term caravan living.

We bought a great floor for outside that doesn't let the sand through it while at the caravan show which has been great.

We have a shade that comes down from the end of the awning for privacy which I love having up & was well worth the cost .

As our fridge is small we have a Bushman's Fridge as an extra from the Prospectors patch in Perth.

Also as we like to free camp we have a folding solar panel which came from the Prospectors patch as well to keep us going.

They have supplies for the outback also gold mining equipment for travellers so its worth having a look..

Finding a caravan for sale

Second hand caravans can be found for sale in the classifieds . Trading post caravans for sale.

The Trading Post has a broad selection of caravans available campervans campers for sale, used campervans & pop top caravans. At theTrading Post you will find a variety of caravans available nationwide, An ultimate resource for caravan buyers.

Look up trading post caravans.

Dont forget about caravan insurance .

AAMI's caravan insurance services includes online quotes if you need protection for the caravan you tow, or cover for your weekend or holiday caravan , make sure you price around the companies.

Is it worth the extra to buy a caravan with a shower & toilet ?

should i buy caravan without shower ?

The answer is simple. If you only plan to stay at caravan parks with facilities then you might as well save the extra money buying the bigger caravan to put towards your caravan park fees.

However if you plan to do a lot of free camping out bush a shower & toilet will be a great help , or you could buy a portable shower to use.

Questions to ask before buying a caravan

1. The towing vehicle . What weight is it capable of towing first off , this should be found in your car manual.Is your car OK for the size you want ,

Are you prepared to buy a bigger car or do you prefer to manage with a smaller van ?

2. What amount of time will you be spending in your caravan ?

Is it just for a few weekends away locally , a few weeks holiday a year or will it be your new home like us so needs to be a decent size ?!

3. Are you sticking to main roads or going off road doing some 4 WH driving or through rivers so need a higher van as Standard chassis and suspension will not cope with the extra strain and bashing these rough roads dish out.

Off road caravans usually have water tanks,, two gas bottles and windows are tinted to cope with hot temperatures of the outback & a space for extra fuel cans, spare wheels

4. The price you want to pay. There are many good second hand caravans on the market.

5.Do you like your bed at the front where its seen by everyone or at the back out the way like us where it gives you more privacy.?

Do we want a double bed or single beds

I personally prefer a double bed !

6. Do you need a shower & toilet or are you planning on just staying at caravan parks & using theirs ?

7. If living in it then you need to consider if you will be free camping a lot like us or just sticking to caravan parks..

8.If you will be then you need to consider solar or will you have a generator ?

9.Is the fridge big enough for your needs ?

10. Is it light in the caravan with enough windows?

11. Does it have air conditioning & will I need it ?

12 ? Is there a good oven/ microwave for cooking , did you need one or will you be eating out or cooking on an open fire ?

13. Is it for a couple or a family van so need one with bunks.

14. Do you prefer a poptop caravan or a hard roof ?

Many who spend a lot of time in the tropics like a pop top because it allows more of the breeze to flow through the caravan.

15. Is a lot of personal storage space needed for longer trips ?

If you are buying a second hand caravan I highly recommend getting an expert to check it out for you first to make sure it is in good condition.

If you are wanting a second hand caravan then get an idea of what you are after & the price so you can work out whats a fair price for a 2ND hand one.

Caravan for sale

Hi ! I Am much loved van looking for new travellers to enjoy a new way of life with me ! Is that you ??! I have my door at the front with a cupboard , then oven & sink by the window looking out the front .The 3 way fridge is under the bench . Cupboard space & microwave up high Air conditioner for those steamy hot days ,(reverse cycle ) own shower & toilet down the end . it has 12volt , solar panels, 2 water tanks,  Tyres etc all in good condition , gas hot water etc A double bed ( of course ! ) East- West with wardrobe each side,Flat screen TV,radio, 2 gas bottles,, awning , shade . Has blinds but material here to make curtains. A generater .   email for more info & photos  

Caravan for Sale

21 ft with shower , toilet, air con, tv, microwave & extras looking for travellers to make it their new home !
21 ft with shower , toilet, air con, tv, microwave & extras looking for travellers to make it their new home !
Hiding away in WA
Hiding away in WA
What type of annexe are you wanting ? A roll out one makes life easier!
What type of annexe are you wanting ? A roll out one makes life easier!
So many to choose from
So many to choose from
River cliff near Lakes Entrance
River cliff near Lakes Entrance
on the road again !
on the road again !
can just see the shade cloth
can just see the shade cloth
This is a good caravan park!
This is a good caravan park!
with a caravan you can stay at free spots by river
with a caravan you can stay at free spots by river
Us down the end in a good spot.
Us down the end in a good spot.
Highly reccomend the shade for longer stays
Highly reccomend the shade for longer stays

Has this been of help to you ?

Do you feel more confident in buying a caravan now ?

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    • CaravanDrifter profile image

      James Hamilton 3 years ago from Queensland

      Like your blog, good advice. Jim

    • aboutaustralia profile image

      aboutaustralia 5 years ago from Newcastle, New South Wales

      It's an amazing experience for sure, and thanks for your facebook page link. I'm already a fan!

      We have a fb page too... Caravanning Around Australia. See you on facebook ;) Sharon Tappenden

    • freecampingaussie profile image

      freecampingaussie 5 years ago from Southern Spain

      Thanks for the visit ! Traveling Australia is an amazing experience & more enjoyable when in the caravan or campervan that suits your needs .

      We have a facebook page called free camping aussie for people who love free camping .

    • aboutaustralia profile image

      aboutaustralia 5 years ago from Newcastle, New South Wales

      Some great advice and loved your pics. Voted up! - Sharon