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Beach Safety plus Essential Tips For Your Vacation

Updated on April 6, 2016
Beach lady bikini sand
Beach lady bikini sand | Source

Travel and Beach ideas getting it all packed

This is the time of year when the holiday madness starts. Everybody wants to hit the Beach when the sun is shining, and whether you decide to go abroad or stay in your own Country, there are certain things that you must plan to make it all go smoothly. It's not so bad if there are only two of you going, but what happens when you have three four or even five to pack for? Especially if there are small children involved, then it can be a nightmare. So here are a few beach essentials and safety tips to make your vacation go smoothly.

One of the things that you have to plan for the actual 'getting there' part. We always think of our vacation starting when we get on the Plane. But this isn't so. The journey starts the second you close your front door and head for the car or train, whichever way you are going to Travel.

Obviously if you have a large family, most of your packing will be centred around trying not to take too much, but making sure that you take the essentials. The trouble starts when what you regard as essential may not be exactly what your five or fifteen year old regards as 'must take'. First of all you have to make sure that what ever is packed, you have to get the luggage past the airport weight restrictions, this can be a nightmare if little Tommy wants to take his train set! So, what do you do? And how do you know what an essential item is?

I know that there will always be something left behind. It is a done deal. But you can make the trip easier and run much more smoothly if you take note of a few of these essential items.

Books and Games

Now I know that these days, most children are happy with their iPhone, Kindles iPods and all things electrical, but the one thing that you should take into consideration on a long trip is the fact that children get bored easily. There is only so much music they can listen too, or a certain amount of games to be played on their iPhone. Also there is that wonderful little thing called the battery. Once that has given out then the tantrums will start. This is where the old fashioned but always popular ideas come in. You don't have to pack anything bulky, in fact if you are clever you will be able to push these items down the side of your hand luggage. Coloring books, puzzle books, cards and board games that are not to big. Just as long as you pack colored pencils and pens, the children can even take a big plain drawing book, and sketch each and every scene that they pass. You never know, they might just get the taste for art for when they grow up!

Beach Essentials

So now you've got there. You have unpacked all the luggage, taken a stroll around the complex that you are staying in, and after feeding yourself and the children, you decide to hit the beach. The sun is shining, the waves splash gently to the shore, and the air around you is warm and peaceful. Then all of a sudden you hear a screaming wail from your youngest. 'Mom, where's my sunglasses?'. Then the sinking feeling starts to appear. 'Oh no, I knew I had forgotten something'! You quickly throw your children at the nearest adult and high foot it towards the numerous beach hut shops that charge over the top prices for a pair of children's specs. So here is what you should have taken!


Boys always want to feel 'cool' on the beach. Doesn't matter what age they are, they always want their favorite things with them. Never ever forget their sunglasses. Apart from them trying to look good, they are essential if the sun is hot and bright. Always take a least three pairs of shorts down to the beach. Even if he doesn't keep going in and out of the sea, the sand will start to get into his clothes and can scratch delicate skin. Children should always have at least a Factor 50 sunscreen ready, make sure you keep topping them up. Another essential is a hat. You can buy some really funky hats for children these days, maybe make a point of taking him out to buy one before you get there. There is nothing worse than a tantrum on a beach when he decides he doesn't like it! Boys aren't that keen on flip flop shoes, so why not buy them the molded plastic ones? They are great for going in the sea.

A beach ball is easy to pack too, and he will love a good game with his dad. Drinks don't have to be expensive, the easy way to keep costs down is to take a flask with you and either fill it with cold water, or a warm drink for when he gets out of the sea. And don't forget the snacks!


Girls will always want colorful beach clothes. Flip Flops are a must. Not only can they be washed easily, but when they are going for a paddle in the sea they are great for avoiding those horrible prickly stones that are near the waters edge. Always take a change of swimsuit for her, for the same reason that the sand can start to itch when it gets dried on her skin. A good idea is to pack a full length baggy sundress so that she can get changed on the beach without having to have mom hold a towel around her. This way she won't have to worry about changing into different costumes. You can also take loads of colored hair clips or scrunchie bands in your bag, just in case she has long hair that gets wet and sticks to her skin. Throw in a few colored scarfs so that you can wrap them around her when she is playing in the sand. These can be used as a skirt or tied around her top half to cover her costume, great for keeping the sun at bay. Along with the snacks and drinks this should keep her happy.

Beach Towels with Pockets! No more getting sand in your sandwiches!

