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Charleston South Carolina Is An ideal Travel Destination With Something For Everyone.

Updated on December 14, 2014
Charleston South Carolina Is A Ideal Travel Destination For Anyone But Especially A Family
Charleston South Carolina Is A Ideal Travel Destination For Anyone But Especially A Family
Poogans Porch is a delightful haunted Restaurant is located at 72 Queen Street in downtown Charleston and you just have to eat there.
Poogans Porch is a delightful haunted Restaurant is located at 72 Queen Street in downtown Charleston and you just have to eat there.

Charleston South Carolina Is A Place You Must Visit.

My late Mom Virginia Walker loved Charleston South Carolina as do I. I lived out at Folly Beach which is 13 miles from downtown Charleston for over two years. I had the time of my life there and I was sad when I had to move on.

Charleston is rich in history and you must check out all the wonderful parks that Charleston has. And what ever you do don't miss the little community called Folly Beach on a barrier island just to the south of Charleston Harbor. Its truly a special place to see.

The sun rises behind Charleston's historic Morris Island Lighthouse. Getting out there pre-dawn is worth the effort when you can capture video and photographs l

Charleston South Carolina Is A Ideal Travel Destination.

If you walk through downtown Charleston in the late spring or early summer you'll find yourself smelling the scent of jasmine coming from hidden gardens. And if you really want to enjoy the the downtown area of Charleston the way they did 200 years ago hire a horse drawn carriage and take a tour of the downtown area. The carriage drivers are filled with all kinds of knowledge about the City of Charleston and in the spring before the heat sets in its the perfect way to see the downtown area of Charleston. The city has been here now for over three hundred years and it has faced hurricanes, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and yes even Pirates. Blackbeard the Pirate once held the city of Charleston hostage.

And down along the battery where the beautiful old oaks now stand a band of pirates was once hung. Though it wasn't the pirate Blackbeard. No Blackbeard met his fate up near Ocracoke Island just off the outer banks of North Carolina.

Be sure that while your in Charleston South Carolina that you visit the plantations out on Ashley River Road and walk along the beaches of Folly Beach just a few miles down the road from Charleston. In the summer months especially you can enjoy world class fishing from the pier located at Folly Beach. They even fish for King Mackerel out at the end of the pier. And if you want a delicious seafood meal be sure you find the Crab Shack Restaurant on Folly Beach. If you've never tried Frog More Stew you just have to give it a try to you will for sure want to try a fresh fried grouper sandwich. And in case you're wondering there are no frogs in Frog More Stew just delicious fresh seafood, potatoes and corn on the cob.

Things To Do In Charleston

Two things you must do while you are in Charleston are take a ride in a horse drawn carriage and you just have to visit the Aquarium Of Charleston. Those are the two must do things. The next thing you'll want to make sure you do is have lunch at Poogans Porch which is located at 72 Queen Street in downtown Charleston. This restaurant has been in operation since 1972 and it has some of the best food in the world and it is haunted. Yes haunted so be sure to visit Poogans Porch.

If your at Poogans Porch for Brunch have a biscuit with their delicious homemade sausage gravy, for lunch have a bowl of the best She Crab Soup in the world. Or if your there for dinner have some of the best buttermilk fried chicken that you will ever eat in your life. Yes it really is that good.

I bet you like to shop and you don't want to miss the Flea Market and Shops located right in the middle of downtown Charleston. There you can find all kinds of great bargains. Its located on the site where the open air slave market was once held in Charleston.

You can take the short drive out to Folly Beach which is a barrier island located about 13 miles from downtown Charleston and take in some of the most beautiful ocean side sites in the world. Folly Beach is a small community with miles of beautiful sandy beach for you to explore and enjoy. The old Morris Island Lighthouse is at the north end of Folly Beach looking out into the harbor of Charleston. The old lighthouse is in progress of being restored and saved from the sea.

There's also a fishing pier which is part of Charleston County Parks and you can go fishing or crabbing there. Down at the other end of the little island is another county park and miles more of beautiful beach for you to enjoy. If you go walking on the beach early in the morning you can find some great sea shells. Just please don't take a shell with anyone living in it. Often small crabs make their home in sea shells.

The pier has a wonderful restaurant where you can enjoy a great meal. They often have local caught fish sandwiches and they are oh so wonderful. So what are you waiting on. Plan a trip to Charleston real soon.

If your looking for a place to take your family then you can't possibly go wrong with taking them to Charleston South Carolina. Be sure to check out the wonderful Charleston County Parks and all that they have to offer. CLICK HERE to check out Charleston County Parks.

