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Drive Washington State Ocean Beaches!

Updated on August 26, 2014
Driving at Ocean Shores
Driving at Ocean Shores | Source

Long Beach, the longest beach highway in Washington

Walking to the beach with your gear.

Beachfront resorts sometimes have a long walk to access the sandy beach and especially the waves. Carrying all that beach gear in the hot sun is a hassle, too. By the time you find your spot and flop down, that's all you want to do is flop.

What if you could just have all your beach gear in your car and just drive onto the beach? Then continue to drive until you find just the right spot away from the dog people, kite people, and kids. Unless, of course, you are one of these types and want to congregate.

There are Fewer Cars the Further Away You Are From the Beach Road at Ocean Shores

Ocean Shores is a Well Known Beach Driving Town

Yes, you can drive right to your special spot!

What an amazing thrill to hit the ocean, open all the windows, and be on the beach amongst the sea gulls! Food and just brewed espresso at your side, you smell the clean fresh ocean scent wafting into your car. The breathtaking view is so close that you are part of it.

In this state there are miles of driveable coast. You can drive right to the most secluded spot, just open your car door and spread out your stuff. Your cooler can stay right in the car. Your car is your own personal beach cavanna.

Advantage Over Weather

A huge advantage to beach driving in Washington is shelter from the weather. Cool, windy, or rainy weather is prevalent here; even in summer it can require a heavy coat. Staying in your vehicle with your heater on is a great way to enjoy your beach trip when the weather is not cooperating.

For seniors or others who may not enjoy the walk in the sand, the ocean becomes assessible and they can even get their feet wet. My mother enjoyed the trip so much more when she wasn't cold and tired from walking.

Beachcombing and other activities.

Beachcomb and listen to your car stereo at the same time or just turn it off and listen, as you cover lots of ground looking for sand dollars, shells, and rocks. Beach floats and other treasures pop up if you're early in the morning at low tide, and sometimes even a small seal pup or a large dead seal.

I've watched people fly kites from their car windows and create massive circular designs in the sand with their cars, and even drive the cars into the water.

Bird watching and ship watching are easy when you have your supplies. You can even bring a telescope for planet viewing.

The best sunsets rainbow the Pacific Coast.

Biggest Danger! Getting Car Stuck! Drowning Your Car!

The worst thing about driving on the beach is the fear of getting your car stuck in the sand and having to spend $100 or more to get it towed or forgetting about the tides and drowning your car.

  • Always follow tire treads from other cars
  • Always stay on the wet sand
  • Don't stop or slow down if you feel less traction, keep going.
  • KNOW when the tide is coming in!

Rules and the Law

  • Warning: Normal driving rules and a speed of 25 mph are the law.
  • Driving License and Insurance required.
  • There are also rules and signage about driving on the soft clam beds near the water.
  • At times during the year parts of the beach are closed for the razor clam areas.

Common Sense: Watch for People!

It's a great state when it's not raining.

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