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Elbe Bike Path - Day 10

Updated on April 12, 2015
local windmill
local windmill | Source

Schelldorf to Magdeburg

The Pension Schelldorf proved to be perfect (144 channels on the TV but nearly all unwatchable and no more info on the swingers' party). We had a very clean duplex apartment above the stables. The next morning we left by 9:30am and found ourselves riding into a head-on gale. We saw few other riders. Perfectly placed woods gave us a fair amount of windshield and we passed through some really lovely countryside with many quiet villages. After having a coffee break at an imbiss (snack bar) we crossed the Elbe on the Rogatz ferry for little more than €1 per person.

39517 Schelldorf, Germany

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Magdeburg, Germany

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Rogatz ferry
Rogatz ferry | Source
World's longest canal bridge
World's longest canal bridge | Source
Industrial debris
Industrial debris | Source
Industrial debris
Industrial debris | Source

On the ferry are a couple of bike riders from Hanover who think it might rain by night. After the crossing we are on the right bank and now fully in the wind. Niegripp offers us a late lunch. We are in very dense canal area.

This is where the Havel-Elbe canal crosses the Elbe river and then heads due west. It proves to have been a major engineering feat involving the building of the longest canal bridge in the world. Riding around all this water moving equipment we feel very small.

We ride past some nice little canal-side hotels and foolishly decide that spending two days by a canal would drive us mad, so we head on to Magdeberg. The city seems to keep getting further away as we keep riding. It feels like that moment between Alice and the White Knight when they had to run very fast just to stay in the same place.

Eventually we come through the city parkland and cross a modern bike bridge over the Elbe. Following the river on the left bank means we have to work our way through industrial relics (including having to cross a “train lifter” - never done that before) until we find Tourist Information just before they close at 6:30pm. They tell us, “Sorry, the city is full”. Luckily we discover that the Plaza Hotel still has just a few rooms, although it is south of the centre by a couple of km. We ride tramtrack-cluttered bike paths to this perfectly clean modern hotel with a good restaurant.

No rain, and so to bed...

And the next day

Day 9<<<<<< -------------------->>>> Day 11 is this way

Self guided bike tours

can be found at MyBikeGuide.


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