Charleston Carriage Ride

The Horse Carriage Ride through downtown Charleston is one of the best things to do in Charleston South Carolina.
The Horse Carriage Ride through downtown Charleston is one of the best things to do in Charleston South Carolina. | Source

More To Do In Charleston South Carolina

You have to visit the battery and if your there in spring or early summer I would suggest going to Poogans Porch for the Buttermilk Fried Chicken and then go down to the waterfront on the battery and walk off your meal strolling along the water front and taking in some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

If you want to investigate history take a boat ride out to Fort Sumter where the first shot in the American Civil War was fired. And if you go to Fort Sumter you just have to go down Ashley River Road and be sure to visit the old Plantations while your there. You can stay the night at Middleton Place and they have a wonderful restaurant where you can eat like a king. The next morning you get to have breakfast cooked to order off of fine china and you'll get a ideal of how the rich plantation owners used to live before the civil war. At Middleton Place Plantation you can take a walking tour of the plantation, go horseback riding or take a canoe ride. Plus much much more. Of all the plantations you have to see Middleton Place, Drayton Hall, and Boone Hall.

If you like the ocean and the beaches like I do you just have to go to Folly Beach which is the closest beach to Charleston and you'll find the fishing pier and a huge park which is part of the Charleston County Parks. The beach at the southern end of the park is wild with all kinds of wildlife and scenery. At the upper end of Folly Beach is the Morris Island Lighthouse and basically all that is left of Morris Island except at low tide. The lighthouse is in the process of being preserved and saved. From the beach at the Charleston Harbor side of the beach you can see the Morris Island Light House which is the only thing left of Morris Island except at low tide. Fort Wagner once stood on Morris Island and it was here where almost all of the African American 54th Massachusetts was wiped out trying to take the Confederate held Fort Wagner. Most of these men were buried on the beach on the island of Folly Beach and many of their remains have been claimed by the ocean.

Just out there in the Harbor is where the Confederate Sub, " The Hunley " was recovered and it is now located at the waterfront in Charleston where it is being restored. The Hunley is a part of Confederate as well as American history and if you click the link there you can see everything about the Hunley which was the first submarine and a secret weapon of the Confederacy.

Charleston is really like being in a living history book where you never know what your going to find around the next corner. Don't miss the Charleston Ghost Tour which is held each night in downtown Charleston. If you're into ghosts and the paranormal you'll want to be sure to take part in this tour.

I truly love Charleston South Carolina and for about two years I made my home at Folly Beach South Carolina. I still love Folly Beach and miss those late moon lite nights walking for miles on the beach looking for sand dollars and sea shells. Folly Beach and near by Edisto Island are two must see places in the Charleston area. I hope you will plan a trip to Charleston South Carolina soon.

I hope you enjoyed this Hub Page on Charleston South Carolina and I want you to know I appreciate you reading it. I hope you will post your comments and questions below in the comment section.

Taste of Folly Highlights Video - Folly Beach, South Carolina - Jan. 24th & 25th 2014

Photos From Folly Beach. Just A Short Drive From Charleston South Carolina

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Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost has been writing at Hub Pages for over four years now and he has been an award winning Chef for over thirty years.
Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost has been writing at Hub Pages for over four years now and he has been an award winning Chef for over thirty years. | Source

© 2011 Thomas Byers

Please post your comments or questions about Charleston South Carolina now.

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    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      3 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks John for your kind words. They are appreciated my friend.

    • JohnM profile image


      3 years ago from Miami Florida

      Once again Thomas you have done a wonderful job with a lot of interesting information on Charleston. If someone wants to go on vacation to Charleston then they should check out this Hub Page. This one looks great with the new Hub Page layout also. I love the carriage ride video. Brings back great memories of Charleston S.C.

    • glassvisage profile image


      5 years ago from Northern California

      I love both Charleston and Savannah. Thanks for this Hub and for the photos... It brings me back :)

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      7 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks to both of you for your comments. Charleston has always been one of my favorite places on earth. Me , my friend Carolyn , and my late Mother Virginia spent many wonderful times exploring that wonderful old city and it has much to offer. Savannah Georgia also has a lot to offer. I love the drive from Charleston down to Savannah and St Augustine Florida is another of my all time favorites. Read their history to see how the three cities are interconnected and have been for hundreds of years.

    • truthfornow profile image


      7 years ago from New Orleans, LA

      This is very timely as I am about to go to Charleston in December. Thanks, you get a vote up from me.

    • bwhite062007 profile image

      Brianna W 

      7 years ago from East Coast

      My family and I stopped in Charleston a few years back and stayed overnight on our way to Hilton Head Island. Of course, we weren't there that long, but from what I saw if it, the city looked beautiful! I have been wanting for some time now to travel back to Savannah, Georgia for some of their ghost tours, but now thanks to your hub, I want to stop here again on the way and check out the ghost tours here, too. Thank you and voted up!


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