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Discover Buenos Aires - Foods

Updated on December 12, 2016

What is Buenos Aires like?

Argentina's capital is a cosmopolitan and very culturally European city. It the second largest metropolitan area with more than 12 million inhabitants. Also the autonomous region of Buenos Aires is 2.7 million. However, it is distinctly different to the other major cities in Latin America and within Argentina. Why is this the case?

Argentina was settled by a diverse range of European settlers in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This has left a distinctly European culture and population. The nightlife is diverse and eclectic and very much like a large exciting city in Europe.

Meat, Meat and more meat

Buenos Aires had most of its in-migration flow from Spain and Italy. Italian influence is clear to be seen, in the wonderful coffee that can be enjoyed in almost every street corner. Furthermore, there is excellent fresh pasta shops all over the city and great pizza as well. Spain's influence is also clear, in the language and the numerous choripan (Argentina's answer to Chorizo) that can be found as street food in parks and on the waterfront.

One of Buenos Aires' great foods is meat. Lomo de Vaca (fillet steak) is truly fantastic in a good parrilla (grill) restaurant, but also provolone (grilled cheese) and baby beef, for those with a big appetite, can be great in any true parrilla. The beef in some good parrillas can even be cut with a spoon by the waiter, to ensure that the customer can see the excellent the meat quality.

In the parrilla, you can also get great pork and lamb. Bondiola is very good, it is a Pork Tenderloin, but can also be found at food stands that sells Choripan. Morceja is also an Argentine delicacy and morcilla.

After a lot of meat it is great to find some fish or alternatives. Of course, this can be found in the form of Gallego restaurants (or Galician) for English speakers. However, Buenos Aires boasts an excellent array of Peruvian restaurants from cheaper end through to the highest end. Peruvian food is a mixture of Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Indigenous South American and African foods, so it is definitely a diverse range of ingredients and flavours. Any visitor to Buenos Aires must check out some of the great Peruvian restaurants.

Parrilla (Steak houses in Buenos Aires) Video courtesy of DBN

Postres - Desserts

Finally, we must think about desert which can be great in Argentina. Buenos Aires Italian immigrants brought excellent ice cream with them. There are plenty of ice cream parlours available. Then of course, Argentina is very proud of their dulce de leche (creme caramel), which is a must.

In the future, would you like to visit Buenos Aires?

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    • patraining profile imageAUTHOR

      Jennifer Hugsworthy 

      5 years ago from London

      I agree, but Peruvian food offers a great non-meat alternative.

    • Peruforless profile image


      5 years ago

      Great article! Food in Argentina is very delicious, even if it does involve a lot of meat!


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