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Disney Movie Rewards - Information

Updated on December 19, 2011

You can visit their main website for the Disney Movie Rewards and login or sign in to your account with your member name and password. Why would you want to do this? Well, do you like to watch Disney movies? If so, all of that movie watching can add up to some significant rewards to you. If you do have an account or login information, you can register and create your online account at this rewards website. Then visit the sign in page and login to view your points and account information. It is important to register for an account so that they can accurately track your points so that you can redeem them, when you are ready, for exciting rewards and products.

To register, just click the "Join Now" button and follow the instructions. Once you have completed this step you will get a member ID and password so that you can login and signon online. You earn Disney Movie Rewards points from the appropriate movies that you buy. From these, you will want to collect and enter the codes from the eligible Disney DVDs and Blu-rays. Only certain Disney movies will qualify and contain a magic code for you to collect and enter. At the official website at, you can review a list of movies that will contain the magic codes you will need to collect and enter to get rewards. Website Information

When you buy an eligible Disney movie, it will include a special rewards magic code you will enter. The rewards insert will have a unique code printed that you will find. This magic code will contain letters and numbers. Save and collect these magic codes so that you can enter these codes into your Disney Movie Rewards account. There are additional ways to earn and collect points. One way is to respond to special surveys during the collection period that you may be invited to participate in and complete. You can keep checking the website for updates and availability of specific surveys for bonus points. You will only be able to count points that are in your account. You can not combine points from multiple member accounts, nor can you sell or transfer points to another person's account.

You can always check the number of points that you have collected by logging into your Disney Movie Rewards account and check your point balance. When you are ready, or when you have enough points you can login or sign in to your account and view the various prizes or rewards that are available and redeem your points for the reward of your choosing or selection.

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      kenni  7 years ago

      i love the movie santpaws it is funny and sad

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      ladawn 7 years ago

      i love disney