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Essential Items When Heading to the Beach!

Updated on December 23, 2013

Living in Miami definitely has its perks. Many residents live within a ten minute drive from the beach while some residents even live directly on the water. Either way, if you live here, you frequent the beach more than the average American. And that goes for residents of all beach towns across America. However, if you don’t happen to live in a place with such easy access, going to the beach is usually an exciting vacation where you can kick back, relax and enjoy the ocean. But sometimes, you may forget to pack the essentials of a beach trip. There are important items that everyone should bring to the beach in order to make it an enjoyable trip. Check it out:

Sunscreen – while this might seem obvious, there are a lot of people who forget their sunscreen when heading out on the sand. Make sure to find the SPF that best works for you and be sure to lather up. Don’t forget your face and ears and wear the right swimsuit to avoid awful tan lines! Keep in mind though, that sometimes higher SPF doesn't necessarily equate to much better protection. So do some research first on the best ways to protect your skin.

Beach Accessories - In conjunction with sunscreen, beach hats and beach bags are crucial to your outing. Beach hats especially, in order to protect you from those excess sun rays. There's no better way to look chic and protect your skin at the same time. Beach bags are super handy to toss in all of your belongings while looking fashionably fantastic as well.

Water – bring lots and lots of water with you. When you lay out in the sun during those hot summer days, your need for water increases. The more you sweat, the more you need to replenish your body's water supply. However, remember it's crucial to stay hydrated at all times, but most importantly on those hot beach days.

Large towel/blanket – if you do plan on laying out, be sure to bring a large towel or blanket. If you come with a lot of family or friends, having a large blanket allows you to keep your belongings safe without getting sand everywhere. We always like to bring a few blankets and set them up picnic style.

Umbrella – sometimes the Miami sun is so scorching and although we love to lay out, an umbrella is highly necessary. Taking a break from the intense UV rays is heaven on earth when you accidentally fall asleep in the sun and damage your skin. Make sure you bring a few umbrellas and rest your skin every so often.

Food – This may be an obvious choice, but sometimes it's so easy to forget this crucial component, especially when you're not hungry in the morning. Plan ahead! Packing fruit and other easy items (such as a PB&J) are quick fixes when you're having a blast and realize you need to refuel.

Beer - Now, this isn't necessarily a staple for everyone, but beer is pretty essential for us when we're out on the scorching sand and need a cold refresher. Bring enough for everyone, and get the beach party started right. And remember, when you have beer you certainly need to bring a....

Cooler – A cooler is necessary when attempting to keep your water cool and food edible. Pack up some ice and a small cooler just in case you need to keep your beer cold and your sandwiches colder.

Radio – Sometimes just laying out on the beach staring at the water can get pretty boring, I’m not going to lie. So to make your time out there a little more enjoyable, be sure to bring a radio or some form of entertainment that will keep everyone in your party upbeat and interacting. iPhones can certainly do the trick, espcially when you put it in an empty solo cup. Boom, portable speaker!

Of course there are other items that may be vital for your specific vacation (like if you have a baby or children, bring help!). But from a Miami resident to you, these are just a few essentials needed for any beach trip. Happy beach day!


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