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Disney Dollars Review

Updated on December 19, 2011

Disney Dollars

Each year these colorful souvenir collectibles feature pictures of different Disney characters and elaborate designs. The notes are a corporate currency, resembling dollar bills, that can only be spent at Disney theme parks. While many may use and redeem these bills as tokens during a visit to DisneyLand or Walt Disney World, some will keep them for souvenirs and collectibles. If you have ever seen one of these bills you will notice that they are fun to have and to use. Children love to get these as gifts, hoping to use them during a vacation or family trip to one of these theme parks. Each has its own unique serial number and is signed by Scrooge McDuck. When redeemed, they are worth dollar for $US dollar and the holder can use it as cash at the theme parks and Disney related stores. When you buy them, they are sold for the amount shown on the bill. It does seem that changes are being made all the time, so make sure to check in advance how they may be spent.

If you buy them for friends, children or family, the bills do not expire and can be used as cash at any time. Some of the places where these bills can be used as cash include Disneyland Park, Disney Stores, Disneyland Resort, Animal Kingdom, Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Walt Disney World Resort. When these are use to purchase merchandise or to buy food and gifts, any change due will be given back in $US currency and not the Disney Dollar. Enjoy your trip to this exciting family of theme parks.

Where to Purchase or Buy Disney Dollars

Do you want to buy or purchase Disney Dollars for your children or as gifts for friends and family? If so, you can no longer buy these from the Disney Store as you could in the past. You can buy these currency bills from the Disneyland Resorts, the Walt Disney World Resorts and Parks, and Downtown Disney. You can also usually find older notes for sale or auction at eBay. The common denominations that you can purchase include the $1, $5 and $10 currency note, and are worth and redeemable for the amount shown on the bill.

The bills were first introduced in 1987 and is produced on paper that gives it the look and feel of 'real' money or currency. They also incorporate some fairly complicated security features such as unique serial numbers and reflective materials on all of the bills. Due to continuous changes and modifications, purchase locations and availability may be updated and changed at any time. It is best to call ahead to their customer service department to inquire about current policies.

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