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Enjoy Langkawi: TOP 8 Relaxing Spots For Your Journey

Updated on May 31, 2015

Probably, each of us sometimes would like to find oneself in the place that allows to escape from the bustling city and get a full relaxation.

Well, such a place exists, and its name is Langkawi! Crystal-clear and warm sea, fantastically beautiful nature, rich underwater world and an incredible atmosphere of rest and peace: this destination will bring you lots of positive emotions.

So, if you plan to set off to Langkawi soon, check out the next attractive spots where you can really enjoy your trip…

Pantai Cenang Beach
Pantai Cenang Beach | Source

Pantai Cenang Beach

Located in the southeastern part of the coast, Pantai Cenang - is the most attractive and popular beach of Langkawi. It offers about 2 kilometers of snow-white sand, numerous hotels and apartments, restaurants and nightclubs, as well as the different shops. The beach is incredibly beautiful, and at the same time it’s very quiet, so Pantai Cenang is a suitable place even for the youngest travelers.

Pantai Tengah Beach
Pantai Tengah Beach | Source

Pantai Tengah Beach

In close proximity to the most popular stretch of the coast there is another charming sandy beach - Pantai Tengah. Its length is about 1000 meters and it provides a very relaxed and romantic atmosphere.

The beach has a developed infrastructure presented by well-equipped recreation areas and several cozy restaurants on its territory. There are no nightlife venues at Pantai Cenang, which makes it an excellent destination for families and loving couples.

Pantai Kok
Pantai Kok | Source

Pantai Kok

Travelers who prefer to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere should pay attention to this amazing place. Pantai Kok is an endless strip of quiet and lovely sandy beaches. There are many iconic landmarks located not far from it, so you will not be deprived of attention there.

However, the atmosphere of the coast is always calm, even despite the fact that several luxury hotels and resorts are situated on its territory.

Matsirat Beach

Matsirat is an excellent spot, especially if you want to escape from people. This secluded tiny beach is located nearby the Langkawi Airport but there are absolutely no restaurants, shops and entertainment there.

If you decide to visit it, don’t forget to prepare all the necessary beach equipment, drinks, food and especially a beach umbrella. But no worries in case you don’t have an umbrella – you can easily hide from the hot Malaysian sun in the shadow of slender palm trees.

Tanjung Rhu Beach
Tanjung Rhu Beach | Source

Tanjung Rhu Beach

Tanjung Rhu is deservedly considered to be the most picturesque beach of Langkawi, and not in vain. It is a small stretch of coast with snow-white sand, crystal clear water and amazingly beautiful exotic plants around. This is just an ideal spot both to relax and to enjoy Langkawi’s nature. The unique beauty of this place is also evidenced by the fact that the most expensive hotels and resorts are located close to the Tanjung Rhu.

Datai Beach
Datai Beach | Source

Datai Beach

This beach has an interesting feature – it’s a part of the nature reserve. Therefore, it amazes with its incredibly beautiful landscapes that can be called a true classic of Langkawi.

Datai Beach is placed far from the busy tourist routes, so the silence and beautiful pristine views create a unique ambience of harmony. This is probably Langkawi’s best spot for those who travel with kids.

Pasir Tengorak

You can find this lonely beach in the northern part of Langkawi. It’s represented by a piece of land surrounded by the rocks, so this place is very cozy and secluded. The sand is soft and white, the water is clear, and there are almost no people. Pasir Tengorak Beach has one interesting feature: little monkeys often appear there, so watch carefully for your belongings - monkeys can easily steal the contents of your pockets, purse or even clothes.

Burau Bay
Burau Bay | Source

Burau Bay

Situated on the western seaside of Langkawi, this is the most charming stone beach on the island. Actually, Burau Bay has a very serene and relaxed atmosphere, but if you want to diversify your visit to this place, it’s enough to go to the Oriental Village. It offers a great selection of entertainments including Langkawi Cable Car and Sky Bridge, numerous shopping spots and much more.

Langkawi | Source

As you can see, Langkawi is quite a particular place. There are no ultra-modern entertainments or something like that on the island, but Langkawi attracts in an absolutely different way. It allows you to touch the pristine nature and really relax after the megalopolis life.

All the places that were mentioned above, undoubtedly, are worth your visit. Planning a trip to Langkawi, remember that there’re no public transport services on the island, and it’s recommended to rent a car to easily get around there.


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