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Attractions In Florida's Citrus Capitals

Updated on March 4, 2017
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In many ways, music saved my life, and I have the most famous director of the USMC bands to thank for it!

Citrus County

Crystal River Arch Park
Crystal River Arch Park | Source

Citrus Fruits are Famous in This County

Citrus County, named for the local fruit varieties that thrive here, is a waterside county on the Gulf of Mexico. Its population approaches 150,000 residents in Central Florida.

The original economic base of the county was, as expected, citrus growing.

The citrus production industry is vital to this day, with the largest citrus grove being Bellamy Grove (established in 1930), which also produces a variety of high quality vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables every day!

Other foundations of the economic base here include retail sales and service, healthcare services, retirement habitation, tourism, and food service.


Gulf Side Florida Travel Spots: Bellamy Grove

Bellamy Grove on Lake Spivey, Inverness FL:
8355 E Moccasin Slough Rd, Inverness, FL 34450, USA

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Flying Eagle Water Preserve and Park:
11080 E Moccasin Slough Rd, Inverness, FL 34450, USA

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Fort Cooper State Park:
Fort Cooper State Park, 3100 S Old Floral City Rd, Inverness, FL 34450, USA

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Withlapopka Community Park and Frisbee Golf:
E Gobbler Dr, Inverness, FL 34450, USA

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Fruits of Citrus County

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Spotlight on Inverness, Florida

A Scottish History

Inverness and surrounding towns have Scottish names in honor of early settlers and landowners in this region.

The area is home to many varsities of native plants, wild flowers and wildlife that includes at least 55 different species of butterflies. visitors can see many of these plants and animals along the many hike-bike trails in this part of Citrus County, because Inverness is considered a major trail hub of 46 miles of developed trails.

Elvis in Inverness

Elvis Presley filmed scenes from his early film "Follow that Dream" in the Old Citrus County Courthouse in Inverness, which is now a museum. See the related exhibit at the museum at 1 Courthouse Square, Inverness, FL 34450.

National Historic Places Registered by USA

Old Citrus County Courthouse, Inverness Florida:
Inverness, FL, USA

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Fort Cooper, Inverness FL:
E Fort Cooper Rd, Inverness, FL 34450, USA

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Floral City Historic District, Floral City FL:
Floral City, FL 34436, USA

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Etna Turpentine Camp Archeological Site, Homosassa FL:
Homosassa, FL, USA

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Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins:
Yulee Sugar Mill, Homosassa, FL 34448, USA

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Crystal River Indian Mounds:
Crystal River, FL, USA

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T-Pier at Inverness, Citrus County Florida
T-Pier at Inverness, Citrus County Florida | Source

Must-See Attractions

  • A yearly Manatee Festival (January) and the Floral City Strawberry Festival (March) are sponsored by Citrus County. both are in Downtown Chrystal River, Florida.
  • Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge - The US Fish and Wildlife Service established this protected area in 1941. It covers over 31,000 acres of saltwater bays, estuaries, marshes at end of the Chassahowitzka River. The refuge sponsors designated hunting and fishing seasons in which safety procedures must be carried out by visitors. A Weeki Wachee Swamp Fest is sponsored in March, Fishing Week in June, and a Boat Parade in December. 1502 SE Kings Bay Dr., Crystal River FL 34429.
  • Citrus County Speedway - This race track offers events in a dozen different classes of vehicles on a totally renovated track, seating, and surrounding areas. Visit them at 3600 S Florida Ave, Inverness FL 34450.

Motor Racing and Wildlife

Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge:
Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge, 1502 Southeast Kings Bay Drive, Crystal River, FL 34429, US

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Citrus County Speedway, 3600 S Florida Ave, Inverness FL 34450:
3600 S Florida Ave, Inverness, FL 34450, USA

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See Manatees at the Wildlife Park

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  • Ellie Schiller Homassa Springs Wildlife Park. 4150 S. Suncoast Blvd. Homosassa FL 34446. This site includes a rescue center for the endangered West Indian Manatee and an underwater wildlife observatory. On the Wildlife Walk, you can see bald eagles as well as flamingos, alligators. and black bears.

Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park:
Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, 4150 S Suncoast Blvd, Homosassa, FL 34448, USA

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Southern Magnolia along the Withlacoochee River.

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Southern Magnolia along the Withlacoochee River.
Southern Magnolia along the Withlacoochee River.
Southern Magnolia along the Withlacoochee River. | Source

Withlacoochee State Forest and Park - This state protected area offers visitors great cleans waterways along the Withlacoochee River, Little Withlacoochee River, and Jumper Creek that extend at least 13 miles. Bird watching and wildlife viewing are favorite past times of area residents and visitors alike. Native plants and trees are eye-popping!

