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CD-R King Branches in Metro Manila

Updated on February 26, 2011

Branches of CD-R King

The other day, I badly needed a mouse. I've been using the laptop's touch pad thing for a long while now and figured I need a mouse so I can mess around with the different softwares that I have that need a mouse in order to achieve its full functionality. I knew I needed to go to only one place for really affordable deals on gadgets such a mouse and that is CD-R king.

Good thing there was a branch near my house that's just walking distance. So I walk to Alabang Town Center and check out their branch there. But then it turns out they were having an inventory and would be closed until 5pm. It was still a bit early and I just wanted to buy the mouse already. I only had around 200 pesos with me. I checked out almost all the other stores of electronics and computer gadgets in the mall and realized that CD-R king's products really delivery the cheapest prices. FOr the same functioning mouse, others would sell at really expensive prices.

And so finally I just waited till the branch was open and bought the mouse that I needed. I got the mouse for only 150 pesos. There were even cheaper ones but I don't really like a small mouse. CD-R king really saved me that day by offering me a really cheap price. Looking around at their other products, I knew that CD-R king is really something that offers great help and service to the Filipino people.

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A Branch of CD-R King
A Branch of CD-R King
CD-R King Branch
CD-R King Branch

What other products do they sell?

Well of course they sell CD-Rs DVD-Rs and other kinds of burning needs. I remember a long time ago they were really focused on just selling blank CDs and DVDs. Nowadays they sell absolutely anything even computer tables or white boards or cabinets. They even have a lot of unusual products. Like in other branches I've seen a lot of unusual USB powered devices like a USB massager or a USB lamp.

They even have MP3 players, earphones, routers, drawing tablets, and many other useful products that are being sold at really affordable prices. Makes me wonder about who owns this company. He/she is probably making a killing out of the profits because they're really bringing down the competition by providing cheaper and more affordable goods.

There are times though when buying at their branches can really be complex because of their system that will really hold up a queue. They have to record everything that is sold and write it down manually on paper. Quite inefficient for a store that offers computer gadgets. Plus they have to write on the receipt and then put the warranty sticker. It can really take up a lot of time. But I am sure it depends on the branch. I've never really seen all CD-R king branches. But from my experience, it can really take up time. Especially if you're just there to buy a single blank DVD or something like that.

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CD-R King Branch in Metro Manila

Of course you also get what you pay for. I mean, quality wise, it really won't be as good as the more expensive ones. I guess it's also more of taking care of it cos it's not as durable. But hey, you got it for a really cheap and affordable price so I don't think you can complain. Plus they have replacement warranties and free repairs and other promos that come with your purchase. So most times you really have nothing to worry about. Especially if you don't really plan on using it for something serious like work or something like that. I mean, their products are reliable enough, if you know what I mean. Just don't depend on it for something really important.

CD-R King has a branch in almost any part of the Philippines, really. They have a branch in Luzon to Mindanao. They even have a branch in places like Cebu and other places. There's a CD-R king branch in almost every mall in Metro Manila. I even saw a branch in the MRT station in Ayala. That's quite funny yet useful. Imagine you can just get all your devices and gadgets that you need right before you go to work or go home.

So what are you waiting for? Look for the CD-R king branch near you now and buy that gadget or device that you need at a very low price! There's no time to waste! Everyone is already going crazy and buying all the products at the CD-R king branches. You have to go now!

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    • profile image

      kaitlynmouse 5 years ago

      worst customer service!

    • profile image

      keerok 5 years ago

      CDR-King is very simple to understand. If you have the money, spend it elsewhere. If none, fall in line.

    • profile image

      Concerned Customer 6 years ago

      Cheap nga but super slow ang service...the reason why you have a long queue.

    • seriousnuts profile image

      seriousnuts 6 years ago from Philippines

      I agree, the system in the CD-R King stores can be very inefficient. I usually don't have the patience to wait in a long queue. Sometimes, I just needed to only ask if they have stock on some item but no one would entertain us unless we fall in line first. So if the store is crowded at the time, I don't enter the store anymore and just go back when it's less crowded.

      However, the items there are really cheap. I usually buy headphones, CDs/DVDs and flash drive from there. I have encountered some items that aren't that durable, such as the portable laptop table. I have to buy again from there but this time I bought a more expensive type and I'm glad that it's more durable. So far, my favorite branch is located in Trinoma. It's the largest branch I've been to so far.


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