Time savers and Life savers

One of the great ideas that I found when I was on holiday in Greece was so simple but really obvious. When you have been in the sea, you then have that long trek back up the beach and by the time that you get to your sunbed your feet are absolutely covered in sand! I noticed when on holiday, that they had placed a bowl of water next to the sunbed for rinsing your feet before laying down! Simple but very affective. Obviously you won't be carrying a bowl about with you, unless you have a car, but a good idea is to fill a bucket with water. Children always like their bucket and spade. if this doesn't appeal to you then pack a small brush for brushing the sand of your feet. Just as affective.

These days you can buy towels that fit over the sunbed that have pockets in the sides. These are a great idea. I have spent many an hour on the beach trying to hide my items under the seat, and getting them filled with sand!

A beach bag is a great idea, the reason is that it can be turned inside out and become another bag! This is good because if one side gets absolutely filthy on the beach, then you can just give it a wipe and turn it inside out!

If you are taking your Cell phone onto the beach it is a good idea to place it in a small plastic bag, so that you don't get sand in it. You can still text or ring without taking it out. There are also great phone covers that you can buy that will also do the same job. Don't forget to top up the battery before going out, and if you can, turn the phone off until you need it. There's nothing worse than trying to make a phone call when you are out, and you find that the battery is dead!

Mom and Dad

Adults are easy to cater for on a beach. But saying that we always forget something! If you don't want to get your hair dry and unmanagable always put a small amount of conditioner on it and tie your hair back. This way when you go in the sea, the water won't turn your hair into a frizz ball! The best way of doing this is dissolve one part table salt in three parts boiling water. Wait for it to cool, then mix in a spritz of conditioner. make sure you comb it through.

If you don't want to walk onto the beach looking like a milk bottle, all pale and pathetic! Give yourself a self tanning session either before you go away or the night before you hit the beach. Never ever use it for sunscreen, most of these self tanning creams are Not sun protection. Check before you use it, otherwise you might just get that lobster look! Along with Wet wipes, water based perfume and a spare bottle of water to wash your hands and feet in, these little things can make a day on the beach much more comfortable and healthy.


Just because you are on a sun kissed paradise beach, don't forget that you can still pick up lots of nasty germs! Always wash your hands before eating! Especially in those holiday destinations that make you aware of Dodgy Water! Yuck!

I always take garlic tablets, disinfectant wipes, clean water, and various medicines like pain killers, stomach tablets and various other odds and ends when I am abroad. Garlic to keep the immune system clean, disinfectant wipes to give the knives and forks, when eating out, a quick sneaky wipe! and clean water that you have bought, unopened. There is nothing worse than making yourself ill. Another good idea is to make sure that you avoid any cold food. the salads always look delicious, but if you are in a Country that has That Water, always remember that they will wash the salad in it! I went to Morocco a few years ago, and stayed in a hotel. The one night of the week when they served salad I told my family not to eat it. Only eat the hot food. The next day everybody else was being sick! But we were fine! Just remember, Cooked Food kills the germs!

Safety is a Must

I hope that some of these ideas will be helpful to you. Just remember, always be on the alert for anything dangerous. I know that sounds stupid but you have to remember that you are in a foreign country. You don't know the Tides, they could suddenly change and suck you under the water. You are in the hot sun, so always wear a sunblock, sunburn is not only uncomfortable it is downright dangerous. You could fry your brain, or at the least end up in hospital with third degree burns! Never ever do anything you wouldn't do back at home. No, you can't suddenly become a windsurfer after five minutes. No, you can't drive a scooter at 90 miles an hour on the wrong side of the road without having an accident, and last but not least, Wash Your Hands before eating! Keep clean and use your common sense. You may just have a Holiday to remember, for the right reasons!

Just remember! Wet Wipes, Hand Wash, Garlic Tablets, Sunblock, Pain Relief, Stomach Tablets and last but not least A First Aid Kit! You may not need any of these, but it's better to be safe than sorry! Have a great safe vacation!

Have a Happy Holiday

Are you ready for your vacation? Yes? Well that means you have completed all the little things that are essential to keep your house safe while you are away. Or maybe not. Are you afraid that you have left something behind? Perhaps you are scared that you forgot to do something crucial in your house. Then take a look at my hub Happy Holidays know how - Preparation is key to a carefree break

This covers everything from how to keep your plants safe, to protecting your valuables. All the little things you didn't know but needed to know.


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