Official Outstanding Florida Water Way

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Hog Island and Hog Island Nature TrailAlong the Withlachooee River.
Hog Island and Hog Island Nature Trail
Hog Island and Hog Island Nature Trail | Source
Along the Withlachooee River.
Along the Withlachooee River. | Source

Withlacoochee State Forest

15003 N Broad St, Brooksville FL 34601:
15003 N Broad St, Brooksville, FL 34601, USA

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Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins Historic State Park and Picnic Area - Homosassa. FL 34448. This interesting piece of American history was once the thriving sugar plantation of David Levy Yulee, who long ago served in the US House of Representatives and Senate. The sugar mill ran from about 1850 throughout the American Civil War, supplying Confederate troops with sugar.

  • Lakeside Golf & Country Club - 4555 East Windmill Drive, Inverness FL 34453.
  • Take your dog to Bark Central Dog Park - 6301 Turner Camp Rd, Inverness FL 34453.
  • Valerie Theatre - 207 Courthouse Square, Inverness FL 34450.

Detailed Map of Citrus County


Business and Jobs in Citrus County


County Labor Markets


This is the community that names the labor-market statistical area for the whole county - Homosassa Springs Statistical Market. It is also a popular vacationer's destination according to many website discussion forums. One of the major attractions is Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, which draws many manatees to the location.

The numbers of jobs listed across the Internet for Homosassa Springs has been steady from 2009 through 2011, with approximately 1,000 openings within a 10-mile radius and 5,000 within 25 miles. The jobs listed most often include licensed healthcare positions, customer service and sales, and engineering.


This city is the county seat of Citrus County. Over 5,500 jobs are listed for a 25-mile radius of Inverness in August 2011. The USAF is a major employer in this area, as well as HCA healthcare; Licensed healthcare positions are frequently in high demand, along with some retail sales and management jobs and casual dining jobs.


These towns enjoy similar job access as does Inverness, with the addition of some jobs in truck driving and local youth programming types of positions.


These communities have similar access to USAF healthcare jobs, healthcare positions at several hospitals and clinics, sales and service at electronics superstores, and engineering and technical positions through staffing agencies like Search One, All About Staffing, Spherion, and others.

Help With Job Search In Citrus County

With over a decade of successful experience in working with state and local workforce development agencies, I recommend the Citrus County Area One Stop Job Shop, which offers practical and effective employment solutions for the counties of Citrus, Levy, and Marion.

Job search counseling, resources for independent job searching, and a variety of programs and training courses at the One Stop in each county have proven successful in placing job seekers into living-wage jobs for many years.

Tri-County One Stops

683 S Adolph Point, Lecanto, FL 34461, USA

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109 NW 3rd Ave, Chiefland, FL 32626, USA

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3003 SW College Rd #101, Ocala, FL 34474, USA

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Current High Demand Jobs to 2018

  1. Dollar General and Family Dollar Stores - Management and Salespeople
  2. Winn-Dixie Retail Groceries
  3. R.E. Garrison - CDL Truck Drivers and related jobs
  4. Key Training Center
  5. CVS Health and Pharmacy
  6. Oak Hill Hospital - Spring Hill, Florida
  7. Bayfront Health in Brooksville
  8. Citrus Memorial Hospital
  9. Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center
  10. Advance Auto Parts - Sales and Service
  11. PetSmart - SAles and Management jobs
  12. Food Places - Sonic, McDonalds, Checkers (Rally's)

Employment Services for the Disabled


The Able Trust an organization founded to help anyone that wants to work. Its website is located here and serves people throughout the state of Florida. There is even a link for Little People, along with sites for the visually impaired, deaf, and many other special needs groups.

  • The Dream Society in Inverness, Citrus County on the the directory of The Able Trust serves people with a variety of physical conditions.
  • Citrus Hearing Impaired Program Services, Inc is located in Crystal River. Phone number: 352-795-5000.
  • Center for Independent Living of North Central Florida: Independence. -- Services for the disabled that want to work and live independently.

Higher Education Facilities, Free Standing and Online

  • Barry University
  • Beacon College
  • College of Central Florida's Citrus Campus
  • CF Theater Programs
  • Keiser University‎
  • Liberty Bible College and Seminary
  • Pasco-Hernando State College
  • Rasmussen University
  • St. Leo University
  • Webster University
  • Withlacoochee Technical Institute

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