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Enjoy best Vacation Spot in Japan with Children and Family

Updated on March 31, 2016
Beauty of Mountain Fuji and Kawaguchi Lake
Beauty of Mountain Fuji and Kawaguchi Lake

There are many famous tourist attractions and destinations in Japan for children and family. You can see Sakura flower blossom, famous cherry and national flower of Japan. You will love to hiking the legendary Fuji Mountain, fishing at Kawaguchi Lake, hunting for traditional Japanese Yukata for women, and more. If you bring your children and family to Japan, the Tokyo capital city is the first vacation destination.

There are many flights destination to Tokyo Japan from around the world. If you would like hiking the Fuji Mountain, the best time is on July and August. For children, they will most enjoy Tokyo Disney Resort, Universal Studio at Osaka, and Amusement Park Fuji Q Highland.

For all family, enjoy the Kawaguchi Lake with Fuji Mountain in Fujikawaguchiko City. You can sail while observe the great Fuji Mountain panorama.

Tokyo Disney Resort

America has Disneyland and Japan has Tokyo Disney Resort. There are many cartoon characters who is funny and cute. Children love cartoon and they will have fun along the day. The second day, you can visit Disney Sea which has beautiful sea and beach, exotic port, and building which made as resemble of Walt Disney movies. It is like adventuring in the world of cartoon and fairy tale. Your kid will be crazy to enjoy all of entertainment and amusements. How about souvenirs? Do not worry, just go to Ikspiari souvenir center where you can bought Disney and Japan souvenir. Yummy, Ikspiari is also food center that has hundreds menus to satisfied your appetite.

Tokyo Disneyland Resort
Tokyo Disneyland Resort

Universal Studio - Osaka Japan

This is the great movie studio attraction in Japan. Universal Studio Japan at Osaka City has many entertainment attractions. You can watch attraction about famous Hollywood movies, watching at many kind studios like 2D, 3D, and even 4D studio, and sightseeing the resemble place of shooting location. If you are movie lover, you should visiting Japan Universal Studio. Do not forget camera or camcorder to record your movie start action.

Fuji Mountain
Fuji Mountain | Source

Fuji Mountain

This is the most famous and beautiful mountain in Japan. Fuji Mountain is between Tokyo and Osaka. The best way to go there is by train. Fuji Mountain (2776 meter) is sacred mountain for Japanese people. Many artists and photographers made picture of this Japanese biggest mountain. There are 200 thousands tourist who hiking Fuji Mountain each year, where 30 percent is foreigner tourist. Best time for Fuji hiking is between July 1 - August 27 each year.

Fuji Mountain and Kawaguchi lake
Fuji Mountain and Kawaguchi lake | Source

Kawaguchi Lake

After satisfied at Disney Resort and Universal Studio, Kawaguchi Lake at Fujikawaguchiko City is waiting for you. There are many good Japanese styles accommodations for you and family at this beautiful city. Kawaguchi Lake is exotic tourist destination for fishing, swimming, and boating. At the northern part of the lake, you can see the shadow of Fuji Mountain reflected in the surface of lake. It is so beautiful. You do not need to bring fishing and boating equipment, you can rent it at fishing shop. Do not forget your wallet.

Fuji Q Highland

If you did not like hiking, here the alternative: Fuji Q Highland. This is amusement park which many challenging attractions. One of famous adrenalin amusement is roller coaster which has the tallest and longest track. If you are older people like me, please do not try it. There are many others game for parent too that we can enjoy with kids. Happy holiday in Japan. Nippon e youkoso irasshaimasita; welcome to Japan.


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