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Cave Tours: A Unique Vacation Idea

Updated on July 13, 2011

If you're looking for a unique, memorable vacation idea, consider setting out on a caving adventure. Depending on where you live, you may be within a fairly easy driving distance of several caves. Visit the U.S. Show Caves Directory to locate caves that might be convenient for you to visit during your travels.

My Personal Cave Touring Experience

I've toured show caves in many parts of the southern and western parts of the United States, and I hope to have an opportunity to visit more in the future. There's just something really special – and humbling -- about having an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the subterranean and beauty of a cave. While there are often similarities among caves, each one is truly unique.

I can honestly recommend visiting each of the caves on this list.

Southern Caves

Caves I have visited in the southeastern part of the U.S. include:

  • Cathedral Caverns State Park (Woodville, Alabama)
  • DeSoto Caverns (Childersburg, Alabama)
  • Rickwood Caverns State Park (Warrior, Alabama)
  • Russell Cave National Monument (Mount Carmel, Alabama)
  • Sequoyah Caverns (Valley Head, Alabama)
  • Florida Caverns State Park (Marianna, Florida)
  • Cosmic Cavern (Berryville, Arkansas)
  • Crystal Onyx Cave (Cave City, Kentucky)
  • Cub Run Cave (Cub Run, Kentucky)
  • Diamond Caverns (Park City, Kentucky)
  • Hidden River Cave (Horse Cave, Kentucky)
  • Mammoth Cave (Mammoth Cave, Kentucky)
  • Forbidden Caverns (Sevierville, Tennessee)
  • Lost Sea (Sweetwater, Tenneseee)
  • Raccoon Mountain (Chattanooga, Tennessee)
  • Ruby Falls (Chattanooga, Tennesse)
  • Tuckaleechee Caverns (Townsend, Tenessee)

Western Caves

Caves that I have visited in the western part of the U.S. include:

  • Colossal Cave Mountain Park (Tucson, Arizona)
  • Kartchner Caverns State Park (Tucson, Arizona)
  • Carlsbad Caverns National Park (White City, New Mexico)
  • Caverns of Sonora (Sonora, Texas)

Consider a Caving Trip of Your Own!

If you're looking for something different to try the next time you go on vacation, I highly recommend visiting one or more caves. It's sure to be a memorable experience for you and your family!

Again, visit the U.S. Show Caves Directory to find out where there are show caves near you or in the areas you plan to travel. The site is organized by state. Once you choose the state that you are interested in, you'll be taken to a list of caves with links to websites you can visit for specifics about each one.

Keep in mind that some caves close for the winter, so be sure to check for operating seasons and hours before planning your trip!

Want to Share Other Recommendations

If you've visiting other caves that you'd like to recommend, feel free to share your experiences with readers in the comments section below!


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  • ReuVera profile image

    ReuVera 7 years ago from USA

    You are welcome to Wisconsin! Though my state is not as rich in caves as other states, you'll find some worth visiting. I wrote a hub about Crystal Cave in WI.

  • Randy Godwin profile image

    Randy Godwin 7 years ago from Southern Georgia

    It takes a certain type of person to appreciate these wonderful caves, MG! I've visited some of those mentioned in your hub and they are so interesting because of their vastness and great beauty! But others disagree because of claustrophobia or fear of the darkness! To bad for them!

    Enjoyed the read!